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Ned i fødderne

ECUADOR | Sun, 23 Oct 2016 | By tinast | Views [599]

Min  krop er  max stresset. Jeg  har  jetlag, og det  kombineret  med  det intense sprogkursus og smoggen har slået  mig lidt  ud  af balance.  Min  krop  straffer  mig for ... Read more >

Tags: quilotoa, quito, sprogskole, stress

Jeg har en plan

DENMARK | Mon, 10 Oct 2016 | By tinast | Views [514]

Hej alle Så er der ikke lang tid til jeg sætter kursen mod fjerne kyster. På søndag letter flyveren fra Københavns lufthavn med mig om bord på vej til Quito i Ecuador. Jeg har skrevet en lang rejsebeskrivelse ... Read more >

Tags: ecuador, galapagos, lama, quito, rejseplan, sydamerika


ECUADOR | Wed, 27 Jul 2016 | By toali | Views [355]

Ecuador está localizado en América del Sur, es un hermoso país rodeado de vegetación, montañas, playas, selva y como olvida el mejor lugar del mundo Galápagos. La capital del Ecuador es Quito aquí puedes ... Read more >

Tags: ecuador, quito

Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands

ECUADOR | Mon, 30 Sep 2013 | By coggos | Views [1995]

Ecuador   Finally, we arrive in Ecuador. Our last week has been spent trying to get out of Colombia and across the border. It hasn't been easy, with the farmer's protests in full swing, the roads out of the country have been blocked and ... Read more >

Tags: amazon, banos, coatapaxi, galapagos, islands, otavalo, quito

Quito, middle of the earth

ECUADOR | Sun, 19 May 2013 | By happywanderer | Views [498]

We arrived in to Quito's new airport shortly after  9pm . The runway had appeared out of nowhere in the dark and clouds, landing high in the mountains. The new airport is about an hour from the city, whilst the old airport is actually in the city.... Read more >

Tags: cotopaxi, ecuador, otavalo, quito

Ecuador – the land of volcanos and the indigenous people (Otavalo, Quito, Latacunga)

ECUADOR | Mon, 17 Sep 2012 | By kamzam | Views [1251]

Crossing the border to Ecuador turned out to be quite simple, if a bit long and painful, process. After a really bumpy journey to Ipiales, we swapped for a mini van to the border, quickly got our stamps, then another van to Tula, where ... Read more >

Tags: cotopaxi, ecuador, latacunga, otavalo, quilotoa, quito, trekking

Living "High"

ECUADOR | Sat, 16 Jun 2012 | By pmok | Views [384]

Hola amigos!  I've been in Quito, Ecuador for almost two weeks, first trip to South America. I arrived Monday afternoon after flying on one of the most kids-filled flights ever.  The airport is literally smack in the middle of the city, so ... Read more >

Tags: cotopaxi, el centro histórico, equator, la mitad del mundo, maria, new town, old town, pichincha, quito, spanish lesson

Photos: Active Ecuador

ECUADOR | Tue, 15 May 2012 | By kaitlynfaebarrett | Photo Gallery

Adventures on the mainland and in the ocean
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Tags: banos, canyoning, cotopaxi, ecuador, llapingachos, mariscal, quito, rappelling, sea lions, ziplining

Quito, Ecuador, Dec 2011

ECUADOR | Thu, 15 Dec 2011 | By sally-annephillips | Views [831] | Comments [1] | Video

Flying into Quito (Ecuador) is a great feeling; it has such a dramatic entrance, situated in the Andes, 2,850 metres above sea level, (Footprints 2008). I came via Panama City (Panama) and Guayaquil (Ecuador); the trip took about 14 hours altogether, ... Read more >

Tags: ecuador, quito, south america, travel

Quito....the centre of the earth!

