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Organizzare un tour di Roma a piedi in pochi giorni

ITALY | Sat, 6 Jan 2018 | By luca | Views [2228]

  Ci sono delle destinazioni che non richiedono periodi di permanenza molto lunghi per essere apprezzate. Ci sono poi altre mete che testano la nostra disponibilità a concederci vacanze generose pur di visitarle come si deve. Infine ... Read more >

Tags: 1 giorno, a piedi, consigli, cultura, monumenti, roma

Guida alla Roma vegetariana

ITALY | Mon, 17 Aug 2015 | By luca | Views [1108]

“Quando sei a Roma, fai come i Romani,” dice il proverbio, ma per un vegetariano o vegano probabilmente la classica porchetta romana non si prospetta come lo spuntino tipico da degustare. Per fortuna che l'offerta di ristoranti di qualità... Read more >

Tags: roma, vegano, vegetariano

Living La Vita Roma: Part 2

ITALY | Wed, 1 Jul 2015 | By chloebruce | Views [355]

The next day we were so hot we spent most of it just shut up in the apartment, trying to keep the cool air in. There was a TV with a DVD player in the main bedroom and we searched for something to watch. But all they had were tourism DVDs. I looked through ... Read more >

Tags: roma, rome, sistine chapel, tivere, trastivere, vatican city, vatican museum

Living La Vita Roma: Part 1

ITALY | Mon, 29 Jun 2015 | By chloebruce | Views [340]

We had 5 whole days in Rome, which for me is a long time in one place. We had a lot planned and we got a lot done, but we learnt quickly we had to adapt to survive in this place. The sun is hot and the place is busy and hard to navigate. And I had to ... Read more >

Tags: colosseum, palatne hill, roma, roman forum, rome, trevi fountain

Roma: uma salva de palmas!

ITALY | Wed, 30 Apr 2014 | By mzhimmer | Views [646]

Não tem como passar por Roma sem aplausos. Primeiro, diante de tanta beleza histórica você tem vontade de parar na frente da  Fontana di Trevi   e, simplesmente, aplaudir. Aplaudir não apenas a fonte, mas todo ... Read more >

Tags: charme, itália, pizza, roma, viagem

Capítulo 1: L'Europe à emporter: Paseando Por Roma

ITALY | Sat, 9 Jun 2012 | By jvgarcia | Views [742] | Comments [2]

Roma... la Ciudad Eterna fue un conjunto de sentimientos encontrados, y un destino donde desafortunadamente algunos factores externos afectaron negativamente nuestra percepción de una de las ciudades con una historia más rica en toda ... Read more >

Tags: europa, museos, roma, vaticano

My Scholarship entry - Understanding a Culture through Food: Serbia

WORLDWIDE | Wed, 4 Apr 2012 | By anadelgadomartins | Views [466] | Scholarship Entry

A decade of dust has settled in the southernmost town of Serbia, Vranje, since the end of the Balkans War, and one would dare say their talent to socialize around a table may have helped to heal the fratricide conflict between former-Yugoslavia countries.... Read more >

Tags: balkans, gipsy, healing waters, hotsprings, kusturica, proja, roma, serbia, travel writing scholarship 2012, vranje

Turkish police, Turkish Universities and Roma Gypsies

MACEDONIA | Mon, 16 Nov 2009 | By katie_louise | Views [1023] | Comments [2]

Hello all. Apologies on the lack of writing on this blog. The last time I wrote I was in Paris. Since then I have been to a music festival in Leeds (classy weekend ladies). Home. Amsterdam (again, classy times. CAF). Then back to Paris for a week because ... Read more >

Tags: borders, bulgaria, hitchiking, kosovo, macadonia, police, roma, turkey

Rome, Italy

ITALY | Thu, 15 Oct 2009 | By bec-simon | Views [865] | Comments [2]

Simon and I caught the overnight train from Munich to Rome. Not a bad way to travel, although our train had no bar cart, and although we toughed it out without a beer for the whole night (I think the Germans have rubbed off on us - sorry Joergfried, ... Read more >

Tags: overnight train, pope, roma, sistine chapel, vatican

catchup blogging: Roma

ITALY | Wed, 25 Feb 2009 | By jjassen | Views [701] | Comments [1]

My hostel method of only booking one night at a time worked extremely well in this case. The Yellow Room, my 7th hostel, was terrible. No common rooms, no kitchen. So I booked my second night in the same hostel as the Irish couple, called Freedom Traveller.... Read more >

Tags: italian, italy, roma, roman, rome


ITALY | Sat, 29 Nov 2008 | By tiagomelo | Views [578] | Comments [1]

Meu pai se sentiu em casa hoje, tudo na cidade era da epoca dele! hehehehe... ele me mata se ler isso! Pois é, minha mae nao se perdeu no Vaticano, gracas a Deus! mas ateh agora ela nao conseguiu fechar o queixo! O que a gente tem andado aqui nao eh ... Read more >

Tags: roma

When in Rome...

ITALY | Thu, 16 Oct 2008 | By larasumera | Views [769] | Comments [2]

It's going to be harder than I expected to keep this up.  I'll try my best, though!  And I'll also do my best to abbreviate! Currently I am using free internet at Brittnay's friend's place in Rome.  We are so blessed to be here on our first night with ... Read more >

Tags: italy, roma, rome


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