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Peru had a rich cultural life thousands of years before Pizarro turned up in funny clothing. Wander around colonial cities that echo the legacy of Spanish conquistadors, explore the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco, visit the lost city of Machu Picchu and ponder the enigma of the Nazca Lines. Peru also boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in South America. The beautiful Peruvian Andes issue a siren's call to top-class trekkers. These mountains are also home to squillions of indigenous highlanders, who still speak the ancient tongue of Quechua and live a traditional way of life.

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Dinner over the ocean on the last night in Lima.  I of course had Lomo Saltado: by suitcasefoodist, Views[16]
Lomo Saltado - a sauté of beef, onions and traditional Peruvian peppers: by suitcasefoodist, Views[16]
Some of our little friends from our home stays in the Sacred Valley: by suitcasefoodist, Views[19]
Learning about traditional weaving in a tiny Peruvian Village: by suitcasefoodist, Views[23]
Machu Picchu at Dawn from the Sun Gate: by suitcasefoodist, Views[22]
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Passport & Plate - Lomo Saltado con Quinoa

Fri, 6 Mar 2015 | By brit808 | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Ingredients 1/2 lb lean sirloin, cut into small, thin strips salt, to taste 1/4 tsp cumin black pepper, to taste 1 teaspoon olive oil 1 red onion, sliced into thick strips 1 large bell pepper 1 large jalapeño, seeded & chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed ... Read more >
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Tags: 2015 Passport & Plate: SRI LANKA

Passport & Plate - Lomo Saltado

Thu, 5 Mar 2015 | By calibasednomad | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Ingredients - 1.5 pounds potatoes - 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and more for frying - 2 garlic cloves - 0.5 teaspoon ground cumin - 1 pound beef tenderloin - 2 red onions, cut in to fourths - 1 hot yellow pepper, sliced 1.5 inches thick - 1 large red ... Read more >
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Tags: 2015 Passport & Plate: SRI LANKA

Photos: Passport & Plate - Lomo Saltado

Thu, 5 Mar 2015 | By suitcasefoodist | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Ingredients 2 lbs Lean Steak - like a skirt steak; sliced into narrow strips 3 large Potatoes, cut for French Fries 2 tablespoons bacon fat, duck fat or oil 3 Cloves Garlic, Minced 1 medium Onion, sliced 1 Red Pepper, seeded, sliced thinly length-wise ... Read more >
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Tags: 2015 passport & plate: sri lanka

Passport & Plate - La excelencia

Wed, 4 Mar 2015 | By miscela | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Ingredients Main: 1 whole welsh onion (Japanese bunching onion) 7 green olives 1 tomato 5 or 6 White mushrooms (as in http://goo.gl/YO2i6b ) Sauce: 2 cloves of garlic oregano salt 4 lemons 1/4 Ají amarillo (yellow ají or yellow chilli pepper as in ... Read more >
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Tags: 2015 Passport & Plate: SRI LANKA

Passport & Plate - Sopa de Quinoa - Peruvian Quinoa and Chicken Soup

Mon, 2 Mar 2015 | By canadacass | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 1 cup onion, chopped ½ cup carrots, chopped ½ cup celery, chopped 2 medium potatoes, cubed 2 cloves garlic, minced ¼ cup olive oil ½ cup flour 5 cups chicken stock 2 cups cooked chicken, cut into bite-sized pieces 2 tsp ... Read more >
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Tags: 2015 Passport & Plate: SRI LANKA

Peruvian Tiradito

Fri, 27 Feb 2015 | By jgreghenry | Views [55]

I’ve got more culinary delights to share from my recent trip to South America. The first stop we made was in Lima, Peru. The oldest parts of Lima are rich in Spanish colonial history. Architecture buffs could wander the streets in awe for days.... Read more >

Tags: cooking, recipes, seafood

Photos: Peru

Sun, 22 Feb 2015 | By jgreghenry | Photo Gallery

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Al Toke Pez Restaurant: Lima, Peru

Sun, 22 Feb 2015 | By jgreghenry | Views [63]

There’s so much good food in Lima, Peru. Choosing just one meal to highlight is difficult. However, I chose Al Toke Pez (Avenida Angamos 886) because everything about the place defied my expectations of what Peruvian cooking could be. Particularly ... Read more >

Tags: food, lima, peru, reviews, seafood

Photos: Passport & Plate - Tuna Tataki with Wasabi Foam on Avocado Soup

Sat, 21 Feb 2015 | By drzeke | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Ingredients For the tuna tataki: - 1/2 pound *fresh* ahi tuna - sesame seeds (1/4-1/2 cup) - olive oil - salt and pepper, to liking - juice of 1 lime For the wasabi foam: - 300 ml cold water - 60ml rice vinegar - 1.9 soy lecithin - 9g wasabi powder ... Read more >
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Passport & Plate - Piura

Fri, 13 Feb 2015 | By topcat | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Ingredients sun, beach, beer, wine, soccer, basketball, swiming pool   How to prepare this recipe i live in Piura and wish travel to Sri Lanka   The story behind this recipe I beneficit the travel
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Tags: 2015 Passport & Plate: SRI LANKA


Mon, 9 Feb 2015 | By kat617 | Views [57]

Due to the extremely limited functions of this particular blogging platform, I have decided to relocate my blog to a different platform. Please follow the link below and bookmark it or select one of the "follow me" options on the page to keep up ... Read more >

Passport & Plate - Mafe

Tue, 3 Feb 2015 | By sinboletodevuelta | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Ingredients Oil -- 2 tablespoons Stewing beef-- 1 kilo Onion -- 1 Garlic, minced -- 3 to 6 cloves Tomato paste -- 2 tablespoons Tomatoes -- 4 Water Natural, unsalted peanut butter -- 2 cup Salt and pepper -- to taste Carrots- 5 potato - 6 cabbage -... Read more >
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Tags: 2015 Passport & Plate: SRI LANKA

Peru Hop

Sun, 1 Feb 2015 | By lthom | Views [116]

So we took Peru Hop from Cusco to Lima and we didnt get off to a great start.  The first bus was pretty crappy, bad smell from the bathroom and the seats reclined about 10 degrees if that.  Fortunately there werent many of us so we were each ... Read more >

Things That Were, Things That Are, and Things That Will Be.

Thu, 29 Jan 2015 | By kat617 | Views [148] | Comments [5]

When I began to write this entry, I wasn’t sure where to begin. Then I wasn’t sure where to finish. I just kept writing everything that came to mind, and I wrote for hours. By the time I ran out of things to say I was so tired that I couldn’... Read more >

Tags: archaeological, archaeology, arrival, culture, homestay, mistakes, program, sickness, sunburn, tefl

Friday 24 Jan

Mon, 19 Jan 2015 | By christine | Views [54]

Well, it took a long time to get as far as Lima, Peru  with the 12.5h flight from Madrid elongated by a 3.5h delay.  This meant my connecting flight to La Paz, Bolivia was leaving as we landed and there were no further flights with space until ... Read more >

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