ECUADOR | Tue, 31 May 2011 | By moomazza | Views [2172]

The bus ride was pretty unexpected,the usual journey from Cañoa to Quito takes 10 hours... this one took 5 hours!  The driver was a maniac and drove like a loony, I was nearly throwing up withing 10 mins of the journey, the coach was flying off the ... Read more >

Tags: bus rides, centre of the earth, crazy bus rides, ecuador, mitad al mundo, quito

The Galapagos islands...The Cruise

ECUADOR | Wed, 27 Apr 2011 | By moomazza | Views [2586] | Comments [2]

Welcome to Ecuador!! Arriving in Quito it was way too cold to stay for any length of time! So, we headed straight to the Galapagos islands!  We booked flights for the following day at 9.15am which was fantastic! I had been so cold for about 2 weeks ... Read more >

Tags: galagagps cruise, galapagos, galapagos islands, isabella, millenium cruise, quito, santa cruz

Salsa capital of the world...Cali

COLOMBIA | Mon, 18 Apr 2011 | By moomazza | Views [2034] | Comments [1]

Cali is my last stop in Colombia before I head to the border and in to Ecuador...it was also due to be one of the craziest as it has the reputation of Salsa capital of the world.  I arrived late at night with a friendly welcome...nearly ending up in ... Read more >

Tags: bad food, border, cali, colombia, ecuador, quito, salsa

I Don't Recommend Jumping Off Bridges!

ECUADOR | Sun, 21 Nov 2010 | By sobrea | Views [3265] | Comments [1] | Video

I’m going to get started where Brett left off when we were in Otovalo, Ecuador as we were getting ready to go bungee jumping. It turns out that what we signed up for wasn’t actually bungee jumping, but puenting. Puenting gets its name from puente (bridge), ... Read more >

Tags: cotopaxi, guayaquil, mitad del mundo, puenting, quito

My slow and sometimes not-so-sure trip from Peru to Quito, Ecuador

PERU | Wed, 25 Aug 2010 | By anita | Views [514] | Comments [1]

Ecuador is beautiful ! I don’t know what sort of great geographical difference there is, but it seems greener and cleaner than Peru; and the Andes….toujours impressionant (always impressive).   *                       *                       ... Read more >

Tags: bus adventures, cuenca, ecuador, loja, peru, piura, quito

I think we’re going to Ecu-adore it here

ECUADOR | Wed, 11 Aug 2010 | By ryanandjo | Views [2496] | Comments [1]

We arrived at the Ecuador border town of Macara where, with the heat and humidity, we could have been fooled in to thinking that we had somehow been transported back to South East Asia. Despite the sticky bus journey the change in weather was something ... Read more >

Tags: colonial towns, cuenca, loja, panama hats, quito

Quito – The Colonial side…

ECUADOR | Wed, 24 Mar 2010 | By eyeownatravel | Views [453]

Plaza de Independencia  (the main square) is the perfect place to start a tour of historical Quito. Radiating from this core are assorted whitewashed buildings bordering narrow cobblestone  streets and lovely parks. The shop signs in the surrounding ... Read more >

Tags: basilica del voto nacional, ecuador, la compania de jesus, old town, plaza de independencia, quito

Die Reise zur Mitte der Welt!!!

COLOMBIA | Tue, 28 Jul 2009 | By steffen_graz | Views [1009] | Comments [4]

Hola Amigos, muchachos y muchachas, seid Ihr bereit, das Neueste zu erfahren? Bereit mir bis zur Mitte der Erde zu folgen? Bereit Euch die Teufelsnase anzuschauen? Dann auf geht’s! Nachdem wir Puerto Lopez mit all seinen tollen Walen, Vögeln und geldhungrigen ... Read more >

Tags: guayasamin, mitad del mundo, popayán, quito


ECUADOR | Thu, 24 Jul 2008 | By katrinamckeever | Views [929]

Lovely white washed historic Quito is easily one of the loveliest colonial cities in Latin America, but a total ghost town at night as residents hurry home to bolt their doors against the violent reputation of the city. It is a real shame as it could ... Read more >

Tags: churches, colonial architecture, ecuador, equador, frescos., latin america, quito, south america

Around Quito

ECUADOR | Sun, 13 Jul 2008 | By matsmith | Views [1157] | Comments [1]

Quito has been a great introduction to South America for us, being initially worried about things we´d heard about the city being dangerous we´ve found the people to be friendly, helpful, and at times even nervous around foreigners. We ... Read more >

Tags: dangerous, impressive, juice, quito

Will we ever get there?

ECUADOR | Tue, 8 Jul 2008 | By matsmith | Views [1168] | Comments [1]

8th July 1.15am - Left home to get to Heathrow three hours before our flight as recommended by our tour company only to find that check-in opened at 5am so Vendy had a sleep while I got restless. 4.00am - Noticed a sign for people on our flight ... Read more >

Tags: 4 star hotel, buffet breakfast, compensation, iberia, madrid, quito


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