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A homeless time - Part 1

GREECE | Sat, 22 Nov 2014 | By maniek | Views [235]

It was the evening of my birthday when my first lady decided that she wants to go for a trip, so we just took what we thought is necessary, found a tent (which we never used) and took the bus to Athen's central bus station, from there we took the first ... Read more >

Tags: beach, corfu, greece, homeless, humanity, love, patras, sleeping on the street, walking

Homeless but hopeful: Day two of my mission to Fiji

USA | Wed, 15 Jan 2014 | By elizabethkfmurphy | Views [296]

Many of you at home in Canada are sitting there with every part of your body crossed hoping I will eventually make it to Fiji, and for that you are the best. So here's the story, I got off my flight to Los Angeles ready to hop on one to Fiji. When I ... Read more >

Tags: homeless, hopeful, lax, stranded

The Start Up: Unemployed and Homeless

UNITED KINGDOM | Sun, 5 May 2013 | By jessiejames | Views [260]

    Hi All, So my new adventure has begun. I'm finally in London - unemployed and homeless, and doing my best to get that sorted soon. Otherwise comfortable bridge suggestions are welcomed (along with any cardboard boxes you might ... Read more >

Tags: bridges, brockwell common, homeless, sun shines on london, unemployed

Intro to My Hobo Summer

USA | Fri, 20 Jul 2012 | By ohio31392 | Views [236]

So despite all of my travelling I only recently became acquainted with World Nomads. I thought that this is a perfect site for me, but unfortunately my timing is not great. I am in the middle of a long term nomadic experience. I got a job for the summer ... Read more >

Tags: dartmouth, homeless, massachusetts, research, sharks, umass

A very 'Cold Wave' indeed...

INDIA | Mon, 10 Jan 2011 | By bonnie | Views [451]

There we were on a cold winters morning enjoying a hot cup of chai from a roadside vendor on the slow to get going streets of Delhi.... suddenly two women bearing bamboo poles and a bundle wrapped up in a blanket with two children trailing along stopped ... Read more >

Tags: cold wave, homeless, street theatre delhi

Homeless Kids

INDONESIA | Sun, 1 Aug 2010 | By adventurers | Views [1044] | Comments [5]

At 8:30 this morning we saw 10 young homeless kids asleep on the footpath in the city of Medan.  We bought chicken satay for all of them & water & milk drinks & some other food.  When we came to give it to them, they were all just waking ... Read more >

Tags: drink, food, homeless, homeless children, indonesia, medan, sumatra

Ha ha... whoops...

SWITZERLAND | Fri, 9 May 2008 | By queenofbums | Views [449] | Comments [1]

So... I should have tried to book my train ticket earlier... I'm sure I could get out of here today, but I know have a train ticket leaving from Basel tomorrow (Saturday) night. So, now I'm desperately trying to find a place to stay the night. The ... Read more >

Tags: homeless

Homeless in San Francisco

USA | Sat, 21 Nov 1998 | By simon_monk | Views [1353] | Comments [2]

The homeless are always a sight in this richest of countries. Today was Thanksgiving when most Americans go home to families, turkey and cranberry sauce. The shops are all closed and the city empty ... making the homeless more conspicuous than ever.... Read more >

Tags: capitalism, democracy, freedom, homeless, people, society, wealth


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There are 24 bells atop the Giralda. Supposedly one for each major church in Seville. Now we must race back down the Giralda to go get ready for the Flamenco show! 
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There are 24 bells atop the Giralda. Supposedly one for each major church in Seville. Now we must race back down the Giralda to go get ready for the Flamenco show! Going down went a lot faster!

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