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How to: Sich wie ein echter Hamburger fühlen

GERMANY | Tue, 15 Jan 2019 | By katharina92 | Views [318]

Hamburg ist mit seinen knapp 1,8 Millionen Einwohnern nicht nur die zweitgrößte Stadt Deutschlands, sondern zugleich Stadtstaat und somit eigenes Bundesland der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Ganz zu schweigen davon, dass die schöne Nordstadt ... Read more >

Mit dem Rad durch den Süden Deutschlands unterwegs

GERMANY | Thu, 14 Feb 2019 | By frieda | Views [170]

Der Donau-Radweg gehört zu den beliebtesten Routen für Radfahrer, die den Süden des Landes erkunden und sich auf Ein- oder Mehrtagestouren begeben möchten. Die Radtour, aber auch die zahlreichen Eindrücke entlang der Strecke ... Read more >

What More Could You Want?

AUSTRALIA | Thu, 24 Jan 2019 | By johnsteel | Views [160]

2018 Trip – Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Edinburgh, Cambridge, London.   A journey with themes – tolerance, walks, art, history, recovery, and of course food and beer.   Amsterdam: Over 30 years later we return ... Read more >

Tags: amsterdam, berlin, cambridge, dalston, dresden, london, prague, stasi museum., stoke newington

Patterson, Kemper Williams Park, the Gulf Coast and into New Orleans!

USA | Mon, 22 Apr 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [151]

April 15th - 18th of April Patterson, Kemper Williams Park Peaceful!  A campground for $18. We never spend that much money to pitch our tent, but then, we were here because James felt poorly on that bumpy road what would not leave him ... Read more >

Life is happening to you, while you’r busy....

USA | Thu, 4 Apr 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [148]

April 3rd. James and I flew back to Germany together - flight round trip out of Austin, so, we skipped the desert ride from Phoenix by renting a truck and driving to Austin to catch our flight to Germany. Our friend Margie decided to ride the 1000+ ... Read more >

We are three, together and on the road.

USA | Sun, 24 Feb 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [146] | Comments [1]

San Clemente, CA 2/23/2019 Three very different characters with the same passion for cycling, (but maybe even slightly different styles of cycling/touring). We have pretty much similar world views..... an architect, a social worker and a doctor.... Read more >

From the snow to the blooming desert of Anza Borrego

USA | Sun, 3 Mar 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [143]

March 2nd in La Quinta.   In San Diego at a beautiful sunset I realize, that we are going to say good bye to the Pacific for a while, heading east..a bit north/east to visit James’ brother in La Quinta before riding due east out of ... Read more >


USA | Sat, 13 Apr 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [141]

April 12th   Well, James and I decided to head south to the Gulf Coast and Margie continued on the Adventure Cycling Rout east and we parted ways after lunching together in Cedar Creek. I liked the “gang of three”, but ... Read more >


CHILE | Wed, 26 Dec 2018 | By nortina | Views [139] | Comments [3] | Video

Hace exactamente un año me diagnosticaron tuberculosis. Aquí ya conté la historia, por lo tanto no es necesario repetirla. Simplemente, a través de estas líneas quisiera decirles cuán significativa esta enfermedad ... Read more >

Tags: bacilo de koch, enfermedad, tuberculosis

Getting out of the bubble after 4 years of preparing

USA | Fri, 15 Feb 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [138]

Saturday February 9th First day “on the road again” Home sweet home didn’t let us go that easy! An AMAZING good bye gathering at the Java Hut in Fairfax so joyful and loving. I filled up my “tank” with all that ... Read more >

Laissez-vous chouchouter du côté de Dubaï !

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Thu, 14 Mar 2019 | By globetrotteuse | Views [138]

Du 15 au 17 avril 2019 , les professionnels de la beauté vous donnent rendez-vous à Dubaï à l’occasion du Beauty World Middle East and Wellness & Spa Exhibition . Durant ces trois jours consacrés au bien-... Read more >

Tags: beaches, dubai, uae

On the road again...

