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Hot in Hue

VIETNAM | Wed, 7 Jun 2017 | By tigerlillytravels | Views [695]

The hotel was incredible. We checked in and the reception staff quite happily called the scooter company to tell them we had arrived. They then sent us up to the 8th floor where we were shown to a table set with a plate of fruit and a glass of passion ... Read more >

Tags: citadel, flag tower, hue, imperial city, luxury hotel, purple forbidden city, relaxing, sunburn, vietnam, wanderlust

Photos: Exploring central Vietnam

VIETNAM | Wed, 27 Jan 2016 | By finally | Photo Gallery

NHA TRANG We finally made it to Nha Trang by 12h night bus from Saigon. Nha Trang is the Russian version of Miami! Tons of tall hotels lining a very long beach. Menus are sometimes only in Russian and Vietnamese, even not in English; unbelievable! We ... Read more >
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Tags: beach, hue, nha trang, ninth binh, russian

Vietnam - Hue

VIETNAM | Mon, 29 Sep 2014 | By megandrob | Views [369]

We arrived in Hue at around 4pm on Saturday, and headed off to our hostel. We got showered, and headed out for a couple of drinks at a bar, called Brown Eyes (Robin was giggling), near our hostel. They had the friendliest bar staff I have ever met, ... Read more >

Tags: citadel, coffee, hue, market, tombs, vietnam

Entre las tumbas

VIETNAM | Sun, 31 Aug 2014 | By miguel_rubi | Views [379]

Llegó el tiempo de dejar atrás la bella Hoi An y nuestro hospedaje de reyes a precio de regalo para ir a la ciudad imperial de Hue. La antigua capital política de Vietnam es una colección de palacios, tumbas y templos, aunque ... Read more >

Tags: ciudadela, hue, tumbas imperiales

The Ghostly Citadel of Hue

VIETNAM | Sat, 17 May 2014 | By goingsolo | Views [584]

The Citadel in Hue is one of the most beautiful places I have had the opportunity to explore.  It has been ravaged by war, but there has been some effort to restore it to its former glory.  I can't help but observe the contradiction between ... Read more >

Tags: citadel, culture, hue, royalty

Photos: Vietnam

VIETNAM | Thu, 24 Apr 2014 | By hapakuna | Flickr Photo Gallery

from Saigon to Hanoi - winter trip to the land of spring rolls
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Tags: ha long bay, hanoi, hapakuna, ho chi minh, hue, ninh binh, saigon, spring rolls, tam coc, vietnam

Photos: Vietnam by Motorcycle

VIETNAM | Sat, 8 Jun 2013 | By obeezyphoto | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

I drove from Saigon to Hanoi on a motorcycle over the course of 12 days. These photos barely scratch the surface of the experience I had over there.
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Tags: boats, chau doc, hue, mekong delta, mekong river, mui ne, saigon, travel photography scholarship 2013, vietnam

Hue - 6-9th April

VIETNAM | Thu, 25 Apr 2013 | By ashbyrne | Views [504]

Hi guys, gotten a bit behind with the blog but heres the one for the few days in Hue   Hue is a pretty city, a lot quieter than Hanoi which is a nice thing. Arrived at 7pm in the evening and hopped in a taxi to the backpackers hostel which ... Read more >

Tags: citadel, hue

One Month in Vietnam: Best & Worst

VIETNAM | Thu, 28 Mar 2013 | By gsewake | Views [6492] | Comments [1]

After travelling through Vietnam we can say, without a doubt, Vietnam is beautiful, fun, exciting, tasty, accessible and friendly. The people and culture we experienced were for the most part helpful and warm. The environment is like nothing either of ... Read more >

Tags: best, food, ho chi minh city, hoi an, hue, noodles, phong nha farmstay, vietnam, view, worst

Next up: Phong Nha National Park

VIETNAM | Sun, 10 Mar 2013 | By gsewake | Views [481]

Today we leave Hue, which has become our favorite spot so far on our trip. 12 days in (give or take... we keep losing track!) and we are starting to get the hang of things here.            Vietnam has been an incredibly ... Read more >

