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Snowboarding, hot yoga and a whole lotta food!

CANADA | Wed, 20 Mar 2013 | By joannawong | Views [652]

It's my last day in Calgary. I have to admit I have not done a lot of walking in the city. In fact, yesterday was the first time I walked around Lindsay's neighbourhood, Bridgelands.   It's been a very chilled out visit to say the least. I've ... Read more >

Tags: canada, cities, food, friendly strangers, friends, nature, old memories, snow, snowboarding, yoga

Hello Canada!

CANADA | Tue, 12 Mar 2013 | By joannawong | Views [420]

I know I've been a bit silent (and slack!) ever since leaving Alaska. I can't believe how swiftly time flies - I'm at the end of my week in Vancouver This time around, I'm staying at my aunt's. It's been a lot more than ten years since I first ... Read more >

Tags: canada, cities, family, nature, sick, sightseeing, snow, snowboarding, winter

An ordinary day in Niseko ski resort, Japan

JAPAN | Thu, 14 Feb 2013 | By samsarasun | Views [1212]

I've just started my 3rd month working in Niseko, Japan. An ordinary day in Hirafu can as follow: Wake up in the morning, look out the windon and the first thing you can see is at least 20 cm of fresh snow (the snow report predicted 0 cm). Look at ... Read more >

Tags: bars, japan, powder, snowboarding

Transit, snow and reunions

USA | Fri, 20 Apr 2012 | By nvogelpoel | Views [601]

Outside everything is white. The underneath hasn’t seen the sky for many months, hibernating beneath a horizontal curtain. I can’t quite see through my eyes. Time has begun to lose its pace. There is no day or night, only a tick-tock. I think we have ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, gay travel, snow, snowboarding

French Alps, March 2012

FRANCE | Sun, 1 Apr 2012 | By brettcooke | Views [997] | Video

As I sit here using all my mental strength to resist the constant urge to scratch, I contemplate the parents of the little girl who gave me chicken pox.   Her parents said to us that she was feeling unwell on the drive from London to the chalet, ... Read more >

Tags: 3 valleys, les arcs, snowboarding, tignes, x games

French Alps, February 2012

FRANCE | Tue, 6 Mar 2012 | By brettcooke | Views [906] | Video

Just another month of rubber gloves, skid marks and pubic hair that is the reality of my working life here in the French Alps (Gross I know!). But I have to earn my turns on the mountain I guess. It was a month of a Chalet that was jammed with ... Read more >

Tags: 3 valleys, chalet., skiing, snowboarding

French Alps, January 2012

FRANCE | Wed, 1 Feb 2012 | By brettcooke | Views [852] | Video

After an action packed last post we feel that nothing that interesting has happened in the last month. For us the work load has softened a little (down from 70 to 50 hours a week), so we have been able to get up on the mountain a lot ... Read more >

Tags: 3 valleys, france, snowboarding

French Alps, December 2011

FRANCE | Thu, 5 Jan 2012 | By brettcooke | Views [926]

Car, train, taxi, train, train and van. Our trip from London was another long day but we eventually arrived at the chalet in La Combe, France which would be our new home and work for the next five months. La Combe is a ... Read more >

Tags: 3 valleys, chalet, christmas, la combe, new years., snowboarding, st martin de belleville

2011 World Nomads / National Geographic Documentary Scholarship WINNER

INDIA | Thu, 1 Sep 2011 | By cassiedecolling | Views [3795] | Video

My WINNING entry for the World Nomads / National Geographic documentary competition!

