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Thailand Adventure Part 2

THAILAND | Mon, 15 Oct 2018 | By angelaleoni1 | Views [384]

Thailand Adventure Part 2 So, the adventure continues. All was well until one of us had a rather dickie belly, yikes, everyone knows that when you visit Thailand, one or all of whoever your with will be ill at some point. It isn't pleasant, to say ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, blogger, family, journey, kata, phuket, thailand, travel

Thailand Part 1

THAILAND | Mon, 15 Oct 2018 | By angelaleoni1 | Views [443]

Thailand, what a wonderful place. We decided to check out the place that has so much life, love, adventure and excitement. We flew with Emirates, a truly fab airline that we can't really fault. We did Pitt stop in Dubai, and then we were off again. In ... Read more >

Tags: asia, beach, blogger, kata, life, phuket, sunsets, thailand, travel

Weekend Jaunt in Thailand

MALAYSIA | Sun, 19 Nov 2017 | By rutttroy | Views [923]

So last weekend I flew to Thailand, as you do.  I went to the island of Phuket for two days, which is only 1hr 30mins by plane (50 GBP - bargain!)  I met up with my friend Xavier from London who is travelling around South-East Asia.  We ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, phi phi, phuket, snorkelling, thailand

30 October: Lazy Day and Ladyboys

THAILAND | Tue, 31 Oct 2017 | By gatornav | Views [448] | Comments [1]

After a long day and a later-than anticipated night last night, the decision was made to sleep in.  All of us have been waking up too early – time to try to pay back that sleep deficit.   It worked. We were all able to sleep in.... Read more >

Tags: ladyboys, phuket, simon cabaret, thailand

28 October -- Headed to Phuket!

THAILAND | Sat, 28 Oct 2017 | By gatornav | Views [334]

Today was mostly a travel and transition day. Leisurely breakfast at the hotel started the day. I haven’t mentioned that our hotel was the Galleria 12 Sukhumvit. Overall, a nice place to stay, and we were able to get some great deals online for ... Read more >

Tags: bankok, phuket

Twas the Night Before....Departure

THAILAND | Mon, 23 Oct 2017 | By gatornav | Views [367]

It's here. Finally. I used to travel internationally for work almost every month years ago. Not anymore. My trips are the exception, not the norm. So when I travel now, it is for my wife and I -- and in this case, some great friends coming along as well.... Read more >

Tags: bangkok, chiang mai, phitsanulok, phuket, thailand

When the Adults came to visit.

THAILAND | Wed, 23 Aug 2017 | By tigerlillytravels | Views [512]

Before we had took off back to the UK an old school friend of mine had posted online about needing a house/cat sitter for 3 weeks and she would like someone she knew to take advantage of the offer. She lives in Phuket, and the dates she needed lined ... Read more >

Tags: drag act, grown ups, national park, patong, phuket, staying still, visitors, wanderlust

Day 15- Ko Yao Noi and catch up

THAILAND | Fri, 8 May 2015 | By emiliepb | Views [359]

Haven't really kept this up to date recently, struggling to find the time to sit and write about everything so this is just a quick catch up to say all's good and briefly what we've been up to.   Day 11- 12 was spent in phuket. Spent a ... Read more >

Tags: ko yao noi. beaches, phuket, sunsets

Celebrating SongKran in Thailand

THAILAND | Thu, 15 May 2014 | By christinedrage | Views [306]

Somehow, when this specific time of the year comes, the whole of Thailand transforms into a giant water fight between, kids, teens and grownups. No point in holding back your inner child when SongKran comes around! We all bought water guns, preparing ... Read more >

Tags: phuket, songkran, thailand, waterfight

Arrival in Phuket

THAILAND | Thu, 17 Apr 2014 | By goingsolo | Views [461]

I arrived in Phuket in the bleary-eyed early hours of the day, I wasn't excited, I was nervous. I hadn't really slept on the midnight flight - there was a man next to me snoring like a freight train. His snore was so loud it blocked out the sound of ... Read more >

