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Return to San Francisco

Sat, 7 Apr 2012 | By jamesshanks | Views [858]

When I came down this morning for the free breakfast, provided by the hostel, I was greeted with an abundance of white. No it wasn't snowing, but the four white devils appear to be core ingredients in a healthy American breakfast. White sugar, white ... Read more >

Tags: food, food, highway 101, nutrition, road trip, san francisco

Departure Info

Fri, 9 Feb 2007 | By adventuregirl | Views [463] | Comments [10]

This is my first post to my online journal so I hope it works and everyone can access it. I leave February 28th and fly into the Heathrow airport in London. I have all of March and April to explore Europe. My TESOL course to learn to teach English starts ... Read more >

Tags: The Planning Phase

Eventful work

Wed, 9 Jun 2010 | By msteven6 | Views [402]

“What have you been up to?”…   I guess with enough of these question, I should update this blog… Sorry!   When life takes off it is hard to take a minute to write about it!   So, see photos here of what I have been doing: http://www.facebook.... Read more >

Tags: big events, farm life

Counting Down

Fri, 26 Sep 2008 | By erin_and_pete | Views [363]

Just a few days away from our big trip!

One day in LA

Wed, 8 Jul 2009 | By rich | Views [342]

Our flight leaves LA at 11pm, so we've got the whole day to take in the sights of the city. An early start and we're driving down Rodeo Drive, on the look out for celebs. None to be seen though, so we head up Sunset Blvd and over to the Kodak Theatre ... Read more >

And so it starts...

Sat, 21 Sep 2013 | By chilkoot02 | Views [215] | Comments [2]

Okay, so many people have requested me to write a blog when I travel due to thier entertainment at my expense. The world is a grand beautiful place, but also a great dose of reality and frustration at times! What better way to entertain you all than ... Read more >

Trip tickets booked

Sun, 1 Apr 2012 | By abocanegra | Views [196] | Comments [1]

Hi pals, D and I just booked our tickets from US to Cook Islands. Cook Islands to New Zealand. New Zealand to Singapore. Singapore to Vietnam. I also purchased my travel insurance through WorldNomads.com - hopefully I won't need to use it but good ... Read more >

Tags: trip planing

Temple of Grace

Tue, 26 May 2015 | By alessiadg | Views [121] | Scholarship Entry

The day we set out for the Temple a dust storm engulfed everything; we could scarcely see a meter from us. Bikes and people and towering sculptures emerged from the whiteness of the air like visions, and if I raised my eyes I could see the stark blue ... Read more >

Tags: 2015 Writing Scholarship

The second and last goodbye

Wed, 22 Apr 2015 | By yoshic | Views [117]

Well P is on his way back North on his lonesome - travelling new roads up the West coast this time - including a medium stretch of dirt into Scorpion Bay, then a longer and trickier part the following day out along the salt flats and dune trails and ... Read more >

Entering "The Biggest Little City in the World"

Sat, 7 Jun 2014 | By travelingwithbrandy | Views [100]

     Hello Again,   June 6, 2014,  Brandy and I have been in Reno the last few days, We stayed a couple nights at the Sands Regency where there is the Cabana Cafe, the friendly staff and some good deals for the 50 plus ... Read more >

Ben's Chili Bowl

Wed, 27 May 2015 | By karamel | Views [99] | Scholarship Entry

A street like so many others – hydrants, cars, a smattering of gnarly stunted trees, grey concrete, people bustling along, traffic noise; then you open the door and step inside. The smell hits you first. Happiness, comfort, spices, peace and a new and ... Read more >

Tags: 2015 Writing Scholarship

Photos: profile

Thu, 29 May 2014 | By thegreatchubby | Photo Gallery

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Photos: NZ to USA

Mon, 2 Jul 2012 | By dawnnbrian | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Last week in San Diego

Mon, 18 Feb 2008 | By merryt32 | Photo Gallery

Last week in SD
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Photos: My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Thu, 3 Nov 2011 | By burellix | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

These 5 photos were taken during a family trip to the USA, which included NYC, Niagara Falls, Seattle, Yellowstone Park and Chicago. I have chosen to pick Idaho because it's a less well know travel destination, it was the reason why we embarked on this ... Read more >
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Tags: #2011wnphoto, travel photography scholarship 2011


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