Tags: gulmarg, kashmir, skiing, snowboarding

Documentary Scholarship 2011 entry

INDIA | Thu, 1 Sep 2011 | By kashmir | Views [766] | Video

In February 2011 I set out to Kashmir to film my first documentary. I had written a script and knew exactly what I wanted to achieve. I when I arrived my original storyline turned upside down and I was quickly had to make a new plan. Benazir crashed ... Read more >

Tags: gulmarg, kashmir, skiing, snowboarding


CANADA | Mon, 7 Mar 2011 | By brettcooke | Views [569]

15 hours of uncomfortable hell later, we arrive in Vancouver. Damn its cold! Coming from a north coast summer into this is definitely refreshing. We went straight to mansion Belanger which will be our digs for around 2 months. Its good to see Danielle's ... Read more >

Tags: snowboarding

Christmas, New Year and other times in Whistler

CANADA | Mon, 17 Jan 2011 | By elis82 | Views [1957]

There's been a fair few happenings since our last blog. First stop, our engagement party. We had our engagement party at the Firerock Bar, before moving down to the Cinnamon Bear for more drinks. It was raining in the village that evening, so we got ... Read more >

Tags: engagement, snowboarding, whistler

Ide Ciao Bansko!

BULGARIA | Wed, 14 Apr 2010 | By tonielle_krisanski | Views [1396]

On the train today… all day from Sofia to Bucharest, then onto Brasov. As much as this is a bum-sore, it does give me plenty of time to reflect on my time in Bulgaria and “get that bloody blog done”. For the last five months, I’ve been in this frustrating, ... Read more >

Tags: bansko, bulgaria, ruse, snowboarding, varna, veliko ternovo, winter season

Road Trippin' - Revelstoke to Banff

CANADA | Sat, 10 Apr 2010 | By michy | Views [916]

So we got to Revelstoked on the 18th March and parked up outside my friend from uni, Allan. His girlfriend I used to go to school with, Fi and their flat mate, Ari it turned out I also used to go to school with. Backed the van in a plugged into their ... Read more >

Tags: snowboarding, visiting peeps and drinking

A little story from Whistler...

CANADA | Thu, 8 Apr 2010 | By dmac_jmoss | Views [528]

Sup? Just a quicky from our trip to Whistler that I didn't write up the other day because I was struggling to keep my eyes open. You know how me and mossy pretend to be super rad and totally tubular sick snowboarders? Well, that's not exactly true.... Read more >

Tags: snowboarding, whistler

Arrival & Whistler

CANADA | Mon, 5 Apr 2010 | By dmac_jmoss | Views [618] | Comments [1]

14 hours is a damn long time. It's not quite the same as flying to Australia, but I've never had to do that, so 14 hours is the longest I've ever spent in one little, poxy seat. Flight was uneventful. Food was crap, barely slept, sat next to a frenchman.... Read more >

Tags: flying, snowboarding, whistler

Not long to go...

UNITED KINGDOM | Fri, 2 Apr 2010 | By dmac_jmoss | Views [466] | Comments [1]

Hey, sup? Not long 'til we set off now so just putting this up here as a placeholder for now so that we can give the link out to people who want to follow us (mostly our families, so let's keep it clean!) on our super rad adventure to the land of ... Read more >

Tags: chodey, flying, snowboarding, uk

What a Headache!

CANADA | Thu, 21 Jan 2010 | By true-claims-stories | Views [2435]

While on a snowboarding holiday in Canada, I was going down a groomed run when I fell forwards. My legs flipped up behind me and as a result, my snowboard hit me in the back of the head. It split open the back of my head and I had to have four staples ... Read more >

Tags: canada, injury, snow, snowboarding

Next time, shin guards

CANADA | Mon, 8 Jun 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [1556]

I was on a ski holiday practicing my downhill when a snowboarder collided with me out of nowhere. Both my shins caught the sharp edge of his board and cut me right through two layers of pants! I made my way to first aid, and they immediately sent me ... Read more >

Tags: canada, insurance claim, ski accident, snowboarding, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Lonely Planet Guidebook Experience: Skiing in Mount Buller 3rd, 4th & 5th August 2008

AUSTRALIA | Sun, 10 Aug 2008 | By jca | Views [1926] | Comments [3] | Video

Blip Blip went the GPS and a total of 292kms was laid out in front of us. (That ladies voice has been a godsend but later in CBD Sydney our relationship would turn sour.) Another tank of gas and we were off. Victoria has been surprisingly ... Read more >

Tags: alpine national park, ambassador van, deeds, mount buller, skiing, snow, snowboarding, world nomads


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