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Soy Normal!

ECUADOR | Fri, 10 Jan 2014 | By kaitlynhennessy | Views [396]

Well, it’s our last full day in Cuenca and our last class period of the trip. I only have one week left in Ecuador! When signing up for this trip at the last minute in October, I would have never guessed that my experience would have been quite ... Read more >

Tags: last day, normal, real, soy

Day 12: Goodbye Greenland

GREENLAND | Mon, 21 Oct 2013 | By divvea | Views [1342]

I was up early and finished packing before we headed off to the airport for our last flight within Greenland, flying over most of the distance we had covered during the trip. Upon reaching Kangerlussuaq, we dashed off to Meet Nini, JP’s wife. Taking ... Read more >

Tags: horn jewellery, last day, tivoli

F**k this, I'm outta here

THAILAND | Fri, 23 Nov 2012 | By lozza | Views [272]

F**k this, i'm over teaching. I've had enough. I'm so tiered. Respect to teachers, cos I am totally over it. I need a holiday from a holiday! Its been such a hard couple of weeks that I need a break before I go to work. So I'm leaving Sat, heading towards ... Read more >

Tags: annoying, big buddha, last day, pills

Last day in China

CHINA | Mon, 19 Jul 2010 | By anuon2r | Views [547] | Comments [1]

Goodbye strange, wonderful, normal, loud, soft, patient country. I have been your guest for only a few days. It has changed. My perception, that is. The tongue does not sound as foreign, I have somewhat gotten used to the noises of the city. Know which ... Read more >

Tags: bye china, last day, tolou, yongding

Day before we leave

USA | Wed, 8 Jul 2009 | By alexa_lazarus | Views [437]

Well, the origional plan was one big suitcase and a small one...naturally I have ended up with 2 huge suitcases and an over the shoulder carry on. Getting all this shit in the car in Durban is going to be painful. But besides the standard suitcase drama ... Read more >

Tags: anticipation, last day, packing

Wisdom? I will make you good price!

INDIA | Mon, 15 Sep 2008 | By anuon2r | Views [684]

Granted, the headline is a little misleading. Like I will sell siome wisdom...haha! But, today is my last day here, and the previous two muonths might have made me just a millimeter wiser (do you know they measure that in millimeters?) So here is what ... Read more >

Tags: goa, last day, palolem, wisdom

Union in Diversity...

INDIA | Fri, 15 Aug 2008 | By anuon2r | Views [528] | Comments [1]

...that is the slogan of this independence day. Even though there are so many different religions, casts and people in India this day shall be a reminder that we all belong to the same country and are united by that. India- the worlds largest democracy.... Read more >

Tags: last day, temple independence day


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