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Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands

ECUADOR | Mon, 30 Sep 2013 | By coggos | Views [2074]

Ecuador   Finally, we arrive in Ecuador. Our last week has been spent trying to get out of Colombia and across the border. It hasn't been easy, with the farmer's protests in full swing, the roads out of the country have been blocked and ... Read more >

Tags: amazon, banos, coatapaxi, galapagos, islands, otavalo, quito

Roller Coaster times in Banos, Ecuador.

ECUADOR | Tue, 5 Feb 2013 | By christelpeters | Views [735]

It has been an interesting week.  Last Sunday I went with my host family (Liz and her children Luigi and Analei) on a short road trip.  We followed a route known as the Ruta de las Cascadas ( the route of the waterfalls).  Tourists usually ... Read more >

Tags: banos, buses in ecuador, canyoning, geotours, language barrier, loneliness, pailon, rafting

Finding the way in Banos, Ecuador.

ECUADOR | Sat, 26 Jan 2013 | By christelpeters | Views [918]

I have spent the last week in a new and totally different environment from Montanita.  Banos is like an island.  Standing in the middle of town you can turn 360 degrees and see only mountains on all sides.  Lush green surrounds the town ... Read more >

Tags: banos, hot springs, illness, spanish school

Trying my luck with another volcano and the saga of getting to Peru (Banos, Rio Bamba, Cuenca)

ECUADOR | Tue, 2 Oct 2012 | By kamzam | Views [898]

Banos was meant to be a break from walking. But then I forgot that as the main attraction it had a lot of adventure sports. Mindful of it supposed to being a relaxing destination I opted for the 70km bike ride to Puyo through the waterfall valley. I ... Read more >

Tags: banos, cuenca, ecuador, la balsa, san ignacio, trekking, vilcabamba, zumba

Photos: Active Ecuador

ECUADOR | Tue, 15 May 2012 | By kaitlynfaebarrett | Photo Gallery

Adventures on the mainland and in the ocean
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Tags: banos, canyoning, cotopaxi, ecuador, llapingachos, mariscal, quito, rappelling, sea lions, ziplining

A bit about where I'll be.

UNITED KINGDOM | Sat, 4 Feb 2012 | By jessicadale | Views [1422]

Ecuador is the second smallest country in South America. Though it may be modest in size, Ecuador is one of the most species rich countries in the world and is deemed a 'megadiversity hotspot'. The secret to Ecuadors diversity lies in its unique ... Read more >

Tags: amazon, banos, ecuador, misahualli, monkeys

Baños, a spa to remember and the last stop before home!

ECUADOR | Tue, 7 Jun 2011 | By moomazza | Views [4054]

I arrived tired and looking forward to a good rest in the hostel I'd booked about a week before. Colin, my new Irish friend, and I walked to the place I was recommended and I asked to check in.  However, something was amiss, they didn't have my reservation ... Read more >

Tags: banos, ecuador, massage, spa

Return to Middle Earth

ECUADOR | Sun, 5 Sep 2010 | By ryanandjo | Views [3110] | Comments [1]

So we didn’t get off the bus in Puyo and ended up in Baños, which, to those of you untrained in the Spanish language, means bathroom or toilet! Ryan made a joke that you can pee anywhere you like here as the whole place is a toilet. I refrained ... Read more >

Tags: banos, equator, guayaquil, guinea pigs, mitad del mundo

Banos, which hopefully means bath, not toilet.

ECUADOR | Wed, 9 Jul 2008 | By katrinamckeever | Views [1590]

Lovely Banos is a smashing little town, surrounded by forest topped mountians and waterfalls and blessed with an ambudance of natural hot springs. It is a really beatiful place with lots of lovely hostels, restaurants, coffe shops, book exchanges and ... Read more >

Tags: banos, bathe, ecuador, equador, hot springs, minerals, restaurant, volcano, walk, waterfall


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