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Our Planet Earth....

NICARAGUA | Tue, 18 Mar 2014 | By temberowa | Views [121] | Video

Absolutely everyone should watch this documentary movie, such simplicity and beauty and tragic in one. Is it too late?                      ... Read more >

Tags: climate, climate change, documentary, earth, france, music, planet, travel, trees

Malawi musicology

MALAWI | Sun, 2 Feb 2014 | By timtysonshort | Views [149] | Video

Four short films I made in Malawi with a guitar my daughter and Jimmy Keeping

Tags: lake of stars, malawi, music

Spin Rocinha: How a DJ School is Empowering a Rio Favela

BRAZIL | Mon, 6 Jan 2014 | By connectlocally | Views [1025] | Video

Rocinha is the largest favela in Brazil with over 250,000 inhabitants and is located in Rio de Janeiro's South Zone between the districts of São Conrado and Gávea. Unlike its wealthy neighbouring districts, Rocinha has experienced decades ... Read more >

Tags: brazil, dj, education, favela, music, rio, rocinha, travel, youth

Go. Go. Go.

ECUADOR | Mon, 30 Dec 2013 | By crobbins | Views [60]

Today was a whirlwind (See that creativity there, I didn't start with "Wow!")  We started the day in Quito, in our wonderful hotel. We headed up to the 7th floor for breakfast, and had a beautiful view of the city. The fog was thick, but as we ... Read more >

Tags: authentic clothing, bus rides, food, hot chocolate, music, sleep

Tempelhof Park, Berlin - New Orleans scholarship submission :)

GERMANY | Thu, 7 Nov 2013 | By sturminateacup | Views [71]

Tempelhof has been a special place for me ever since I first moved to Berlin. It´s crazy that in the middle of a European capital there can be such a wide open space. It´s like a breath of fresh air to escape the hustle and bustle and watch ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, chilling on sunday, gardening, music, new orleans scholarship, sports, tempelhof park

Bus to Jiri

NEPAL | Mon, 30 Sep 2013 | By joannawong | Views [201]

Altitude: 1951m We woke up early today to catch the bus to Jiri where we'll start our trekking adventure to Everest Base Camp. We're doing it a little different to most who usually just fly into Lukla and start the trek from there. We're walking in ... Read more >

Tags: buses, cities, everest base camp, music, nature, nepal, outdoors, sherpa, trekking

Live in Liverpool

UNITED KINGDOM | Thu, 22 Aug 2013 | By joannawong | Views [79]

What I like most about being in Liverpool is the music. Yes, the greatest band ever, the Beatles, was born here and I'm here on a pilgrimage. Even though they've disbanded and half of them are no longer, their legacy lives on strong in this vibrant ... Read more >

Tags: cities, european adventure, hostels, music, sightseeing, uk

August long weekend

CANADA | Sun, 4 Aug 2013 | By abi-mckenzie-burns | Views [121]

So I was just sorting out some biking insurance for my summer in Whistler and World Nomads offered me a chance to start a journal. Like a lot of people I've never been very good at keeping a written record of all the details of my travels, but an online ... Read more >

Tags: long weekend, music, wanderlust


BRAZIL | Sat, 27 Jul 2013 | By humsafar | Views [1094] | Video

As winners of the 2012 Travel Film Scholarship , we went on a 10-day assignment to Rio de Janeiro to film the Carnaval festivities. Check out what we got up to in Rio... And so our first day of Carnaval in Rio begins... Watch our ... Read more >

Tags: brazil, carnaval, celebration, festivals, film, filmmaking, music, rio, scholarship, south america

A Fabulous Day in Salzburg

AUSTRIA | Thu, 18 Jul 2013 | By joannawong | Views [115]

I am so happy I decided to make an overnight stop in the lovely city of Salzburg.   Salzburg is the hometown of Mozart, a composer I adored in my piano-playing days and was the main reason for my visit. Seeing his birthplace from the outside ... Read more >

Tags: bohemia, cities, european adventure, music, sightseeing

Luscious Lugano

SWITZERLAND | Wed, 10 Jul 2013 | By joannawong | Views [158]

