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What More Could You Want?

Thu, 24 Jan 2019 | By johnsteel | Views [203]

2018 Trip – Amsterdam, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Edinburgh, Cambridge, London.   A journey with themes – tolerance, walks, art, history, recovery, and of course food and beer.   Amsterdam: Over 30 years later we return ... Read more >

Tags: amsterdam, berlin, cambridge, dalston, dresden, london, prague, stasi museum., stoke newington

Anikka Reconciliation

Sat, 11 May 2019 | By kiwiaoraki | Views [152]

Anikka! I've written about her many times and I can never write enough about her. After more than a year of no contact, we're friends again. What a lovely visit I had the other day with her, her sister Chrystal, and mother Mel at the "Lagana Canteen" ... Read more >

Champion of the Grampians

Thu, 9 May 2019 | By kiwiaoraki | Views [141]

A gloomy day it was today though not so gloomy on the sightseeing front. Upon reading a fantastic article about how you shouldn't write off the rain when you're travelling, I must make it a point to see the positives during those days of precipitation.... Read more >

The Australian Bushman

Wed, 15 May 2019 | By kiwiaoraki | Views [130]

Before yesterday, I had my worst stretch of hitchhiking ever! Four days it took me to get from Port Augusta to Broken Hill: a distance of only about 400 km. For the first time in Australia I was thinking I may have to bite the bullet and get a train ... Read more >

One more trip.......

Wed, 23 Jan 2019 | By copperowl | Views [130]

People like me who are addicted to travel don't stop just because they are at home. Between trips they plan, watch Travel Shows on television, find ways to use and display the photos and live vicariously through the travels of others. Travel becomes ... Read more >

Camino Practice Walks

Mon, 4 Feb 2019 | By dianne_peter | Views [109]

My journey along the Camino Santiago De Compostela, begins in April. I will be walking 800km so I have been doing a few pracice walks. I will be adding photos until I leave.  Look out for my Camino photos in April/May.

Day #11 - What goes up must come down

Wed, 9 Oct 2019 | By simonehawkins | Views [93]

Pangboche (3990m) > Kyangjuma (3500m) And into the forrest I go to loose my mind and find my soul. We're back into the tree line, it's damp and when we past through here just a few days ago it was warmer. The temperature is definately dropping.... Read more >

The Fate of A349

Wed, 1 May 2019 | By kiwiaoraki | Views [85]

Flight A349 has crashed and there's a lofty task ahead. It's my job to figure out where it crashed and recover the cockpit voice recorder (CVR). The doomed plane would have gone down anywhere in Victoria so it's a very large search area. The black box ... Read more >

Day #9 - Honouring High Places

Mon, 7 Oct 2019 | By simonehawkins | Views [83]

Gorakshep (5140m) > EBC (5364m) > Thukla (4630m) Suprise! Todays alarm goes off at 5:15am JOY I'm nervous, Courts is nervous - we are minus Ann now for the next few days as she's attemptimg Chola Pass. It's the only Pass openm put of the 3 passes ... Read more >

Day #10 - I am in my Church

Tue, 8 Oct 2019 | By simonehawkins | Views [73]

Thukla (4630m) > Pangboche (3990m) Today was a recouping day. Retrospective and full of quiet moments. Courts and I spent most of the day walking down down down. The realisation that our biggest days are over, is uplifting and giving us both a ... Read more >

Day #7 - Today sucked balls

Sat, 5 Oct 2019 | By simonehawkins | Views [72]

Dingboche (4410m) > Loboche (4910m) The dulcet tones of the Himalaya - TOP 3:      Cows / Yak Bells      Helicopters (50/50 Rescue / Extremelly cashed up tourists)      The sound of people hucking ... Read more >

Day #6 - Rancho Relaxo

Fri, 4 Oct 2019 | By simonehawkins | Views [67]

Dingboche (4410m) Rest Day YAY another rest day. We all need it. But not before the obligatory walk above where we slept at. Early morning get up to guess what? Walk up a mountain! To assist with acclimitisation. Courts and I quickly decide that ... Read more >

Day #8 - D-Day (oh hang-on! maybe D-Day Eve)

Sun, 6 Oct 2019 | By simonehawkins | Views [65]

Laboche (4910m) > Gorakshep (5140m) Todays starts out like every day. Cold, Exciting, Daunting and full of hope. The plan today is to hike to Gorakshep and have 'lunth' and then climb to Everest Base Camp. Again though, it's a slow climb. Sooooooo ... Read more >

