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New Zealand is a country of rare seismic beauty: glacial mountains, fast-flowing rivers, deep, clear lakes, hissing geysers and boiling mud. There are also abundant native forests, long, deserted beaches and a variety of fauna, such as the kiwi, endemic to its shores. Any number of vigorous outdoor activities - tramping (hiking), skiing, rafting and, of course, that perennial favourite, bungy jumping - await the adventurous. You can swim with dolphins, gambol with newborn lambs, whale-watch or fish for fattened trout in pristine streams and rivers.

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Back home

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 | By nomad_kiwis | Views [36]

The trip from Memphis to Houston was uneventful and really not that interesting. It was great to spend a couple of days with my sister and husband and also got to visit with one of my oldest brothers and some of his whanau. After arriving back in ... Read more >

Photos: The Heart Adventure

Fri, 4 Aug 2017 | By petepirite | Photo Gallery

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Aotearoa, Sweet Home

Mon, 17 Jul 2017 | By kiwiaoraki | Views [48]

For the past few weeks I've been in Queenstown again...a place I absolutely love with the Remarkables, abundant snow, and gorgeous lakefront. After visiting my family and feeling rejuvinated in Pennsylvania by staying at the home of good ol' mum, I was ... Read more >

First days in Rotorua, NZ

Thu, 6 Jul 2017 | By ajaypant | Views [39]

It was pleasant arriving in New Zealand on July 4, 2017, and at Rotorua. Taking it easy on first days as the weather is also not permitting to go out (raining). Though, we took a stroll yesterday to the Lake Rotorua and also got some glimpse of the city ... Read more >

Tags: lake, nature, new zealand, rotorua, travel


Wed, 28 Jun 2017 | By nomad_kiwis | Views [39]

Knowledge or our understanding of the rules of the universe is expanding faster and faster because the base of our knowledge continues to grow. So, like Cantons ideas on infinity, the gaps between the lines create questions to be answered in themselves.... Read more >

World Without End

Sat, 24 Jun 2017 | By nomad_kiwis | Views [72]

By Ken Follett, a good read, second book of his I've read. Talk about a corrupt society. Sadly it is a constant in our world. I had thought New Zealand to be less affected than other countries I have travelled in but I have come to realise that it is ... Read more >

Photos: NZ

Tue, 20 Jun 2017 | By spaghettilegs | Photo Gallery

Christchurch - Lake Wanaka - family time - Roadtrip
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Kiwi-land. A mini Canadian adventure

Sun, 11 Jun 2017 | By spaghettilegs | Views [4]

Stage one adventure NZ leg: No sleep - total excitement!  My farewell dinner with everyone that could make it was soo much fun! Definitely will miss them! Xx   To be honest I had the best & worst sleep EVER knowing that I ... Read more >

Photos: New Zealand - May 2017

Fri, 26 May 2017 | By mtd5116 | Photo Gallery

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Thoughts on a bus

Sat, 20 May 2017 | By nomad_kiwis | Views [55]

 We see everything in terms of light and shade. If all colour were removed we would still see the scene because each item in the scene is a differing shade of grey. Think about that - each item! Each leaf on each tree of a forest, each blade of ... Read more >


Fri, 19 May 2017 | By nomad_kiwis | Views [99]

Apparently I'm 'WHITE', it's not a thing I have noticed myself much but lately it is hitting me often in the face especially on social media. I haven't noticed colour really in relation to people, friends and family, but I'm being asked to more and more.... Read more >

May B for Birthday

Wed, 17 May 2017 | By nomad_kiwis | Views [85]

I had a wonderful birthday this year. It was a lovely day and I couldn't think of anything more enjoyable than using my bike as it will get cold and gloomy soon enough. I rode to Maori class, the class was fun and interesting, my brain is not the best ... Read more >

Spinal fusion

Sat, 29 Apr 2017 | By nomad_kiwis | Views [72]

Not for me but for my daughter-in-law. Apparently it is a common, do it every day, operation now but it sounds seriously scarey to me! The operation was yesterday on the back of the neck and they go in through the front of the throat, do they use a cut ... Read more >

NZ - North Island Part 3 - The People

Sat, 22 Apr 2017 | By guild_family_of_3 | Views [103]

We were warned before we ventured North that the inhabitants of Northland, the northernmost province in New Zealand, are of a different variety. By this I am guessing they were referring to the observation that shoes and shirts are entirely optional, ... Read more >

Tags: football, kiwis, manganui, new zealand

NZ - North Island Part 2 - The Beaches

Sat, 22 Apr 2017 | By guild_family_of_3 | Views [73]

THE BEACHES Tokerau beach is in the picturesque Doubtless Bay on the Karikari Peninsula, Northland, New Zealand. Gentle surf and gradually declining beaches made for a very safe play area for Conner. Even better, it took less than two minutes to walk ... Read more >

Tags: 90 mile beach, cape reinga, matai beach, tokerau beach

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