Tags: caves, easy, farmstay, hue, phong nha, vietnam

A Note on Hue

VIETNAM | Fri, 8 Mar 2013 | By gsewake | Views [550]

We have been in Hue for two and a half days. So far it has been my favorite city in Vietnam.  Not as touristy as Hoi An, and not as frenetic as Ho Chi Minh City. It seems as though Hue has a larger population with expendable income, even compared ... Read more >

Tags: food, hue, imperial city, vietnam

Racking up miles equal to our expenses ;)

VIETNAM | Fri, 1 Mar 2013 | By gsewake | Views [547]

Went for a 12 mile roundtrip walk today: Morning market  Jade Pagoda Botanical gardens  Zoo Riverfront Total cost around $12 which includes a $7 messenger bag for Gillian, best part, breakfast for two was $1! Avg $1/mi.... Read more >

Tags: cheap, hcmc, hoi an, hue, jade pagoda, market, zoo

Hue, Vietnam

VIETNAM | Mon, 15 Oct 2012 | By sglass | Views [1070]

After a wonderful week in Hoi An, we headed up to the nearby port city of Da Nang to catch a train further north to the ancient capital city of Hue (pronounced "Hway"). The views from the train were unbelievable- this is said to be the most beautiful ... Read more >

Tags: citadel, da nang, hue, train, vietnam, vietnam war

Hue to Khe Sanh

VIETNAM | Thu, 26 Jul 2012 | By wingnut | Views [2706]

Hue is the most civilized Vietnamese City that I would visit and marks the halfway point up Vietnam’s coast. The Citadel (impressive) and tombs (which to me, are vulgar and would be the worst place to spend eternity) it merited no more than two ... Read more >

Tags: dmz, dong ha, hue, khe sanh, phu loc, vinh moc

Crazy Vietnam... part 1

VIETNAM | Sun, 14 Mar 2010 | By thebigtrip | Views [4484] | Comments [1]

We arrived in Hanoi on new years eve (the Chinese new year) otherwise known as Tet in Vietnam. This is the biggest holiday of the year for Vietnamese people, for most the only holiday of the year. After we got to our hostel we headed into the city ... Read more >

Tags: hanoi, hue, nimh binn, tan coc

Are we having fun yet?

VIETNAM | Thu, 20 Aug 2009 | By ryanandjo | Views [1441] | Comments [3]

Up to Kon Tum, named the friendliest city in Vietnam and it was here we really appreciated the size of the population in the country. The description of Kon Tum sounded like a small rural village, remote and off the beaten track. We were ... Read more >

Tags: dmz, hoi an, hue, kon tum


VIETNAM | Mon, 9 Mar 2009 | By erin_and_pete | Views [718] | Comments [1]

Ready to leave Hanoi, Erin and I headed to the travel cafe to catch the overnight bus to Hue.  When we booked the tickets the travel agent showed us a picture that looked just like the overnight train, and at a third of the price, we jumped on the bargain.... Read more >

Tags: hue, moto tour

Vietnam - Hue

VIETNAM | Thu, 4 Dec 2008 | By pshah13 | Views [480]

Hue was a mid size town on the banks of the Perfume River which sounds more exotic than it actuallly was. Nothing special here and we were rained out on one of the days we were here and completely soaked. Reminded me of a British Summer - grey, wet ... Read more >

Tags: hue, vietnam

hoi an

VIETNAM | Fri, 10 Oct 2008 | By glimmerwing | Views [690] | Comments [2]

well when we got our sleeping bus in ninh binh, it was already nearly full it took us awhile to figure out that the only spaces available were in the back row beside these 3 guys. so we had to wake them up and make them move over. sorry! the journey ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, hoi an, hue, nha trang


VIETNAM | Fri, 26 Sep 2008 | By katandstevie | Views [588]

After a 12 hour night bus from Ninh Binh, incorporating a flat tyre and a very bumpy road, we eventually arrived at Hue.  As usual we were dropped off quite strategically at one of the hotels where the staff consequently started taking our luggage off ... Read more >

Tags: citadel, dmz, hue, pagoda

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