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France - Part 2 - June

FRANCE | Sun, 23 Oct 2016 | By iain_and_tamara | Views [1002] | Comments [3]

We swept into Paris on a tide of enthusiasm which was equally matched by a flood tide of river waters.   During the few days of our visit we watched with bated breath as the River Seine rose higher and higher from the ankles to the waist ... Read more >

Tags: alps, floods, friends, kayaking, mercedes, road trip

Water is life

INDIA | Sun, 2 Feb 2014 | By timtysonshort | Views [265]

INDIA OCTOBER 2013 Organisation:   Floods of Tears   “Water is Life” is the title of an album by Tinarawen desert dwelling Touareg supergroup,i is also a saying in Somalia, another parched land. On the other ... Read more >

Tags: floods, india, pragya, uttarakhand

Day 3: Living in a Refrigerator

WORLDWIDE | Mon, 21 Oct 2013 | By divvea | Views [1064]

We are camped bang opposite the mighty Russell Glacier. The wind hitting the glacier comes back and chills our bones to the last ligament. Last night, bunking in the tent, I couldn’t sleep well. The wind kept howling and there was ... Read more >

Tags: abandoned cabin, camping, floods, macro, russell glacier

The deserved holidays of an expat living in Pyongyang

NORTH KOREA | Fri, 26 Jul 2013 | By lucilla | Views [2306] | Comments [2]

I said it in the title, therefore there's no big sicret. I'm Italian, I am really Italian, curly hair, a little bit too touchy and other stereotypes, and I live in Pyongyang, DPRK. But I won't spend a single word talking about the strangest country ... Read more >

Tags: dprk, escape, floods, pyongyang, vietnam

UPDATE: Fiji Floods - Travel Alert - Information For World Nomads Policy Holders

FIJI | Mon, 2 Apr 2012 | By safetyhub | Views [3182]

What's Happening? UPDATE: 03/04/2012 Severe flood warnings for major water channels have been cancelled by the Fiji government, who also say that tropical Cyclone Daphne is moving away from the island nation. However, new evacuation centres have ... Read more >

Tags: fiji, floods, travel-alert

Stop for a moment

THAILAND | Sat, 29 Oct 2011 | By ansku | Views [834]

It’s quiet. People are calm. At first look a traveler would say everything looks normal. Food stalls on the streets are selling their delicious dishes. People are smiling and doing their chores. Dogs sleep on the street. Tuk tuk driver is ... Read more >

Tags: bangkok, floods

Bangkok Floods - New Travel Alert

THAILAND | Thu, 27 Oct 2011 | By safetyhub | Views [5092] | Comments [1]

The governor of Bangkok has issued a warning to the city's 12 million residents that they should prepare for potential flooding in all parts of the city over the next few days. The warning is a stark shift from previous government promises that the ... Read more >

Tags: asia, bangkok, floods, thailand, travel-alert

Thailand Travel Alert - Floods Update

THAILAND | Wed, 12 Oct 2011 | By safetyhub | Views [4952]

An update on the flooding which has struck northern Thailand and is threatening Bangkok. October is peak season for flooding in Thailand, but this year the situation has been worsened by rainfall from tropical depressions that deluged headwaters ... Read more >

Tags: asia, bangkok, floods, thailand, travel-alert

Travel Alert - USA - Mississippi River Flood Danger

USA | Wed, 11 May 2011 | By safetyhub | Views [2825] | Comments [1]

Heavy storms and melting snow have caused the famous Mississippi river to flood – affecting the U.S States of Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. Thousands of homes along the Mississippi’s banks have been evacuated as the flood begins ... Read more >

Tags: floods, memphis, mississippi, new orleans, tornadoes, travel-alert, usa

Travel Alert - Southern Thailand - Rain And Floods Devastate Koh Samui

THAILAND | Thu, 31 Mar 2011 | By safetyhub | Views [5719] | Comments [2]

Heavy rains and floods have smashed 14 provinces in Southern Thailand, including one of its most popular tourist destinations, Koh Samui. Rising waters and mudslides as a result of the floods have killed at least 15 people, with thousands of tourists ... Read more >

Tags: floods, koh samui, mudslides, thailand, travel-alert

Travel Alert - World Floods - Policy Information

WORLDWIDE | Thu, 13 Jan 2011 | By safetyhub | Views [1085]

There has been widespread media coverage in recent days regarding a series of devastating floods in Australia, Brazil, The Phillipines and Sri Lanka. In Australia, at least 15 are dead and scores missing after massive flash floods devastated ... Read more >

Tags: brazil floods, disaster, flood insurance, floods, policy, queensland floods, travel-alert, world nomads

Flood survival guide - How travelers can beat La Niña

WORLDWIDE | Thu, 13 Jan 2011 | By safetyhub | Views [1422] | Comments [1] | Video

The watery fury of La Nina is spreading across the Southern Hemisphere, with devastating flash floods hitting Australia and Brazil. In recent days, the attention of the world’s media has been drawn to Queensland, Australia, with the peak of weeks-... Read more >

Tags: brazil floods, disasters, flash floods, flood guides, flood survival, flood tips, floods, queensland floods, travel-safety, travel-tips

Travel Alert - Queensland Floods - Policy Information for Australian & New Zealand residents

AUSTRALIA | Tue, 11 Jan 2011 | By safetyhub | Views [1903]

Australia: Vast areas of Queensland and New South Wales have been devastated by a giant surge of flood water labeled by some news services as an 'inland tsunami'. At time of publication, 15 people have been reported dead and scores are missing. ... Read more >

Tags: australia, floods, new south wales, queensland, travel-alert

Colombian Floods - Safety Alert

COLOMBIA | Mon, 22 Nov 2010 | By safetyhub | Views [1184]

World Nomads is advising travellers to take caution if considering a visit to Colombia in the next few weeks, due to severe flooding. 28 out of the 32 provinces in the country have been declared a "state of public calamity", and at time ... Read more >

Tags: colombia, colombian floods, floods, travel-alert

Brazil floods UPDATE

BRAZIL | Thu, 24 Jun 2010 | By safetyhub | Views [1340]

UPDATE: Thursday 24 June 2010 The military and state rescue services are continuing attempts to reach towns cut off by floods which followed several days of torrential rain in Brazil's north-east. The floods have affected Alagoas and Pernambuco provinces, ... Read more >

Tags: alagoas, brazil, flooding, floods, travel-advice, travel-alert, travel-insurance

Brazil flooding in north-east: advice for travellers

BRAZIL | Tue, 22 Jun 2010 | By safetyhub | Views [1689]

Overview of the situation Several days of heavy rain has sparked severe flooding in north-eastern Brazil. 31 people are confirmed dead, thousands are missing, and 40,000 people are homeless in the states of Pernambucco and Alagoas. A spokesman ... Read more >

Tags: alagoas, brazil, flooding, floods, travel-advice, travel-alert, travel-insurance

Rio de Janeiro floods and landslides: advice for travellers

BRAZIL | Thu, 8 Apr 2010 | By safetyhub | Views [3456]

Overview of the situation Flash floods and severe landslides killed at least 95 people in Rio de Janeiro's hillside slums ( favelas ) after heavy rainstorms, according to authorities in Brazil . Between Monday night and Tuesday ... Read more >

Tags: brazil, favelas, flash floods, floods, landslides, rio, rio de janeiro, travel-alert, travel-safety-tips


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