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Stop 1 on our European Tour

UNITED KINGDOM | Sat, 30 Jul 2016 | By bcpckngbrtns | Views [467]

So because I have been so busy and totally jet lagged I haven't had a moment to sit and write. But finally I have some downtime. Beginning our journey on a 6 1/2 hour flight from Toronto into London Gatwick. The flight was excellent and the food ... Read more >

Tags: bath, bcpckngbrtns, bcpckngbrtns2016, europe 2016, harry potter, london england, stonehenge, windsor castle

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ...

UNITED KINGDOM | Sun, 7 Feb 2016 | By the_life_of_lady_laura | Views [680]

Where has January gone? I currently seem to be measuring time by looking at the expiry dates on food in my fridge and making remarks such as ‘4 th of February … crap that needs to go in the freezer.’  I’ve lost a bit ... Read more >

Tags: a&e, bath, caernarfon, cardiff, christmas, engaged, romans, turkish baths, wales

Bye Bath

UNITED KINGDOM | Thu, 28 May 2015 | By davidpearlman | Views [516] | Comments [1]

Today I am leaving Bath-a gorgeous city where just about every building is made of bath stone. It is nearly perfect in every way. The achirtecture is gorgeous, there are beautiful hills surrounding the city with long winding roads. Yesterday on my walk, ... Read more >

Tags: bath, uk

Relaxing Bath

UNITED KINGDOM | Thu, 28 May 2015 | By davidpearlman | Views [432]

Yesterday I wasn't in the mood for museums. I needed a break from endless selfies (mine included), audio programs, buckets begging for donations,etc Plus here in bath they aren't that original anyway(with the exception of the Roman Bath Museum, which ... Read more >

Tags: bath, fields

Bizarre Bath

UNITED KINGDOM | Wed, 27 May 2015 | By davidpearlman | Views [701]

After I completed the tour of the Roman Baths, I checked into my hotel room and took a nap. After staying in hostels, I don't take a nice nap alone in a hotel room for granted. When I was done napping, I left my notebook computer and my passport in ... Read more >

Tags: bath, comedy

Wiltshire wallies

UNITED KINGDOM | Fri, 5 Mar 2010 | By drmitch | Views [441]

3 days in the city was enough & I needed to get back into the country, so I headed out to Wiltshire to spend some time with an old friend from Uni. On our first afternoon we headed out to see some famous rocks arranged in a circle - that's right, ... Read more >

Tags: bath, lacock manor, roman baths

Pre-trip Holiday to Turkey

UNITED KINGDOM | Sun, 30 Aug 2009 | By gypsy_hannah | Views [715]

As last minute holidays go Turkey was fantastic!!! I wasn't supposed to be going anywhere before i move to Australia so booking a trip and going two weeks later was great!! The weather was fantastic, the beach gorgeous and i made loads of friends. ... Read more >

Tags: bath, beach, karaoke, safari, scuba

The Trip Here

CHINA | Sat, 29 Aug 2009 | By godohell | Views [572] | Comments [1]

The trip here was so long. The night before I only had one hour of sleep as my friend Miriam just had to take me to see Inglorious Basterds one last time before I left. Not that I was complaining, mind you. But I was so exhausted the whole trip. The ... Read more >

Tags: airport, apartments, bath, beijing, dalian, driving, silent night, trip to china

Bath! The Roman City ... I Think

UNITED KINGDOM | Sun, 8 Mar 2009 | By liam_omalley | Views [578]

Righto well, after a slightly teary Good Bye early yesterday morning I have now arrived in Melksham with my Dad.  I spent yesterday in Bath, had a very interesting trip up Bath Abbey tower, I'll upload some photo's of the view. Over 200 very narrow ... Read more >

Tags: abbey, bath, dad, tower, uk

Nearly Ready for the Off!

UNITED KINGDOM | Wed, 4 Mar 2009 | By liam_omalley | Views [627]

Hi Everyone, Thought I should at least have an opening entry, righto nearly ready to get going, will be heading down to Bath on Friday Morning to stay with my Dad for the weekend which should be nice. Then off to Heathrow on Monday to fly out to Hong ... Read more >

Tags: bath, home, hongkong, leaving, sydney

Ask the Leyland Brothers!

UNITED KINGDOM | Mon, 21 Jul 2003 | By stowaway | Views [9971] | Comments [16]

G'day viewers, Mike & Mal Leyland here. We were hoping to be going travelling around our big beaut country of ours with our home movie camera and showing you, the people at home, just what it's like - so you don't actually have to go there yourself ... Read more >

Tags: bath, cheddar, cheese, england, grommit, leyland brothers, mike and mal, oxford, stonehenge, woodhenge

Bath Time!

TURKEY | Fri, 2 Nov 2001 | By stowaway | Views [4688] | Comments [4]

Today we visited Cappadocia, a large area of amazing rock formations & underground cities carved straight out of the soft rock. One area we visited had 11 levels - 3 floors above ground carved into the cliff, and 8 levels below ground! A bit ... Read more >

Tags: bath, cappodocia, massage, relaxation, turkey, turkish massage, underground city


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