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AUSTRALIA | Tue, 4 Aug 2020 | By countryboy | Views [300] | Comments [3]

I feel like an Airfix model that somebody started in 1972, forgot about, and rediscovered in the attic when they had to sell the house they’d inherited because they’d decided to downsize and move to Mudgee. All the parts are actually there ... Read more >

Tags: blog, corona, covid, joural, lockdown, sydney

TAKE MY BREATH AWAY: Venezia and Sydney edition

CHILE | Sat, 23 Sep 2017 | By nortina | Views [653] | Comments [4] | Video

Nunca olvidaré dos momentos de mi vida que cuando los recuerdo aún me generan endorfinas y se me agita el cucharón, luego de tantos años. De hecho, a veces pienso que fueron un sueño porque cuando el tiempo pasa siento ... Read more >

Tags: sydney, venecia

Photos: Kangourou et Kiwi

NEW ZEALAND | Sat, 28 May 2016 | By finally | Photo Gallery

Australie et Nouvelle-Zélande SYDNEY Nous sommes allés à Sydney pour rendre visite à une amie Carole, son fiancé Dom et leur petite fille de 7 mois Mila. La dernière fois que nous les avions vus était à Montreal il y a environ 8 ans donc c'était l'occasion ... Read more >
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Tags: australie, camper van, christchurch, montagnes, nouvelle-zélande, sydney

While in Sydney

AUSTRALIA | Sun, 1 May 2016 | By isaac | Views [488]

I’ve been addicted to travel since my teens. Like most travellers, I got the backpacking itch and found Australia calling my name. Last year, after saving hard to fund the trip, I took the longest flight of my life and set off on my six-week ... Read more >

Tags: australia, backpacking, sydney

Scared of heights? Unfit? Don’t like ladders? What would you do in Sydney?

AUSTRALIA | Sun, 17 May 2015 | By goannasnake | Views [503]

Climb the Harbour Bridge, of course. At least, that’s what I did. The weather was absolutely awful – cold and very wet. What would you expect in the middle of winter? Well, it could have been fine, but it wasn’t. Everyone else thought ... Read more >

Tags: bridge climb, fear, sydney

First Week - Bit of a Mess

AUSTRALIA | Fri, 20 Feb 2015 | By emilyw | Views [377]

I've been sitting here listening to the Beatles on my iPod and I've suddenly had the urge to start writing out what's happened to me in the last week. I've been stuck here in Sydney for about five days now, despite the fact that I should be halfway up ... Read more >

Tags: car, crash, greyhound, hire, sydney

Sunbathing in Brisbane

USA | Wed, 24 Dec 2014 | By aamato20 | Views [702]

The morning after the siege was gloomy, literally and figuratively. There were police everywhere and a part of the city shut off from cars and foot traffic. So I walked over to Darling Harbor and then up to Circular Quay and grabbed a ferry to Toranga ... Read more >

Tags: australia, beaches, brisbane, jellyfish, sydney

Sightseeing in Sydney

USA | Mon, 15 Dec 2014 | By aamato20 | Views [578]

If I lived in Australia, I would move to Melbourne, but if I were to visit again, I would come back to Sydney. There's so much to see and do here that it's sometimes overwhelming. I ended up getting into the kayaking group. I had to wake up at 6 and ... Read more >

Tags: australia, blue mountains, kayaking, sydney

Initial thoughts on Sydney

USA | Mon, 15 Dec 2014 | By aamato20 | Views [594]

The drive from Sydney was interesting. I got lost. A lot. What should have been a 3 hour drive turned into about. 4.75 hour drive to drop my car off. I was hoping to go to a market before giving my car back, but alas the market gods were not in my favor.... Read more >

Tags: australia, sydney, travel

Airport Adventures

USA | Sun, 30 Nov 2014 | By aamato20 | Views [571] | Comments [1]

I'm in my third airport in 24 hours and will shortly begin my journey to number four. I've been on vacation a little over a day now and all I've seen are airports; although the Sydney airport is quite nice and has free wifi, score! It hasn't been the ... Read more >

Tags: auckland, australia, new zealand, sydney

What Did Different Cities Teach Me

AUSTRALIA | Tue, 4 Nov 2014 | By margaretsw | Views [696] | Comments [1]

I just love my childhood. I was born in Perth, Australia, but because of the nature of my father's job we didn't stick there much. To be honest, I don't even remember the place. Some might think that moving around a lot is not good for you, and while ... Read more >

Tags: australia, childhood travel, italy, new york, on the road, sydney, travel, travel stories, world tour

Australia - Day 5-1

AUSTRALIA | Sat, 25 Oct 2014 | By changstein | Views [316]

Bondi beach really is as fantastic as people say. We spent hours just lying on the grass enjoying the view.

Tags: australia, sydney

Australia - Day 5

AUSTRALIA | Sat, 25 Oct 2014 | By changstein | Views [310]

I'm not proud to admit how much we were willing to pay to get real poutine and a proper Caesar.

Tags: australia, sydney

Australia - Day 4-1

AUSTRALIA | Thu, 23 Oct 2014 | By changstein | Views [310]

Fresh oysters by right next to Sydney harbour.

Tags: australia, sydney

Australia - Day 4

AUSTRALIA | Thu, 23 Oct 2014 | By changstein | Views [347]

First day in Sydney, went for a walk around the harbour to enjoy the incredible view of the Sydney bridge and the opera house.

Tags: australia, sydney

Seeing Sydney like a Local

AUSTRALIA | Sat, 21 Jun 2014 | By sarahlizweaver | Views [449]

  Once again we are sitting in an airport, getting ready for the next leg of our adventure. This time we’re at Sydney airport after spending 5 lovely days in this city of neighborhoods. Our time in Sydney ended up being more relaxed than ... Read more >

Tags: byron bay, family, harbor bridge, ocean, opera house, sydney

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

AUSTRALIA | Wed, 28 May 2014 | By sarahlizweaver | Views [612] | Comments [1]

In just over a week, I will be boarding a plane for the long flight to Melbourne, Australia. Just how long is the flight? With the time difference and length of the flight, I leave Thursday and arrive on Saturday! I am so excited for this month-long ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, australia, beach, byron bay, friends, melbourne, memories, planning, surfing, sydney

Sightseeing In Sydney

AUSTRALIA | Sun, 27 Apr 2014 | By olliegoldson | Views [1779]

As a city, Sydney is one of the best that I have visited. Not as hectic as London or as laid back as Budapest but with enough energy and things happening there was always some place to be, a view to look at and a bar to visit. Luckily I know a few people ... Read more >

Tags: australia, sightseeing, sydney, sydney harbour bridge, sydney opera house

So Far..

AUSTRALIA | Wed, 23 Apr 2014 | By alistairkeir | Views [445]

I have now been in Sydney for a month, time has just flown by. I am here for 2 more months. Lots to do in and around the city still. Will be getting Internet in the next few weeks so their will be lots of pictures to come. So I finished of at  UltimateOz ... Read more >

Tags: lifestyle, sydney

The Beginning

AUSTRALIA | Sat, 12 Oct 2013 | By laurenvickery91 | Views [535]

It was around a year or so ago that I decided I wanted to go travelling. Or rather, it was around a year ago that I decided I was going to actually make it happen. For years I had dreams of travelling, of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures.... Read more >

Tags: airport, australia, experience, friends, google, internet, life, ozintro, solo traveller, sydney

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