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Florence, Italy

USA | Sat, 14 Oct 2017 | By bombardo-family | Views [540]

There is so much to see and do in Florence! There is the Michelangelo statue of David, the museum with replicated inventions from Leonardo da Vinci, the Leaning Tower of Pisa just a train ride away, beautiful scenery, Tuscany, and atmosphere.  We ... Read more >

Tags: florence, italy, nomads, pisa, world travelers

Under the Tuscan Sun

ITALY | Mon, 13 Jun 2016 | By the_life_of_lady_laura | Views [606] | Comments [1]

I’ll admit I often visit places because I like the concept of them, or I have seen or heard that they are pretty or interesting. Quite often this results in seeing a sight or place that is amazing, but perhaps limited in its beauty, or has one ... Read more >

Tags: cinque terre, florence, italy, montepulciano, pasta, pienza, pisa, pizza, siena, tuscany

A Quick Note on Pisa and Florence

UNITED KINGDOM | Fri, 19 Jun 2015 | By chloebruce | Views [304]

On our way to Florence from La Spezia we decided to stop off at Pisa, to take the obligatory leaning photo before heading on to Florence. I’m glad we stopped off in Pisa if only because I will never have to go back there. It is probably a nice ... Read more >

Tags: air bnb, firenze, florence, leaning tower of pisa, piazza della signoria, piazza michaelangalo, pisa

Another day of trains…

ITALY | Sat, 3 Jan 2015 | By crobbins | Views [433] | Comments [1]

Here we are, on another train, yet again. This morning, I tossed and turned for several hours until the alarm went off at 7:00. It’s like my subconscious just wants to remind me “hey, you’re taking a train today, get nervous!”... Read more >

Tags: backpacks, friends, pisa, rome, trains

Italy, 2012

ITALY | Sat, 23 Aug 2014 | By jazwalker | Views [362]

Well considering I haven't left yet, I thought I would talk about my most memorable previous travels, starting with my school trip to Italy in April, 2012. I studied italian all through high school with a great bunch of girls- many of whom are my closest ... Read more >

Tags: florence, food, italy, milan, perugia, pisa, rome, school, venice, verona

Travel is Getting Close, Italy Here We Come!

ITALY | Thu, 25 Apr 2013 | By diannamarie | Views [354]

The tickets are bought, reservations have been made and we set out on the 4th of May.  Arriving Florence, Italy on the 5th... the plan is to stay there for 3 days then hop on the train to Rome for 3 days.  Then we have 4 days to bumble around ... Read more >

Tags: cinque terra, floence, italy, montepulciano, orvieto, pisa, rome, san marino, siena

Ciao-ing Down in Florence: Alice Not So Much

ITALY | Fri, 22 Jan 2010 | By neil_loewen | Views [1593] | Comments [4]

Ciao-ing Down in Florence: Alice Not So Much Welcome to Florence!  Or Firenze, as the locals say (This whole having different names for places in different languages needs to change.  It makes trying to find your train while rushing ... Read more >

Tags: david, duomo, firenze, florence, italy, michaelangelo, neil loewen, pisa, plus florence, the leaning tower of pisa

2008 Winter in Rome : Preparing for Italy

ITALY | Mon, 1 Dec 2008 | By tricia_sg | Views [807]

Italy is an accidental destination. I don't speak Italian and only realized that cappucino is Italian recently. Boo-hoo .. so much for my general knowledge! And since I have overcome Japan not knowing Japanese, surely Italy will embrace me even if I ... Read more >

Tags: eurostar italia, gelateria, italy. trenitalia, pantheon, pisa, rome, vatican

Back from Italy and on to San Francisco!

ITALY | Sat, 29 Mar 2008 | By christina_wallace | Views [569]

I can definitely say this was my favorite trip to Europe by far. First of all, no tour bus or huge group of like-minded people (school trip, choir tour). Secondly, I had someone to talk to (very different from my solo backpacking trip last summer). It ... Read more >

Tags: bologna, certaldo, cinque terre, italy, milan, pisa, tarcento, trieste, verona, wine

Sidetrip to Pisa

ITALY | Sat, 14 Apr 2007 | By dartagnan | Views [703]

I really thought long and hard on how to spend my last full day in Rome. I have seen all the major tourist traps and I wanted none of it anymore. So I decided to catch a train to Pisa. So off to Termini I went, bought myself a ticket and waited for ... Read more >

Tags: italy, leaning tower, pisa, termini, train


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