USA | Fri, 15 Feb 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [130]

Thursday February 14th   We had two days of Sunshine, going over Devil’s Slide through Santa Cruz to Monterey - up that steep Hill with the campground on top. Enough to feel secure again.......storm coming? What storm? Blue skies ... Read more >

Idling happily in Sarasota, FL

USA | Mon, 10 Jun 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [125] | Comments [2]

Sunday June 9th 2019 Easy living in the early summer in Sarasota, FL. Not much riding these days....perfect idle in the comfort of great friends and inspiration. Also amongst furry friends and thriving chameleons we ... Read more >

Experiencing the desert - heading east

USA | Sun, 10 Mar 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [123]

Tuesday, March 5th  Fast pace line from Palm Desert to Mecca and then we took a side road ( Box Canyon Rd) which turned out to be closed to traffic. Due to mud slides/flash floods, the road has practically disintegrated in places through this ... Read more >

First step

USA | Wed, 9 Jan 2019 | By trinity773 | Views [119]

Well I finially did it....I took the plunge and made the reservations for my very first trip. Well, I guess I can say Its the first thing I will do in my life. Ah...I am so excited and a little nervous to be going. I kept procrastinating I thought I ... Read more >

Tags: first trip, japan

The Tallest Buildings in the World

UNITED KINGDOM | Sat, 23 Mar 2019 | By jackkloe | Views [116]

Architecture is a modern, man-made wonder. If you follow any of the hashtags on social media related to architecture - #archiecturelovers, #architecturestyle, etc. - then you’ll be in awe of all the many grandiose and breathtaking buildings ... Read more >

Tags: buildings, international, travelling, worldwide

Big Sur Coast.

USA | Sun, 24 Feb 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [114]

February 20th Sycamore Cove Canyon Campground 5 days of tailwind pretty much made up for the hard times we had entering Big Sur. The coast of Big Sur is amazing in any weather as long as you can keep cycling and not get blown off your bike by the ... Read more >

Leaving the Pacific Coast.

USA | Sun, 10 Mar 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [113]

In San Diego at a beautiful sunset I realize, that we are going to say good bye to the Pacific for a while, heading east..a bit north/east to visit James’ brother in La Quinta before riding due east out of one desert and into another. I am not ... Read more >

Bali & Oksana

INDONESIA | Sat, 26 Jan 2019 | By kiwiaoraki | Views [110]

For the third time I'm in Bali. As I've professed before, Bali is one of those places I like but don't love; I enjoy it but it doesn't have my heart the same way as Norfolk Island or New Zealand. I like it for the fact that there's a little bit of everything ... Read more >

Arriving at the last State in the States, Saturday, May 11th 2019

USA | Sat, 18 May 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [110]

Florida! Land of the swamps, snakes and alligators, but also of the soft, warm air (at least in May...), the gentle rain, the extreme downpours, the thunderstorms, the lush, tropical greenery and the warm turquoise sea. During several of our ... Read more >

The Merry Month of Margit...

USA | Mon, 27 May 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [108]

...is here in Sarasota, FL   Celebrating my 60 years the whole year....getting more concentrated in May for the Merry month and then even more focused around the weekend of May 18th.  Working on my fotos and turning them into ... Read more >

Work Permit Paperwork for Vietnam

USA | Sun, 21 Apr 2019 | By mwollak | Views [108]

The bureaucratic hoops have by far been the most frustrating part of the process thus far.  I had to collect, notarize, and authenticate too many documents to count and the process has been so confusing that I have oscillated between "I've ... Read more >

Phoenix, AZ

USA | Thu, 4 Apr 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [107]

Before the next story - here a summary of touring through California: https://vimeo.com/322536659   April 2nd, Austin, TX My last entry seems years ago and yet, it was only a couple of weeks... Our pedal strokes lead us through ... Read more >

Did you know what Michael did?

USA | Fri, 17 May 2019 | By margitpirsch | Views [105] | Comments [2]

May 4th 2019  ...in Panama Beach, Panama City, Mexico Beach, FL for miles and miles  around? Reaching 160mph winds? Riding our bicycles through these areas for 2-3 days left me in a state of shock...disbelieve! Seven ... Read more >

It Was A(nother) Very Good Year

USA | Tue, 1 Jan 2019 | By vagabonds3 | Views [101]

THE HOLIDAYS PASSED WITHOUT MUCH FANFARE.  And nary a flake of snow.  Except for a few golf carts decked out in lights blaring carols and some half-hearted fireworks, Christmas and New Year weren’t much different than any other day in ... Read more >


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