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Amazing exhibition: 125 Years of National Geographic

USA | Sun, 27 Apr 2014 | By uyenangel | Views [1684]

  I had a chance to attended the great exhibition of National Geographic ‘The Power of Photography’ to celebrate 125 years of their magazine in Los Angeles. I came to the exhibition on the day that they showed a documentary ... Read more >

Tags: artwork, doccumentary, exhibition, film, la, losangeles, nationalgeographic, photographers, photography, usa

Going Out in LA

USA | Fri, 13 Jul 2012 | By ppena | Views [497]

             When I moved away from my small town home in rural North Carolina to pursue big dreams in the City of Angels, my Bible Belt friends disdainfully wished me luck as I went on my merry way to the land of drive-by shootings, increasingly ... Read more >

Tags: bars, clubs, la, la clubs, los angeles, partying

First full day among the hype, the glamour and the glitz

USA | Tue, 9 Nov 2010 | By poita_j | Views [1021] | Comments [3]

Hey hey, Petes here again, reporting from East Hollywood CA. Well today was my first full day in this area. Has been a fairly evenful sight seeing day. Started off my day with breakfast at the iconic cafe 101, then walked down to Hollywood Blvd and ... Read more >

Tags: fun, hollywood, la, sights

Preparation is a bitch ... and then you sleep ... well kind of

AUSTRALIA | Mon, 1 Nov 2010 | By poita_j | Views [320] | Comments [1]

Well it is kind of hard to believe it is only 6 days away! And I will be on the plane to LA. Where I will be crashing at a friend of my good mates to see what LA is all about. May also catch up with some pen friends there and see some of what they ... Read more >

Tags: la, planning, preparation

LA, Vegas and Salt Lake

USA | Tue, 7 Sep 2010 | By alionadventure | Views [365]

Yep, that's right, dudes. I have been in the States 3 days and already passed through 4 of them (technically the I15 and I went through Arizona for about 45 minutes, so I'm claiming it - lighten up, ok? We'll never get anywhere if you expect me to tell ... Read more >

Tags: la, mcdodgy, salt lake, toby keith, vegas

Ive escaped LA!!!!!!!! thank GOD

USA | Sun, 26 Oct 2008 | By freedom-sparkles | Views [794] | Comments [2]

Well, ive been quiet for a few days mostly cos i couldn't bring myself to talk! Well, where to start.... Lets go with where i left it off with photos... I went to Bryce with Roser as our last stop in our arizona and Utahion adventure! Bryce, is lovely, ... Read more >

Tags: bryce, la, santa barbara, scary roads


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The children, who were on their way to visit the Forbidden City, love to try their English on you and high 5 you. One boy said,
The children, who were on their way to visit the Forbidden City, love to try their English on you and high 5 you. One boy said, "hello, how are you?" I said, "I'm fine. How are you?" A blank stare followed. I think he'd used the extent of his vocabulary.

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