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Thanksgiving in Tokyo

Wed, 2 Dec 2009 | By abcarlson | Views [1271]

What better way to spend Thanksgiving overseas than traveling?  We just got back from a wonderful, long weekend in Tokyo.  (We didn't get to actually ride on the Pikachu plan, but thought it was neat!)  We got up at 3:30am on Thanksgiving morning to ... Read more >

Touchdown TOKYO!

Mon, 15 Sep 2014 | By kiwiaoraki | Views [1245]

Tokyo at last! I’ve finally reached Japan, as my 30th country a week before my 30th birthday! Getting here was no easy feat though. It was my first experience flying with JetStar and my first time on the Boeing 787, better known as the ... Read more >

Life on the Beaches

Sat, 29 Sep 2007 | By brentoc | Views [839]

Ive just had a fun week cruising around the eastern side of Shikoku island. I found a few beautiful beaches, a temple in the clouds, friendly locals to give me rides around and a couple of other travellers too :) My first stop was a little bay just ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Mon, 25 Jan 2010 | By abcarlson | Views [603]

How can you have a bad day when your morning starts off with this amazingly gorgeous sunrise?!  I hope this gives everyone "happy thoughts!"  :) ---Arielle

Seek Experiences - JAPAN IN THE RAIN

Wed, 6 Nov 2013 | By adamjbianchi | Views [596] | Comments [1] | Video | Scholarship Entry

This is Adam and Josh, we met while studying abroad. With both of us in film school it was only natural that we would start filming our experiences. We quickly realized that traditional travel shows don’t show experiences a typical traveler would encounter.... Read more >

Tags: Travel Film Scholarships 2013

Tsukiji Fish Market and Day Trip to NIkko

Sat, 7 Nov 2009 | By parisephone | Views [331] | Comments [1]

So this would have been way better detailed but I lost the first version I had of it which was very frustrating.  Ok so again here we go.  Stacey and I got up super early 4am to go to the tokyo fish market.  which we kept putting off a lot and I was starting ... Read more >

Tokyo Nights

Wed, 27 May 2015 | By levinthhour | Views [137] | Scholarship Entry

Logan and I were late. The slowing blink and relative calm of the dim neon lights were an unmistakable indicator that the robot fight was over. Knowing that moments before this was a chaotic blur of shining chrome and mechanized mayhem filled me with ... Read more >

Tags: 2015 Writing Scholarship

First day

Wed, 3 Apr 2019 | By trinity773 | Views [132]

I'm here!😄 I can't believe it.  First thing when i got here at the airport "I got lost". Leave it to me.😉 but after 3 hours getting everything done and getting to the hotel room i was exhausted. Now I'm waiting for my tour guide to pick ... Read more >

Japan Journey

Sat, 2 Nov 2019 | By supergg | Views [96]

We're so grateful to be fit and well enough to continue seeing the world. This adventure is super special as we get to celebrate another 60th birthday with our besties. We fly in the morning afer a peaceful few hours with Sarah in Brisbane and, hopefully ... Read more >

Photos: Tokyo

Sat, 7 Jan 2017 | By caessar_aug | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Japan

Sun, 28 Jan 2007 | By tonto | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Coral Reef

Sun, 22 Mar 2009 | By abcarlson | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Churaumi Aquarium

Tue, 7 Apr 2009 | By abcarlson | Photo Gallery

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My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Sat, 17 Nov 2012 | By dear_shif | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

My name is Shifna and I’m from Sri Lanka. Until last year I never realized my true potential. My family has sacrificed a lot for 22years to bring me to place where I now stand. Within these years, I have been given the freedom to explore the world in ... Read more >
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Tags: Travel Photography Scholarship 2012

This is the life we choose

Fri, 21 Nov 2014 | By sourfever | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

My name is Chase Davidson, 25 years old and as of May last year I graduated from St. Clair College's Tourism & Travel program in Windsor, Ontario, Canada as well as got my Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate before beginning my adventure ... Read more >
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Tags: 2014 Travel Photography Scholarship


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