I have just travelled from one insanely gorgeous place to another.  I'm currently in Lugano, a picturesque city in the Italian region of Ticino in Switzerland. While Lugano is completely different to Santorini, it is also a different definition ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, european adventure, friends, music, nature, trekking

Roskilde Music Festival

DENMARK | Tue, 9 Jul 2013 | By annacarlson | Views [88]

I arrived in Copenhagen and took trains to the town of Roskilde's station. From there I wasn't sure how to get to the festival, but I knew that there would be either signs, people to help, or in the worst case sineario, I could just follow the other ... Read more >

Tags: camping, denmark, festival, music, roskilde

Hobart morphs into Gotham City.

AUSTRALIA | Fri, 21 Jun 2013 | By homeless_harry | Views [324] | Video

Thanks to a gambler with more money than most African countries, Hobart is artier than an over-graffitied public toilet right now. And what the city offers is far more interesting than your Mum's phone number and the services she's highly skilled at.... Read more >

Tags: art, music, winter

Quiet Time in Venice

ITALY | Thu, 20 Jun 2013 | By joannawong | Views [131]

A week ago, I was nearly going to skip Venice, thinking I didn't really have much time to play with in Italy. It turns out I'm now spending five days in Florence and six days in Rome! Venice or Venezia is a pretty cool city. Being set on an island ... Read more >

Tags: boats, cities, european adventure, food, music, sightseeing, trains

Estoy Lista!

USA | Thu, 13 Jun 2013 | By thegnomad | Views [148]

My bags are packed.  I have my camera, sound recorder, phone, Kindle, iPod and all of their various chargers. My flute, some music and a few CDs are good-to-go.  A couple swim suits, some shorts, t-shirts, a skirt and sandals ... Read more >

Tags: arts, food, mayan culture, merida, mexico, music, yucatan

Photos: Middle Kingdom, Middle Class

CHINA | Sat, 8 Jun 2013 | By micro | Photo Gallery

I find China a fascinating place due to the speed at which it is changing and the opposing forces pulling it in different directions. There are visible tensions between old and new, rich and poor, tradition and progress, communism and capitalism, history ... Read more >
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Tags: beijing, china, fashion, middle class, music, shanghai, technology, travel

Photos: Post Communistic Land

POLAND | Wed, 5 Jun 2013 | By polka | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Poland - country influenced both by Eastern and Western cultures. 20 years since the end of the Communism, it is now looking for its' new identity. Although the technological and cultural progress is quick, you can still feel something heavy in the air.... Read more >
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Tags: chess, cold, documentary, fair, festival, music, nuns, poland, post-communism, travel

Revisiting Arnhem Land: A Tribute to Yothu Yindi

WORLDWIDE | Wed, 15 May 2013 | By scholarships | Views [2236] | Comments [1] | Video

In 2011, our Travel Documentary Scholarship winner went on assignment to Arnhem Land in the far north of Australia. This is the traditional land of the Yolngu people, one of whom died over the weekend. Yunupingu was the lead singer of Yothu Yindi ... Read more >

Tags: aboriginal culture, arnhem land, australia, culture, music, scholarships, yolngu people, yothu yindi

Living La Vida Boca

ARGENTINA | Thu, 25 Apr 2013 | By joannawong | Views [253]

I'm on my way to Iguazu on a 17 hour bus with Via Bariloche. Sitting in a cama seat is like business class on a bus. Leaving Buenos Aires was difficult. I made a wise choice picking Federico's home on AirBnB. Not only was I blown away by his very ... Read more >

Tags: airbnb, argentina, bohemian, buses, cities, dance, food, friends, music, sightseeing

Happy Easter from New York!

USA | Sun, 31 Mar 2013 | By joannawong | Views [107]

I nearly skipped Easter mass today because I was slightly hesitant about going to a foreign church. I was unsure of how the mass would be, what the parish was like, what the dress code would be, among all the other things a fearful person might wonder ... Read more >

Tags: bucket list, churches, cities, friends, landmarks, music, nights out, public transport, sightseeing, usa

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