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Buy Trip Insurance -- Just in Case

FRANCE | Sun, 8 Mar 2015 | By babsliness | Views [645] | Comments [1]

“Just in Case”  (Val d'Isere, France -- February, 2004) By Barbara Bellinger I writhed on the cold, brittle snow with my right knee pointed in an impossible direction. The bitter tang of shock coated the back of my throat. “... Read more >

Tags: broken leg, france, skiing, travel insurance, val disere

That time of the year

CANADA | Wed, 27 Feb 2013 | By jamesshanks | Views [4901] | Video

This time of the year is very significant to me. Not only does it mark one year since I traded the beautiful beaches of Sydney for the the unknown, but it's also time to renew my travel insurance.  Last year my primary influence was my mother.... Read more >

Tags: camp, travel insurance

Beginnings, middlings and endings

UNITED KINGDOM | Mon, 22 Oct 2012 | By birgit_75 | Views [370]

The journey is starting to feel increasingly real... I have just purchased my travel insurance. So another beginning is just around the corner.. Soon I shall touch Golden Gate Bridge and cycle from Mission to Dolores Park for a morning Yoga Practice.... Read more >

Tags: beginnings, insurance, san francisco, sf, travel insurance

24 hour Emergency Assistance

WORLDWIDE | Thu, 15 Sep 2011 | By amicovered | Views [17948]

If you have purchased a travel insurance policy through WorldNomads.com and need emergency medical assistance or travel assistance, call the 24 hour, 7 day hotlines from anywhere in the world. We work with different assistance companies worldwide, ... Read more >

Tags: emergency assistance, help, travel insurance

Common Opinions and the Real Benefits of Travel Insurance

WORLDWIDE | Mon, 6 Jun 2011 | By nomads-news | Views [5457]

Is travel insurance really worth it? That’s the question that often gets tossed around the travel community. As the General Manager of WorldNomads.com , I want to delve into some of the common myths and opinions about travel insurance that are out ... Read more >

Tags: adventures, coverage, disease, emergency, medical insurance, travel, travel insurance, world nomads

Insurance for independent & adventurous travelers in the next life

WORLDWIDE | Fri, 1 Apr 2011 | By nomads-news | Views [11020]

Death - life’s most arduous journey, why not make it a little easier with the peace of mind of Afterlife Travel Insurance? After a life of adventure and worldwide travel, why not make sure you’re covered when you cross-over. With WorldNomads.com AFTERLIFE ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, april fools, benefits, claims, coverage, death, emergency, life, travel, travel insurance

True Travel Tales - Banged up abroad: Colombian style

COLOMBIA | Tue, 8 Mar 2011 | By true-claims-stories | Views [4387] | Comments [2]

The scene of the crime Description: Entrance to the Media Luna Hostel What happened? Tell us your tale. You hear about things like this happening: on the news, on T.V shows, about friends …..of friends ….of friends, but you never expect it ... Read more >

Tags: colombia, corruption, crime, hostel, robbery, south america, theft, travel, travel insurance, travellers

Bag Overboard!

THAILAND | Fri, 10 Jul 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [2795]

I was on a boat trip south of Thailand and the boat almost capsized when it hit some rocks that ruptured the outside.   The boat started leaning heavily to one side and my suitcase happened to be on deck because we were leaving that day.   All the ... Read more >

Tags: baggage, boating, insurance claim, thailand, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Ear Woes

THAILAND | Wed, 8 Jul 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [2673]

I was on vacation in Thailand when I developed this nasty outer ear infection.   Within 3 days I developed 2 abscesses which had to be removed.   I went to the hospital for each abscess removal and was put on 2 different courses of antibiotics.... Read more >

Tags: antibiotics, ear infections, insurance claim, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Look both ways, and down...

