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Going going Goa

INDIA | Mon, 23 Mar 2020 | By misslynee | Views [293]

To celebrate the end of my first season in Goa …here’s a blog with all the bits you probably want to (and don’t want to) hear about.   As I approached the airport in my taxi today, I found it humorous thinking back to a ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, goa, india, yoga

Not Goan Anywhere

INDIA | Tue, 29 Mar 2016 | By davidford | Views [759] | Comments [1]

First off. Apologies for not writing in quite some time. I was anticipating coming home soon and had lost the heart for it. I have, however, now decided to remain in India a further 3 weeks to make full use of my visa and the opportunity to relax ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, goa

Photos: ... and the adventure continues trip after another overnight bus from Hampi to Goa.

INDIA | Mon, 26 Oct 2015 | By finally | Photo Gallery

GOA We took an "AC sleeper" bus (yes, beds so you have to lie down the whole time!!) from Hampi to Goa. First time we took a "sleeper" bus, honestly we didn't even know that existed. Since of course we don't make reservations we had to walk in the scorching ... Read more >
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Tags: ac sleeper bus, cs, goa, mumbai, slums

India 2014 - Goa

INDIA | Sun, 7 Dec 2014 | By megandrob | Views [389]

From Ahmedebad we flew to Goa. This was something we had both been really looking forward to. Following the hustle and bustle and the dirt of the cities and towns and the almost monotonous desert landscape of Rajasthan , the lush greenery, dense palm ... Read more >

Tags: beach, bogmallo, goa, palolem, patnem, relax, vasco da gama

Milk On The Rocks

INDIA | Sun, 12 Oct 2014 | By musafirujan | Views [506]

Every night in NITK Surathkal would be stirred by the long whistle piercing the deafening silence. The heavy diesel locomotive would lead the giant reptile through the Konkan Railway, arguably the most beautiful strech of railways in entire India, running ... Read more >

Tags: dudhsagar falls, goa, hitchhiking, india, konkan railway, trekking

Photos: India 2009

INDIA | Sun, 11 May 2014 | By voyage_voyage | Photo Gallery

Unplanned trip to India
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Tags: goa, india

Night Markets in Goa

INDIA | Sun, 20 Apr 2014 | By cameronskews | Views [290]

"..tonight let us send a message to that army! Let us shake this cave! Tonight let us tremble these walls of earth, steel and stone! Let us be heard from red core to black sky!” Goa has all of the characteristics of any given island in Thailand.... Read more >

Tags: goa, india, matrix, morpheus, night markets

Stumbling onto Paradise

INDIA | Sun, 16 Mar 2014 | By tnj4884 | Views [691]

On what would turn out to be our last day in Palolem, we walked down to the far south side of the beach so I could sit in the shade of the boulders that separated Palolem from the next beach, while Mikko sat a meter away and worked on his tan. Eventually, ... Read more >

Tags: canyoning, goa, patnum beach

Some much needed R&R in Palolem,Goa

INDIA | Tue, 11 Mar 2014 | By tnj4884 | Views [1851]

After 16 hectic days traveling around Rajasthan in Northwestern India and 5 expensive days in Mumbai waiting for the next train south, we finally made it to Goa. And, for the past 7 days, we have been trying our best to do as little as possible, just ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, dolphins, goa, palolem, sunsets

Goa - Forts and Beaches

INDIA | Wed, 1 Jan 2014 | By away2travel | Views [543]

Goa – Redi Fort, Arambol, Recipes, Mapusa Market Posted on   February 14, 2014 by   Tarynne Mingione Friday, January 17, 2014 The agreement we have while volunteering is to work six days on and have one ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, forts, goa, india, travel

Beware from getting caught

INDIA | Fri, 20 Dec 2013 | By akash94 | Views [570]

    Tips to survive from getting caught       Goa is the party state in India. It's the most loved tourist place and everyone wants to be here. When you hear about Goa,  first image that comes to your mind, exotic ... Read more >

Tags: goa, survive, tips

Goa Dave

INDIA | Sat, 5 Jan 2013 | By andrew_stelmach | Views [1282]

So, in December 2012 I finished a contract in the UAE (the Emirates, for short) and made the plan (for reasons too long and boring to explain) to hang around in the emirates for a week while Luke and Owen finished their first week of paragliding courses ... Read more >

Tags: arambol, backpacking, goa, hippies, hippy, india, travelling

Day 7- Goa

INDIA | Fri, 7 Oct 2011 | By maninr | Views [385]

 I decided I will leave even if it was going to rain, since I was getting too comfortable for the past 3 days and had to hit my destination in 2 weeks time.Santosh serived me a heavy American breakfast, after which I packed my bags to leave. ... Read more >

Tags: goa, pallolem beach, rains, road

Indian New Year

INDIA | Thu, 19 Aug 2010 | By llunga | Views [515]

Итак, плюнул на кризис, на все и с друзьями из Москвы сорвались в Гоа отмечать Новый Год. Поскольку у нас все как всегда, билеты брались уже буквально последние за неделю до поездки. В итоге полетели на Аэрофлоте до Мумбая, он же Бомбей по старому. Соответственно ... Read more >

Tags: asia, beaches, goa, india

From Hampi to Goa

INDIA | Wed, 3 Dec 2008 | By remlaph | Views [1825]

Well from the meditation course I proceeded to Hampi which is quite an interesting place both historically and from a natural landscape point of view.  The landscape is scattered with massive boulders, which are apparently the remanants of a prehistoric ... Read more >

Tags: colva beach, goa, hampi, india

Wisdom? I will make you good price!

INDIA | Mon, 15 Sep 2008 | By anuon2r | Views [715]

Granted, the headline is a little misleading. Like I will sell siome wisdom...haha! But, today is my last day here, and the previous two muonths might have made me just a millimeter wiser (do you know they measure that in millimeters?) So here is what ... Read more >

Tags: goa, last day, palolem, wisdom

beach and the art of being languid

INDIA | Sat, 13 Sep 2008 | By anuon2r | Views [687]

Oh! I hurt in all places! My back because of the blue spots that I got from stemming the fish out of the water, my legs from that, too, and my arms from rowing:) It's a complete thing! Hihihiiii and its so much fun! However, that task kind of took over ... Read more >

Tags: beach, goa, languid, palolem

I'm a fisherman!

INDIA | Fri, 12 Sep 2008 | By anuon2r | Views [996]

Hey! I AM a fisherman! I got up at five this morning and STILL missed the first boat, because I did not know where to go.... So they told me to just come back tomorrow. I decided to just sit at the beach and watch the sunrise. It's so cool! With all ... Read more >

Tags: fishing, goa, paolem

Trek part II; PLUS:greener, lusher, wetter-Goa

INDIA | Wed, 10 Sep 2008 | By anuon2r | Views [977]

Normal 0 I have arrived in Goa! That had not been my plan, I know but yesterday the fligfht out of Leh was delayed, so that I would have probably missed my train to Kerala anyway. On top of that, my new friends from Bombay ... Read more >

Tags: chilling, goa, leh, trek


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