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For all the things you're losing, you might as well resign yourself to trying to make a change

USA | Sat, 22 Aug 2015 | By kakimono | Views [251]

It seems like every trip I take comes with its own set of challenges and concerns. As the departure day draws nearer, those start to seem more important, or even insurmountable. Until it's almost time to go, and there's a large part of me that wants ... Read more >

Tags: goodbyes, pre-departure

Pre-Departure and In-Flight Ponderings

USA | Thu, 15 Jan 2015 | By kat617 | Views [486] | Comments [1]

Ugh, those feelings .   I mean, how can one person experience so many emotions in such a short span of time?   It is some kind of overload, similar to when you try to run too many programs simultaneously on a computer ... Read more >

Tags: anxiety, emotions, excited, feelings, goodbyes, great unknown, heading out, leaving, loved, nervous


SPAIN | Sun, 15 Dec 2013 | By elcastleberry | Views [452]

My toes disappear beneath the soft white sand as I wiggle my bare feet into the ground. Amy is sitting on the a stone step in front of me, her legs crossed, chattering away, her choppy British accent dancing over the sound of waves. Jamie chucks a stick ... Read more >

Tags: bittersweet, friends, friendship, goodbyes, leaving, sitges, spain, travel

Goodbye Taiwan

TAIWAN | Thu, 3 Oct 2013 | By travelinglotus | Views [474]

All the good-byes have been said, I am almost packed, and I leave for the airport in 6 hours.  As with all my good-byes, it is bittersweet. I've lived longer in Taiwan than any other foreign country, and will always have a fond place in my heart ... Read more >

Tags: goodbyes, new beginnings, taiwan

Bali Magic

INDONESIA | Fri, 3 May 2013 | By paul_meet_world | Views [894]

Bali's kind of a magical place, I thought to myself as I hurtled at frightening speed down the motorway one night. This thought threatened to be edged out by the realization of how precarious my continued good health was. Flip-flops, shorts and a tank ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, goodbyes, holy sites, memories, sunsets

Today's the day!

UNITED KINGDOM | Sun, 28 Apr 2013 | By rutha90 | Views [362]

Well, after all my preparations, nerves, saving money, trips to see people before I leave, buying things to take with me (which I probably won't be able to fit in) etc etc, the time has come!! My flight leaves at half nine tonight from Glasgow, so will ... Read more >

Tags: goodbyes, last minute, packing

Tears in my eyes, lots of goodbyes

UNITED KINGDOM | Tue, 16 Apr 2013 | By rutha90 | Views [384]

Less than two weeks to go now!! Flights, insurance, jags, course completed and passed, visa received, have left work, leaving drinks and have packed my room and moved back to mums! The last few weeks have been crazy busy but now it's time to relax ... Read more >

Tags: emotional, goodbyes, preparation, visa

Closing thoughts on New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND | Tue, 26 Mar 2013 | By paul_meet_world | Views [415]

My time in New Zealand has come to a close. It's been a rush - I've covered just about every bit of coast on the South Island, shot through the north, and seen so much scenic, incredible, varied pieces of nature that I've become rather jaded.  ... Read more >

Tags: goodbyes, on the road


NEW ZEALAND | Fri, 8 Mar 2013 | By paul_meet_world | Views [330]

After spending the night again in Wanaka, the three of us continued heading south to Queenstown. At the last mountain pass we climbed up to Rock Peak, a ridiculously high vantage point where we could see for miles. Several switchbacks later, ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, goodbyes, on the road

Say what?!??

CZECH REPUBLIC | Thu, 12 Jun 2008 | By tinka | Views [1017]

I can't believe it - but we've finally left Teen Ranch.  It feels like a life time since we arrived and believe it or not; it is now totally stuck in my head as home!  So homesick for the place - I even miss Steel's *quote* 'stupid face' *end quote*.... Read more >

Tags: coaches, craziness, europe, goodbyes, homesick, oak hall, teen ranch, tour

The Last Supper

AUSTRALIA | Mon, 8 May 2006 | By clarinette | Views [582] | Comments [1]

The Last Supper... A little dramatic perhaps?   The posse came over on Saturday night for one last bash. Good food, wine, music and great company... What more could a girl ask for? The highlight of the evening had to have been my brother's warm and fuzzy ... Read more >

Tags: Goodbyes


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