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Sydney and Canberra

Sun, 24 Aug 2008 | By george | Views [3727]

After Bali, arriving in the slick, ordered, affluent and surprisingly chilly world of Sydney's CBD was quite a contrast.  I stayed in a rickety old pub/hotel right in the middle of the business district, just a few minutes from the Opera House and ... Read more >

Tags: canberra, sydney

Darling Harbour & Botanical Gardens

Fri, 21 Oct 2005 | By james | Views [664]

Another feet killin day!!!! I can actually feel my feet throbing as im sittin here typing this, were do I begin with 2day??? I'll start with lastnite.....went to china town with the girls for dinner, my eyes were alot bigger than my belly, ordered this ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Oz - Sydney & The Blue Mountains

Tue, 29 Jan 2008 | By davebudding | Views [562]

Right, second blog entry in a row. This is turning into a big job. We arrived in sydney days before new years eve and met a couple of friends from home, sam and hannah, who had kindly agreed to suffer us for as long we were cheeky enough to hang around.... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

End of Aus...

Thu, 3 May 2012 | By jo_and_matt | Views [506] | Comments [1]

Hey all, A very very late happy new year!! Hope this finds you smiling :). We thought it was about time to send an update on our adventures - as it's been such a long time it's in two parts - 1st the end of our Australia journey and 2nd our time in ... Read more >

Leaving Kimba

Mon, 2 Jun 2008 | By onthebus | Views [409] | Comments [1]

Kimba is geographically the midway point between east and west coasts (apparently – look on the map – we disagree!) and we are leaving after our week’s stay.   We didn’t see Kimba the White Lion but we did see a massive galah.   Watch for photos.... Read more >

Doing the local stuff....

Sat, 6 Feb 2010 | By muoy | Views [375] | Comments [5]

I ventured outside the CBD on Friday night and took the tram for the first time.  I decided to check out the Melbourne swing dancing classes and social dancing in a suburb called Richmond.  It should've only taken me 20 minutes to get there but it took ... Read more >

Getting ready

Wed, 12 Mar 2014 | By petkat | Views [217]

Passports organised, bags all but packed!

Albury, Tuesday 7 November 2017

Tue, 7 Nov 2017 | By europe2013 | Views [190]

A great holiday where we saw many interesting things and had lots of excellent experiences.  Best was catching the two girls.

Australia 2017

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 | By mwollak | Views [39]

My dad has been SCUBA certified for years and has always dreamed of diving the Great Barrier Reef.  My dad likes traveling but he isn't the type of person to really spend money on vacations and doesn't have that much time off of work.  I knew ... Read more >

Gallery: Cape Tribulation & Cairnes

Mon, 19 Jan 2009 | By gborchers3 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Queensland & Great Barrief Reef

Thu, 18 Jun 2009 | By ligia-richard | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Pre RoadSide Project

Sat, 18 Dec 2010 | By swatson11 | Photo Gallery

Ah the intensities of trip preparation!
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Gallery: Cairns

Thu, 24 Apr 2008 | By gators1335 | Photo Gallery

Vacation Week
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Photos: Passport & Plate - Kangaroo Kofte & Warrigal Green Fattoush (serves 1

Fri, 6 Mar 2015 | By epicured | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Kofte 100g kangaroo mince 2 cloves crushed garlic ¼ cup red onion grated ½ tsp ground mountain pepper leaf ¼ tsp sumac ½ tsp ground lemon myrtle Fattoush 1/4 Red onion, finely diced 5 Cherry tomatoes halved 1/4 Lebanese cucumber quartered ... Read more >
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Tags: 2015 passport & plate: sri lanka

Photos: Passport & Plate - Traditional tasty gulyasleves (Goulash)

Fri, 6 Mar 2015 | By throughcrystalseyes | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Ingredients Gulyasleves: 500gm veal or beef brown onion finely diced 2 celery sticks sliced 1 parsnip sliced in circles 2 sweet banana paprika (capsicum) 1 sweet red paprika (capsicum) 1 tomato 1 potato cut in cubes 1 bay leaf 1tsp oil 1 heaped tsp ... Read more >
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Tags: 2015 passport & plate: sri lanka


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