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Refreshing Dusk!

INDIA | Sat, 18 Mar 2017 | By missmouse | Views [557]

I got to admit that I love the unfamiliarity of the places unknown. Like an addiction for them, I get attracted toward such places. Meeting new people and sharing our journey to them whilst in return knowing their story. There’s always something ... Read more >

Tags: beach, esplanade, mumbai, sunset


INDIA | Wed, 9 Nov 2016 | By gpcuriel | Views [386] | Comments [1]

November 5th, and 6th, 2016 It's again been a few days since I could write. It seems Internet is harder to come-by in northern India. Hotels have been limiting us to using one device on Wi-Fi per day. I'm not really sure why, but it's super frustrating.... Read more >

Tags: mumbai

My Rapelling adventure!

INDIA | Thu, 14 Jul 2016 | By chaitra | Views [448]

I had always been excited about Rapelling, little did I think that I will be so nervous while taking my first step. After having trekked to various forts in Maharashtra throughout the year, I was eager to rapell now! There was a rapelling event in Bhivpuri ... Read more >

Tags: hill, mumbai, rapelling, waterfall

Photos: ... and the adventure continues trip after another overnight bus from Hampi to Goa.

INDIA | Mon, 26 Oct 2015 | By finally | Photo Gallery

GOA We took an "AC sleeper" bus (yes, beds so you have to lie down the whole time!!) from Hampi to Goa. First time we took a "sleeper" bus, honestly we didn't even know that existed. Since of course we don't make reservations we had to walk in the scorching ... Read more >
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Tags: ac sleeper bus, cs, goa, mumbai, slums

Traveling Deep: See the Life of a Waste-picker through My Eyes

INDIA | Fri, 17 Jul 2015 | By hitesh | Views [563]

Start your day at as early as four in the morning or as late as eleven at night, change to clothes that are dirty and torn, work for twelve hours straight, carry a huge plastic bag on your shoulder, keep your eyes on the ground, pick all the salable ... Read more >

Tags: backpacking, dumping ground, mumbai, nomad, rag picker, responsible, travel, traveling deep, wanderlust, waste

Welcome to Mumbai

INDIA | Mon, 29 Dec 2014 | By mlodius | Views [342] | Comments [2]

Monday, 29 December, 2014 On today's agenda: sleep this morning, then shopping in Mumbai.   I think I'm awake because the sun is shining. Or maybe because it just feels different here. And there is definitely a bird of some sort dwelling ... Read more >

Tags: mumbai

India 2014 - Mumbai

INDIA | Sun, 7 Dec 2014 | By megandrob | Views [264]

From Goa, we headed to Mumbai for our final two days in India. All of the people we have met in India, except for one, said that we may as well skip Mumbai because it is really crap. The first thing that hit us about Mumbai was the view from the plane.... Read more >

Tags: mumbai

Photos: Dhobi Ghat: A Laundry Washing Community in Mumbai, India

INDIA | Mon, 24 Nov 2014 | By rakuphoto | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Several years ago, I saw a film called Dhobi Ghat. I felt inspired to take the time to see for myself the work that happens within this historical laundry washing community during my travels in India. For me, it was an introduction into an amazingly ... Read more >
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Tags: 2014 travel photography scholarship, india, mumbai

And so it begins....

USA | Mon, 29 Apr 2013 | By ak13 | Views [454]

I'm far from a writer, but here's my attempt at sharing what I'm setting out to do this year with those who'd like to read about it. I was all packed, layers, winter gear, just enough technology to stay in touch with loved ones and not too much to ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, frankfurt, jfk, lufthansa, mumbai, new york


INDIA | Sat, 9 Mar 2013 | By proficiscorestvivo | Views [352]

My first encounter with India was not the best. Around midday, forty-eight hours after I left the Italian grounds, I arrived in Pune. And the problems soon started. Travel is nothing but an inconvenience. There is always enough trouble where ... Read more >

Tags: airport, bangalore, india, mumbai, pune, rickshaw

Bye Mumbai.

INDIA | Fri, 4 Jan 2013 | By sinarama | Views [565]

    "India", was my boss's reply when I asked where I was flying. I would be spending 2 months in gloriuous India. I was so excited, I didn't know what to do. I was asking myself "what do you know about this country?" "You have definetly ... Read more >

Tags: expressions, faces, india, mumbai, travel, trip


INDIA | Mon, 26 Nov 2012 | By samchilds17 | Views [1073] | Comments [1]

I flew into Mumbai from Heathrow and arrived late in the night. I met Hege who had landed a few hours before and we went straight to the hotel. The next morning we decided we would explore Mombai or Bombay as the Indians still call it. We bought our ... Read more >

Tags: mumbai, trains

Show me the way to Mumbai

INDIA | Tue, 27 Mar 2012 | By macedonboy | Views [960]

It's week 7 into my tour and I'm flying from Delhi to Mumbai. It felt pretty good to have flown for a change and avoiding the bus/train station madness that usually followed on arrival. Much prose and poetry has been written about the quality of air ... Read more >

Tags: india, mumbai, unesco

Do's and Dont's in India

INDIA | Sat, 13 Aug 2011 | By sparklenshines | Views [5139] | Comments [1] | Video

Everytime my friend from Germany gets an invitation from me to visit India, she freaks out. In spite of all the news of rock/ pop stars going for India-themed weddings and getting themselves inked in Sanskrit quotes, I think the general traveler is pretty ... Read more >

Tags: #blogyourbackyard, crowds, festivals, home, india, mumbai, sanskrit, stare, weddings

Keeping Mum-bai

INDIA | Wed, 8 Sep 2010 | By noflyzone | Views [595]

We came prepared for a city that is bursting at the seams, and found relative calm. The streets were wide, the traffic un-jammed and there were even fewer people than we'd seen in many cities - in short, it was a pleasure to be there.  Of course, Mumbai ... Read more >

Tags: colonial, cricket, ghats, mumbai, slums, temples

Mumbai motions

INDIA | Mon, 27 Jul 2009 | By houdyman | Views [689]

The final city stop on the grand journey around the world was Mumbai, India formerly known as Bombay. We happen to time this visit with the most powerful monsoon rains the city had seen in a long time. In fact, the high tide that registered the day after ... Read more >

Tags: commuter train, india, monsoon, mumbai


INDIA | Fri, 3 Apr 2009 | By sylvia_aiko | Views [544] | Comments [3]

Yay, India!  Yay, Mumbai!  Actually, we're taking an overnight train tonight to Goa (3rd class a/c...taking Anthony's advice this time, maybe Uncle Larry's next time?...), but we've spent a few good days in Mumbai, and to be honest, I'm not overwhelmed ... Read more >

Tags: india, mumbai

Intense-Insane-Incredible INDIA!

INDIA | Thu, 3 Jul 2008 | By abelaine | Views [1027]

Nothing could prepare us for the reality of Mumbai (formally Bombay).  We had heard the worst stories, imagined the craziest things, experienced other KNOWN crazy cities like Napoli, Manilla, Bangkok ---->  All these pale in comparison to the noise, ... Read more >

Tags: bombay, india, mumbai

Goa. Happy Divali

INDIA | Fri, 4 Jan 2008 | By lillylilla | Views [1000]

happy divali everybody! A la gare de Goa ou j`attends mon train pour Bengalore, la derniere etape de mon voyage avant de prendre un avion pour Delhi puis celui qui me ramenera a Paris. Time flies here... Que vous dire de Goa? Que j`y ai passe deux ... Read more >

Tags: ahmedabad, bengalore, mumbai


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