Tags: bangala road, partying, patong beach, phuket

Photos: Thailand

THAILAND | Tue, 6 Mar 2012 | By travelling_noodles | Photo Gallery

A rainy thai trip
See all 5 photos >>

Tags: krabi, maya bay, phi phi, phuket, rain, thailand

Photos: 1st Trip to Thailand

THAILAND | Fri, 15 Jul 2011 | By mdlove85 | Photo Gallery

2007 Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui
See all 70 photos >>

Tags: bangkok, koh samui, phuket

6 Backpacking Tips for Staying Safe in Thailand

THAILAND | Mon, 6 Sep 2010 | By OffTheBeatenPath | Views [21489] | Comments [1]

Thailand is a popular destination for all different types of travelers. It’s especially a common stop for backpackers and round the world the travelers because of its cheap and delicious food, beautiful beaches, great diving, and ... Read more >

Tags: bangkok, phuket, safety, thailand

Final Destination: Thai Islands

THAILAND | Mon, 26 Apr 2010 | By thebigtrip | Views [1873]

The South of Thailand is our last destination of our trip. With three weeks until it came time to return to the real world and cold rainy Ireland where better to finish up than on the tropical Islands of Thailand. Koh Samui was our first stop after ... Read more >

Tags: bangkok, kho phangan, koh phi phi, koh samui, phuket, thai new year, thailand

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

THAILAND | Sat, 5 Sep 2009 | By alistair | Views [945]

I’d not intended to visit Phuket as I’d heard that it was very tourist orientated and quite expensive; however in low season there are bargain packages to be had. The prospect of flying across to the other coast instead of taking an 8 hour bus ride ... Read more >

Tags: patong beach, phuket

Island Hopping

THAILAND | Fri, 27 Mar 2009 | By ryanandjo | Views [1865]

Many people have commented on how much they enjoyed the last blog and photos, so in attempt to give the people what they want here goes.....Island Hopping, Part 2!....(like all sequels it can never be as good as the original!) From Ko Phi Phi we took ... Read more >

Tags: diving, ko phangan, ko tao, phuket

Sur les traces de Leonardo

THAILAND | Wed, 14 Jan 2009 | By cedric_c | Views [2246] | Comments [10] | Video

Nous avons finalement quitté la folie de Bangkok pour partir vers l'île de Ko Phi Phi (prononcer « Co Pi Pi »). Après deux heures de vol et trente minutes de taxi, nous arrivons à Phuket. De là, nous prendrons ... Read more >

Tags: beach, koh phi phi, phuket, thai boxing, thailande, tsunami, volley ball

De vuelta a Tailandia

MALAYSIA | Mon, 22 Dec 2008 | By anebur | Views [1038] | Comments [3]

Hola. Ya estamos de vuelta en Tailandia. Teniamos muchas ganar de llegar a estas islas paradisiacas y disfrutar del mar, la arena y el sol. Mas todavia despues de haber estado en Kuala Lumpur, que acabamos hartos de esa agobiante ciudad. Quedamos el ... Read more >

Tags: kuala lumpur, malasia, phuket

Koh Phi Phi ----> Phuket (wah wah)

THAILAND | Wed, 3 Dec 2008 | By jciecko | Views [8176]

This morning we left the beautiful island of Koh Phi Phi and arrived in the thriving metroplis (AKA major tourist trap) known as Phuket. To be more precise, we are in Patong which is like Bangkok with a beach. Our guesthouse here (Phuket Erawan) is pretty ... Read more >

Tags: bida nok, island viewpoint, koh phi phi, ma long, moskito divers, patong beach, phuket

The Bangkok Airport Take Over that Took Over My Emotions

THAILAND | Mon, 24 Nov 2008 | By dartagnan | Views [811]

Truth be told, I have been to Bangkok more times than to any other city outside Manila. Indulge me while I do the math. 1997-2008 without a miss multiplied by 4 times a year, initially for leisure then mostly for work. It is an understatement to say ... Read more >

Tags: airport, bangkok, phuket, thailand

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