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Back In London

Mon, 1 May 2017 | By davidpearlman | Views [436]

 I am writing this in London Gatwick airport-which brings back a lot of memories.  You see, I am going on a Windstar cruise from Barcelona, and I decided to fly in a few days early.  The least expensive way to fly to the cruise was using ... Read more >

Wednesday 17th May - Martlesham Heath to Fort Dunlop, Birmingham

Wed, 17 May 2017 | By paulfirman | Views [279] | Comments [3]

This adventure was only put together a few weeks ago. Whilst looking at some options on the internet we stumbled upon the one we are about to take. There was a slight problem - Paul being Paul delayed in booking it as the price kept dropping! So, when ... Read more >

Thursday 18th May - Birmingham to Malta

Sat, 20 May 2017 | By paulfirman | Views [244]

Thursday 18th May - Birmingham to Malta   We awoke to a beautiful sunny morning in Birmingham. We were so impressed with our meal at Manor Farm last night that we decided to return there for our breakfast this morning. The only problem ... Read more >

A Long Weekend in Aberdeen

Tue, 16 May 2017 | By chrissilb | Views [242]

For anyone who reads my journals, you’ll know that while I absolutely love getting away and exploring different places, I can get equally excited by discovering my own country – Scotland. And that’s exactly what I’ve done again, ... Read more >

Tags: aberdeen

Business Away Days

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 | By chrissilb | Views [239]

When you're as in to travel as much as I am, getting tied down to the one place can feel a little depressing when you've found you haven't been away for a good few months. The biggest barrier that many of us face when it comes to travel is getting the ... Read more >

Tags: hillwalking, outdorr, team building

Tuesday 23rd May - Sightseeing and Strolling in Split

Thu, 25 May 2017 | By paulfirman | Views [229]

Our ship glided quietly under the cover of darkness through the crystal clear waters of The Adriatic Sea. The sunrise brought another beautiful morning as we arrive back in Croatia on the Dalmatian Coast at Split. A lovely breakfast and we were soon ... Read more >

London Part 2

Sat, 22 Apr 2017 | By jwagenknecht | Views [216]

Days 2 and 3 in London were none crazy eventful. I kicked off my Thursday morning by heading up to the "Harry Potter" train station, the one that they shot in the films. Sadly, they did put in a 9 3/4 platform with the cart sticking out of the wall. ... Read more >

Why Scotland offers great home renovation opportunities

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 | By chrissilb | Views [215]

For the savvy renovator, Scotland always has some fantastic opportunities on offer. From derelict castles looking for a new Lord, to country houses at knock down prices, not to mention quaint cottages and open plots of land for you to make your mark ... Read more >

Tags: aberdeenshire, home, scotland

Monday 29th May - Coincidences and The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Tue, 30 May 2017 | By paulfirman | Views [212]

Again the sun was shining as we woke up in La Spezia, in the Ligurian area of Italy between Genoa and Pisa. What a surprise we had when the phone rang just after breakfast and it was Norma and Bernard, two very dear friends of ours from Bolton who we ... Read more >

Sunday 21st May - Hvar, Croatia & Salt & Vinegar Ice Cream

Mon, 22 May 2017 | By paulfirman | Views [207]

Hvar in Croatia is our port of call today. We understand from literature we have been given, that Hvar is the new St Tropez, and is becoming the home of the rich and famous. It certainly is a very pretty and modern port, but does not yet have the facility ... Read more >

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Wed, 12 Apr 2017 | By walkersgowandering | Views [201]

Monday 10th April Arrived at lunch time and got collected from the village centre by the man who runs our home stay, Village House. They made us lunch while our room was being made ready. It was noodle soup with egg. We went for a short bike ride ... Read more >

Da Lat

Mon, 3 Apr 2017 | By walkersgowandering | Views [197]

Saturday 1st April  Didn't do much today. Sunburn extremely painful and still can't find an ATM that accepts my card in this town. Got some ibuprofen then stayed in from the rain playing card games and drinking tea! It's free tea and coffee here ... Read more >