CANADA | Mon, 6 Jul 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [1250]

I was on the first day of my ski vacation, walking out to the shuttle that takes you to the mountain.   The driveway was snow-covered and icy, so it wasn’t surprising that I fell and twisted my left ankle and couldn’t ski the whole weekend. ... Read more >

Tags: ankle injuries, insurance claim, ski vacation, skiing, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Just Messin' Around

CANADA | Sat, 4 Jul 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [2030]

I hit the terrain park at Whistler Resort and was a little too confident on my snowboard.  The first jump I went off landed badly and I hurt my back.  I was whisked away in one of those ski patrol sleds and ambulanced to Whistler Health Care Centre.... Read more >

Tags: canada, health, ski accident, ski patrol, snowboard, travel insurance, true claim stories, whistler, world nomads

Police Car Gone Wild

ISRAEL | Tue, 30 Jun 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [4642]

I was crossing the street in Jerusalem, Israel when a police car moving 80 km/hr flew through the cross-walk and hit me.  I flew 10 feet into the air and landed on a metal pole in the middle of the traffic island.  The ambulance came right away and ... Read more >

Tags: ambulance, car accidents, emergencies, hospital, israel, jerusalem, police car, travel insurance, world nomads

Not Just a Stomachache

LEBANON | Sun, 28 Jun 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [3281]

I was in Beirut for work and for 2 days I had an acute pain in my abdomen.   I thought it was a stomachache that would pass, but by the night of the third day the pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep.   I went to the emergency room and it turns out ... Read more >

Tags: beirut, cysts, insurance claim, lebanon, stomachache, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Wash, Rinse, Don't Repeat

USA | Wed, 24 Jun 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [1243]

Long story short- I was camping in Los Angeles, California while on a cross country trip of the USA.  I had the opportunity to do laundry at the campsite for the first time in quite a while, so I washed everything I had, including my cell phone that ... Read more >

Tags: camping, cell phone, insurance claim, laundry, mobile phone, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Broken and Entered

ITALY | Mon, 22 Jun 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [1665]

My friend and I were trekking around Italy in this beat-up junker clunker of a van.  We were stopped in Casal Borsetti for the evening and sleeping soundly in the back.  Around 4 a.m. we were awakened by someone breaking in to the front of the van.... Read more >

Tags: insurance claim, italy, road trip, theft, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

In and Out

CANADA | Tue, 16 Jun 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [1252]

While snowboarding in Whistler, Canada I fell on a groomed run dislocating my shoulder. I boarded down to the base of the mountain and caught a Taxi ride to the local hospital where x-rays were taken and my shoulder was relocated. How World Nomads ... Read more >

Tags: canada, insurance claim, shoulder injury, ski accident, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

These Things Happen

FRENCH POLYNESIA | Sun, 14 Jun 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [1594]

I was on my honeymoon in Tahiti, and of all things to go wrong I got a vaginal infection! I went to the hospital and thank goodness they were able to nip it in the bud right away with antibiotics so it didn’t completely ruin my trip! How World Nomads ... Read more >

Tags: insurance claim, tahiti, travel insurance, true claim stories, vaginal infection, world nomads

Out of Whack Back

IRELAND | Fri, 12 Jun 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [1253]

I was on vacation in Ireland and fell down in the super slippery bathtub at my hotel. I twisted my back but didn’t think anything of it at first. A few days passed and the pain became so bad I couldn’t walk. I went to the hospital, which then referred ... Read more >

Tags: backache, bathtub accident, insurance claim, ireland, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Only a Woman Could Understand

MADAGASCAR | Thu, 11 Jun 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [1966]

I started to feel some lower abdominal pain while on vacation in Madagascar. It got worse over the weekend, so I went to a gynecologist because I suspected it might be Pelvic Inflammatory Disease due to the IUD I use for contraception. I’m a doctor ... Read more >

Tags: antibiotics, insurance claim, iud, madagascar, pelvic inflammatory disease, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

Attack of the Chicken Pox

SWITZERLAND | Wed, 10 Jun 2009 | By true-claims-stories | Views [1612]

My daughter and I were on vacation in Switzerland, and on our very last day there my daughter developed a fever and red spots early in the morning. As the number of spots rapidly increased, we had no choice but to take her to the hospital. After medical ... Read more >

Tags: chicken pox, insurance claim, switzerland, travel insurance, true claim stories, world nomads

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