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Germany wears its riches well: elegant big-city charm, small picture-postcard towns, pagan-inspired harvest festivals, a wealth of art and culture and the perennial pleasures of huge tracts of forest, delightful castles and fine wine and beer are all there for the savouring. Deep in the heart of Europe, Germany has had a seminal impact on Continental history. From Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire to Otto von Bismarck's German Reich, Nazism and the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, no other nation has moulded Europe the way Germany has - for better or worse.

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by rmckinley, Views[11]
Mediterranean Sunrise: by jazzanomadica, Views[215]
First glimpse of the Alps...: by mrandrew, Views[11]
View from the tallest church in the world: by mrandrew, Views[10]
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Museums and Parks

Wed, 17 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [7]

I went to some museums today. There is a small island in the rivers of Berlin called Museum Island because it is full of museums (easy to guess). The main one I went to see was the Pergamon Museum. It is set to close for over 5 years starting the end ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, curry 36, germany, ishtar gate, kiosks, pergamon museum, tiergarten

School on Vacation?

Tue, 16 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [6]

Today I woke up and went to class with Matt. He is in a biology master’s program in Berlin and I thought it would be interesting to see differences between US and European universities. They are very different and I prefer American Universities.... Read more >

Tags: berlin, berlin mauer, berliner dom, charite university, checkpoint charlie, east side gallery, germany, history

Not So Basic Division

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [10]

We woke up in Sungsoo’s apartment with plenty of time for people to make it to class (most of them are all in the same program together).  I went back to Matt’s apartment for a shower and to plan my activities that day. Since his apartment ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, berlin mauer, berlin wall, cross from east to west, germany, history, nachos, soviets

Sundays in Berlin

Sun, 14 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [16]

Today Matt and I woke up and went off to get some food and wonder around a bit.  He called up a friend (Melanie) and we explored around Alexanderplatz until we got hungry. Then it was time for some Wok to Walk restaurant for some noodles. Throughout ... Read more >

Tags: angela merkel, berlin, brandenburg gate, germany, reichstag, ticket controlled, tiergarden, wok to walk

To Berlin!

Sat, 13 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [11]

I woke up and caught a S-bahn to the train station this morning.  My ICE train to bring me from Hamburg to Berlin was running a little behind, but it was not much of a problem. To be more precise, only half of the train was late. Since it is a more ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, germany, hamburg, kites, old friend, the bird, trains

Exploring Hamburg

Fri, 12 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [11]

Today I explored the city. I think I walked almost a complete circle around downtown Hamburg. I started near the harbor and worked my way towards the city. There is a retired submarine in the Hamburg harbor that is now a historical museum piece. I only ... Read more >

Tags: germany, hamburg, reeperbahn, the bird


Thu, 11 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [12]

I had breakfast at the hostel with the German guys from my room. Then I went around town and found a Vodafone store to buy a new SIM card (3 charges a lot in Germany). The guys at the store were helpful. The only thing that was a little confusing was ... Read more >

Tags: currywurst, friends, germany, hamburg, simon, the highway

To Hamburg!

Wed, 10 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [14]

I bummed around in the hostel for a lot of the morning. My flight was in the afternoon and checkout of the hostel was 10:00am. I did not have quite enough time to explore the city anymore. I finished one of my books and then took the bullet train to ... Read more >

Tags: airport, currywurst, germany, hamburg, stockholm, sweden

Live show of Kodaline in Berlin

Thu, 28 Aug 2014 | By prockenzie | Views [33] | Video | Scholarship Entry

I'm Maciej and I'm a 18 yo guy from Poland. I shoot movies since 2009. I only do it because I love it. Every frame of the movie gives me joy. I try to learn as much as possible and I try to shoot as much as possible. Traveling is also what I'm into, ... Read more >

Tags: 2014 Travel Film Scholarship to Mexico

Stage 2: Berlin to Ulm (Southern Germany)

Wed, 27 Aug 2014 | By mrandrew | Views [55]

The first morning after 3 rest days wasn´t the easiest - I knew I was paying for the later nights and drinking more than the 'one or two' I had planned in Berlin (I had a great time staying with my cousin Carolyn and seeing Berlin). By the ... Read more >

Photos: Gottingen, Eisenach and Arnstadt

Mon, 25 Aug 2014 | By joanimil | Photo Gallery

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A Positive Blunder In History

Tue, 19 Aug 2014 | By jazzanomadica | Views [282] | Comments [1]

Man, I wish I was at that press conference! The one on November 9th, 1989 when Günter Schabowski, the unofficial spokesman for the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED), announced to a room full of gathered journalists that travel restrictions ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, berlin wall, germany, history

Crying for the "Bad Guy"

Tue, 19 Aug 2014 | By rmckinley | Views [349]

My tour guide made me cry today. Not an uncontrollable sob, like when I said goodbye to my fiancé at the airport for four more months apart, but a heart-wrenching painful stream of tears that I could not fight back. I was thankful for sunglasses ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, germany, history, mistakes, sides, wall


Mon, 18 Aug 2014 | By aeileenr | Views [65]

I stand in the middle of a small, modest apartment parking lot, surrounded by plain, brick apartment buildings. A willow tree looms to my right and a small, red and blue children's slide sits to my left, currently unused.  “Four meters ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, führerbunker, germany, world war ii

Peeling Back The Layers

Sun, 17 Aug 2014 | By jazzanomadica | Views [154] | Comments [1]

How do you peel the back the layers of an ever-changing relic of history? It is impossible to know the stories behind each living mural plastered across the Berlin Wall. I fear I will fail to listen to the messages portrayed by many of the anonymous ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, berlin wall, graffiti, street art

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