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Advent in Brussels

BELGIUM | Tue, 17 Dec 2019 | By krodin | Views [173]

Advent in Brussels  Christmas lights hang across the streets, on signposts, on man-made and nature-created trees and on the roofs of all the Plasir d’Hiver market stalls. Crèche dominate squares and churches. Welcome to Advent ... Read more >

Tags: advent markets, churches, city visit, museums

A Quick Jaunt to Western Sicily

ITALY | Thu, 16 May 2019 | By krodin | Views [431]

Quick Jaunt to Sicily  I’ve been looking for a house in the Salzburg region and have been incredibly frustrated with what is on the market for exorbitant prices.  In order to escape a cyclone of despair, I looked for cheap flights ... Read more >

Tags: ancient ruins, churches, city visit, museums

Rainy day highlights in southern Dalmatia

CROATIA | Sat, 17 Nov 2018 | By shire_girl | Views [197]

Perhaps what I will remember most of visiting these places with my Colorado friend is talking at cafes and restaurants down narrow cobblestone streets while waiting for better weather, and alternately being soaked by the rain. Out of about 7 days we ... Read more >

Tags: cats, churches, city walls, concerts, diocletians palace, dubrovnik, museum of broken relationships, split, zagreb


INDIA | Fri, 12 Aug 2016 | By butterfly-freed | Views [611]

It's only about 110kms to Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry) but as most of the road from Tiruvannamalai is not highway, it takes around three hours. From the main Chennai road, the toll national highway is a pleasure. I muse whether NH66 could ... Read more >

Tags: ashok tree, bay of bengal, churches, colonialism, french, pondicherry, pondy, puducherry, tamil

It's a Small World (It seems)

INDIA | Mon, 21 Dec 2015 | By davidford | Views [313]

One of the best things about writing this blog is choosing the accompanying photograph. Today it is from the Pineview Nursery where I spent a very pleasant hour or so in the end. It did not start out so well as, having vaunted my new found ability to ... Read more >

Tags: churches, nursery, walks

Greece Part Two - Northern Greece

GREECE | Wed, 18 Nov 2015 | By iain_and_tamara | Views [814] | Comments [1]

Give us a chance to tour around northern Greece with an expert in Byzantine architecture and we'll take it! My cousin Gabriel is currently studying for a doctorate at Durham University and to say that he is obsessed with Byzantine Churches would probably ... Read more >

Tags: byzantine, churches, northern greece

San Cristobal - our final destination in Mexico

MEXICO | Tue, 30 Jun 2015 | By sheree | Views [529]

We came to San Cristobal last as it was apparently the main gateway to continue our travels south to Guatemala. When we asked our hostel reception about buses to Flores to visit one of the best ruins in the world - Tikal we were advised they don't leave ... Read more >

Tags: churches, guatemala, hot chocolate, markets, san cristobal, shops, streets, tacos

Pounding plenty of Spanish pavements.

SPAIN | Wed, 25 Feb 2015 | By homeless_harry | Views [821] | Comments [1]

Something itched under my armpit. Before I knew it, there was a strange sensation of moisture on my skin. It was sweat, something my body had forgotten how to do. It's not like I had returned to Broome where sweating is as normal, and as necessary as ... Read more >

Tags: barcelona, beer, churches, heat, markets, parades, spain

Cannibis, culture and constipation.

NETHERLANDS | Tue, 24 Feb 2015 | By homeless_harry | Views [953]

Amsterdam is a Utopian wonderland for your average teenage stoner. Drugs are either legal or tolerated. Bikes are the main form of transportation so it's easy to go get munchies without being busted DWI. Dutch potato chips enjoy world renown. Prostitution ... Read more >

Tags: amsterdam, churches, health, netherlands, weed


GERMANY | Wed, 31 Jul 2013 | By joannawong | Views [543]

Visiting Dresden was a sombre experience, knowing that it was the most heavily-bombed city in WWII. It is such a stark contrast to Prague, which never took a blow from the war physically and was so well-preserved. Walking from the train station ... Read more >

Tags: buildings, churches, cities, european adventure, sightseeing

Quake City

NEW ZEALAND | Fri, 5 Jul 2013 | By hannahhackett | Views [439]

Christchurch is a bit of a city in limbo at the moment.  It may be over 2 years since the Feb 2011 earthquake that destroyed the heart of the city but that event still defines life in the city and probably will for a generation, until the memories ... Read more >

Tags: antarctic, churches, earthquake, kiwis, memorial

Colonial Charm

BRAZIL | Fri, 12 Apr 2013 | By a_johnson | Views [371]

After spending over two weeks along the Brazilian coastline, my next destination was Minas Gerais! A seven hour bumpy journey, on an overnight bus through VERY windy uphill roads took me to my first stop-the colonial town of Ouro Preto.Situated high ... Read more >

Tags: churches, colonial history, cuisine, minas gerais

Happy Easter from New York!

USA | Sun, 31 Mar 2013 | By joannawong | Views [520]

I nearly skipped Easter mass today because I was slightly hesitant about going to a foreign church. I was unsure of how the mass would be, what the parish was like, what the dress code would be, among all the other things a fearful person might wonder ... Read more >

Tags: bucket list, churches, cities, friends, landmarks, music, nights out, public transport, sightseeing, usa

Exploring the Socialist Sculpture Park in Moscow

RUSSIAN FEDERATION | Sat, 27 Oct 2012 | By treefrog | Views [2378]

  I explored the Tretyakov gallery area a couple of times during the first sunny weeks of May. It was lovely just getting out of the small flat and spending some time outside in the sunshine.   One afternoon my exploring ... Read more >

Tags: churches, janaline smalman, moscow, photography, russia, sculpture park, socialist, travel

Florence, Rome & Cinque Terre, Italy.

ITALY | Wed, 2 May 2012 | By brettcooke | Views [639]

We started our south bound journey to Italy from Moutiers train station where the TGV fast train picked us up at a much slower pace than its 300km an hour capacity. Our first stop was Milan before whizzing through the rolling Tuscan countryside ... Read more >

Tags: churches, cinque terre, colosseum, duomo, florence, michelangelo, museums, piazza, rome, vatican

Photos: Antigua

GUATEMALA | Mon, 1 Aug 2011 | By brettcooke | Photo Gallery

See all 50 photos >>

Tags: antigua, churches, earthquakes, guatemala, hostel, volcanoes


ECUADOR | Thu, 24 Jul 2008 | By katrinamckeever | Views [895]

Lovely white washed historic Quito is easily one of the loveliest colonial cities in Latin America, but a total ghost town at night as residents hurry home to bolt their doors against the violent reputation of the city. It is a real shame as it could ... Read more >

Tags: churches, colonial architecture, ecuador, equador, frescos., latin america, quito, south america

Into Ecuador - A whirlwind trip through Loja and Cuenca

ECUADOR | Wed, 9 Jul 2008 | By katrinamckeever | Views [1757]

New month, new country. We skipped through the north of Peru in a whirlwind of bus rides that left us in Loja, southern Ecuador in a bit of a daze. Exhausted from the trip, we entered the city through a surreal Disney version of a medieval German moathouse.... Read more >

Tags: churches, colonial, cuenca, ecuador, equador, galleries, libertadores cup, loja, panama hats, restaurant

To Be in the Presence of God

ITALY | Fri, 13 Apr 2007 | By dartagnan | Views [562]

I heard people who have been there say that nothing can prepare you for the Vatican. Yet still I had to come prepared for it. I arrived at exactly 8 am only to be greeted by a long, long, lone line of people who were ahead of me. The line snaked ... Read more >

Tags: churches, rome, sistine chapel, vatican


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