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Last day in Chengdu

CHINA | Mon, 6 Oct 2014 | By adaptive | Views [489] | Comments [2]

A fellow traveler told me that Chengdu was only worth a three day stay for pandas and the national parks. I ended up staying longer and it was worth it. Maybe this is because national week made everything really busy, and maybe because I'm not an efficient ... Read more >

Tags: chengdu, night markets, traffic inn hostel

Chaos in China - notes from my paper diary of 1989

CHINA | Wed, 21 Aug 2013 | By simon_monk | Views [1786] | Comments [1]

Memories can be disarmingly deceptive. It scarcely seems possible that its been 25 years since I first visited China. Because of the 25th anniversary of Tiannamen, I was asked recently about rarely reported chaos in Chengdu out west and what I knew of ... Read more >

Tags: 1989, chengdu, china, riot

A Monk From the Future

CHINA | Fri, 17 May 2013 | By moresbbb | Views [11852]

As I sit in a vegetarian restaurant in the Tibetan district of Chengdu, chewing on particularly tasty chunk of imitation lamb, I observe a Tibetan monk on the table opposite, thumbing messages in to his smart phone with one hand, lips moving silently ... Read more >

Tags: chengdu, china, monks, temples

Finding Love in People's Park in the Time of Internet Dating

CHINA | Mon, 6 May 2013 | By moresbbb | Views [1117] | Comments [2]

Among the frenzied ruckus of blaring music, ballroom dancing, opera singing, and endless chatter in Peoples Park Chengdu is found a network of paths intersecting through the trees. People young and old gather here and shuffle up and down the pathway ... Read more >

Tags: chengdu, china, marriage market, peoples park

The Flavours of Sichuan

CHINA | Thu, 17 Sep 2009 | By ryanandjo | Views [2488]

If flying is cheating then call me Rosie Ruiz , the journey by bus and train from Lijiang to Chengdu would have taken the best part of two days and had multiple points of failure, so choosing the hour long flight was an easy option. ... Read more >

Tags: chengdu, emei shan, huanglong, jiuzhaigou, leshan, pandas

Childhood to Chengdu

CHINA | Thu, 30 Mar 2006 | By warrenr | Views [886]

A Texas lawman leaves his gun at home ...     In everyday life in downstate Texas, Dennis West has to carry a gun, even when this soon to be retired law enforcement officer is off duty. On the seldom occasions that he has been ... Read more >

Tags: chengdu, china, panda, travel, warren rodwell

The philosphy of life ...

CHINA | Sat, 11 Mar 2006 | By simon_monk | Views [7517] | Comments [3]

Do you ever wonder how fragile our lives are and how they can turn on a dime? I mean really wonder? In 1918 one of my Grandfathers was fighting in WWI and leading a group of young men in the trenches in France (I think). A mortar round landed ... Read more >

Tags: 1989, anarchy, chengdu, danger, death, grenade, life, near miss, philosophy of travel, tiananmen square


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Toilets - you had 5 minutes twice a day and that was it, despite rampant gastroenteritis often plaguing the camp: by drmitch, Views[148]
Toilets - you had 5 minutes twice a day and that was it, despite rampant gastroenteritis often plaguing the camp

by drmitch | Views [148]

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