Day #5 - Lady E shows her top

Thu, 3 Oct 2019 | By simonehawkins | Views [52]

Tengboche (3860m) > (Dingboche 4410m) Today for some reason we've all woken up ful of beans. Considering yesterday was such a trudge we're all suprised we're all so upbeat. What was in our dinner last night? We saw Everest walking out of Tengboche ... Read more >

Day #3 - Rest Day Namche

Tue, 1 Oct 2019 | By simonehawkins | Views [52]

Namche (3440m) - Acclimitisation Day Just a short 40 minute walk up to Everest Look-up and visist the museum. Start out at 7:30am - a few hikers out, it reasonalbly clear, but as we walk we see the clouds start to fold in. Arriving at the top the ... Read more >

Day #4 - Computer Says No

Wed, 2 Oct 2019 | By simonehawkins | Views [49]

Namche (3440m) > Tengboche (3860m) Today starts with up... up.... up.... I've stopped asking Kumar how far and how long we are walking, as he's started saying things like 'for 'normal people' 4 hours' 'for you - 6 hours'. Yes. I'm the culprit. ... Read more >

Day #2 - Semi-charmed kinda Hike

Mon, 30 Sep 2019 | By simonehawkins | Views [47]

Phakding (2610m) > Namche (3440m)   Todays supposed to be nasty. Todays supposed to be long. With alot of ups. Oh-ooooo what the absolute hell was I thinking. On the itinery this day was described as 'Short Trekking' day. Liar Liar pants ... Read more >

Tasmania Reunion 2019

Sun, 14 Apr 2019 | By shaz | Views [35]

Ever since I met the wonderful Lynda on my African adventure, Tasmania has been on my bucket list. I finally made it here to see my friend again for our second reunion. It was also the last time I drank so much in such little time. The bottle shop in ... Read more >

Home & Away Australia 2019

Wed, 3 Apr 2019 | By shaz | Views [32]

Everyone who knows me know I love the show Home and Away. I have watched it since I was in secondary school and I have continued to watch it. I love the show, the cast and most of all the location. The main location is of course in Palm Beach. I had ... Read more >

Cruising Again

Sat, 16 Nov 2019 | By graynomadsusa | Views [32]

WE'RE OFF AGAIN—OUR FIFTH CRUISE OF THE YEAR.  We are on Holland America's Maasdam again—third time's a charm they say—this time up the coast of Oz to Papua New Guinea and back.       That's the Ticket —... Read more >

Two Sides of Newcastle

Fri, 15 Nov 2019 | By graynomadsusa | Views [29]

“COALS TO NEWCASTLE” IS AS RELEVANT IN AUSTRALIA as it was in Merry Olde England.  Newcastle is the second largest city in New South Wales and the largest coal exporting port in the world thanks, I’m sure, to China.  While ... Read more >

Welcome to Oz

Mon, 11 Nov 2019 | By graynomadsusa | Views [26]

THE OPERA HOUSE AND HARBOUR BRIDGE WERE dawn silhouettes when the Noordam arrived on Saturday.  The Captain had the pedal to the metal in order to reach the safety of the harbor ahead of the expected weather front.  As it was the temperature ... Read more >

A Town Like Dubbo

Tue, 12 Nov 2019 | By graynomadsusa | Views [20]

DUBBO IS THE KIND OF PLACE WHERE YOU WISH YOU’D GROWN UP, a throw-back to a simpler time.  It has everything you could want, including plenty of free street parking.  There is even a Flight Centre travel agency where Ami, a real person, ... Read more >

Perth and Frankfurt 2019

Tue, 28 May 2019 | By pauluiza | Views [19]

Perth, Western Australia - Family, Friends & Wine, lots of wine... We walk to the Berlin bus station and take a bus to the airport, then catch a 9 hour Scoot flight to Singapore. We’ve been to Singapore many times and we just have a few ... Read more >

You've Got To Be Somewhere

Sun, 17 Nov 2019 | By graynomadsusa | Views [3]

WITH ALL YOUR NEEDS ATTENDED TO AND NO REAL decisions to make you soon find yourself wholly absorbed with the few tiny matters that are actually at your discretion—whether to have your morning shower now or in a while, whether to get up from ... Read more >


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