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Why plan?

CANADA | Sun, 3 Nov 2013 | By mitann | Views [709]

So the airline tickets are bought, now what? Most often people buy vacation packages, not just an airline ticket to a foreign land.  We grappled with the idea of whether or not we should just ‘wing it’; show up and follow our nose.... Read more >

Tags: 25 days in thailand, bangkok, karabi, koh phangan, planning, thailand, wing it

I have never.... eaten a mouldy yoghurt

THAILAND | Wed, 27 Feb 2013 | By dunkyandbambini | Views [465]

Day number 4 on koh phangan and it's involved too many parties, rings of fire hangovers and not much else! So this island is pretty insane. Much bigger than the tiny tiny koh tao and about 5 times the number of tourists. There are certainly no thai men ... Read more >

Tags: cockroach, full moon party, koh phangan

Koh Phangan (As Richard would say: 'Cancerous Parasitesss!!!)

THAILAND | Wed, 23 Mar 2011 | By katie_aurora | Views [528]

Sooooo, Last Night in Koh Phangan.  Had an amazing time amongst the party animals!  Drank from buckets and resisted the temptation of afterwards building a sand castle with them (well Katie did start a sandcastle in the centre of the dancefloor but that ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, koh phangan

Detox, Colon Cleaning & Yoga at Ananda Resort

THAILAND | Fri, 6 Feb 2009 | By te_mana | Views [1442]

It has been six days since my last entry and what I'll do now is give you a brief idea about what the detox, colonic cleaning is like here at Ananda Resort on Koh Phangan. But first an update, it is the last part of my program. This involves, taking ... Read more >

Tags: colon cleansing, detox, full moon party, good health, koh phangan, yoga

Detox on Koh Phangan at Ananda Resort

THAILAND | Sat, 31 Jan 2009 | By te_mana | Views [1758] | Comments [1]

If your thinking about doing detox here at Ananda Resort, it is best to come prepared. This is my second day and I now realise that a little bit of prep. work will put you right. I think you need your own toiletries: soap; shampoo; razor; etc. Also ... Read more >

Tags: ananda, detox, exercise, koh phangan, thailand, yoga

Narita cold to Thai hot - Silom Dentist and Ferry to Koh Phangan

THAILAND | Fri, 30 Jan 2009 | By te_mana | Views [803]

Well it was just as I had imagined. From the Japanese cold rush to the relaxed hot Thai pace. I arrived late at 12.00 at night and caught a cab to my hotel near Surkhimvit... the place was near Soi 21 and it looked empty. It was old and cheap just ... Read more >

Tags: avanada resort, detox, koh phangan, silom dental, yoga

koh phagan and krabi

THAILAND | Mon, 27 Oct 2008 | By glimmerwing | Views [929] | Comments [1]

we arrive to koh phangan in between rain showers, just as we get on our tuk tuk to go to our resort. It pours again out of the heavens. When we arrive to the resort, we find out that we are to stay in a beach bungalow. As we had to go out side to our ... Read more >

Tags: couchsurfing, koh phangan, krabi, sea sick


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