Phnom Pehn

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 | By walkersgowandering | Views [197]

Wednesday 15th March Had a chilled out day. Went for a swim in the hostel's pool and had a walk around some of the city. Got a beer jug to share in the early evening and then ended up eating dinner at the hostel as going out seemed like too much work! ... Read more >

Mui Ne to Da Lat

Mon, 3 Apr 2017 | By walkersgowandering | Views [193]

31st March 2017 Got the lunchtime bus up to De Lat in the highlands. Some beautiful scenery on the way. When we arrived at our hostel we were blow away by how lovely it is. You have the option of a home cooked meal every night. Everyone gets together ... Read more >

Mui Ne

Mon, 3 Apr 2017 | By walkersgowandering | Views [190]

Thursday 30th March Got up at 3.20am for the 4am sunrise tour. Started with watching the sun rise at the white sand dunes, then off to the red ones. After that we stopped at a fishing village and lastly visited the fairy stream. The fairy stream was ... Read more >

Beginning the Journal but not the Journey

Sat, 28 Jan 2017 | By familywanderlust | Views [169]

After having many thoughts about how we might capture the details of this trip and debating with Jason the pros and cons of instagram, facebook, public, private etc I have stumbled across this journalling tool when buying the travel insurance today for ... Read more >

Tags: planning, ratrace

Hoi An

Sat, 8 Apr 2017 | By walkersgowandering | Views [166]

Wednesday 5th April 2017 We arrived on the sleeper bus at around 7am.   We walked to our home stay and found the room very spacious, but not as clean as we'd like. They hadn't emptied the toilet bin!   We looked around the ancient ... Read more >

Thursday 25th May - Out and About in Valletta

Sat, 27 May 2017 | By paulfirman | Views [163]

Before 6am we had docked in Valletta, Malta. When we pulled back our curtains the sun was shining on the honey coloured stone walls in Valletta Harbour. After breakfast at Marco's we met up with Sam and Stuart to say our goodbyes as they travel home ... Read more >

Phnom Pehn to Mondulkiri

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 | By walkersgowandering | Views [162]

Saturday 18th March

Almost time...

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 | By rutttroy | Views [160]

So I've sold my car, my cd's, dvds, earnt some extra money through exam marking and travelled all over the UK 'seeing you soon' to family and friends.  Out for dinner tonight with my uni girls and on Thursday I will be off!  I cannot believe ... Read more >

Monday 22nd May - A Surprise Awaits Us In Venice

Tue, 23 May 2017 | By paulfirman | Views [157] | Comments [1]

7 o'clock this morning saw us both on our balcony as we very slowly edged our way into Venice. The sun was shining brightly as we passed St Mark's Square and we thoroughly enjoyed the slow journey through this iconic city to our berth for the day. ... Read more >

Da Lat to Nha Trang. Nha Trang to Hoi An.

Sat, 8 Apr 2017 | By walkersgowandering | Views [155]

Tuesday 4th April Got the 12.30pm bus to Nha Trang. It took about 4 hours and was very scenic. As we descended the mountains we were in mist for a long time and it made for a scary bus ride. Part way down we saw the bus that had left before us had ... Read more >

Friday 19th May - Hand Jivers and A Day at Sea

Sat, 20 May 2017 | By paulfirman | Views [153]

  We woke fairly early, pulled back the curtains and was greeted by the sun dancing on the flat calm Mediterranean Sea. We sat and had a coffee on our very private balcony. Breakfast was, again, a culinary delight containing all the usual ... Read more >

Koh Lanta

Wed, 17 May 2017 | By walkersgowandering | Views [146]

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Under construction

Fri, 21 Jul 2017 | By rutttroy | Views [144]

Move to Malaysia on Thursday 17th August 2017 Flight EK002 LHR to Dubai Flight EK346 Dubai to Kuala Lumpur

Tags: adventure, emirates, malaysia, move


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