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A roadtrip through Southern Utah

USA | Mon, 29 May 2017 | By sorkoo | Views [716] | Comments [2]

I can't believe that our adventures are under way. After an amazing wedding, we are off on the first leg of our trip, Utah. We landed in Salt Lake City on Wed, May 24. Danny's dad picked us up and after delicious tacos with Dustin, we were off to the ... Read more >

Tags: hiking, national park, utah

Winnipeg, MB to Las Vegas, NV

USA | Sun, 1 May 2016 | By mitann | Views [597]

  Welcome to our 19 day or so road trip adventure through the USA. While this is the first post to hit the site, there are a couple posts we wrote prior to leaving. I never know how to start to capture our adventures which often leads to not ... Read more >

Tags: las vegas, mount rushmore, utah, valley of fire

Photos: Moab

USA | Wed, 29 May 2013 | By lensgypsy | Photo Gallery

Pictures from my solo trips to Moab, Utah. It was a wonderful adventure and it really empowered me as a woman traveler.
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Tags: arches national park, camping, canyonlands, dead horse state park, independent, moab, utah, women

Full Piece for Scholarship Entry

USA | Sat, 20 Apr 2013 | By cozycheri | Views [454]

In the event that anyone would like to read the full piece written for the scholarship, I have included it below. My official submission was scaled down to one part of this piece, due to the character amount requirements. Catching a Moment The ... Read more >

Tags: alaska, japan, utah

Photos: My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

USA | Mon, 7 Nov 2011 | By jorgearmand | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

My two buddies and I drove a long time before we reached Kayenta, Arizona. A drunk told us we could pitch our tent at an RV camp in Monument valley. When we arrived, it was night. We drove past the RV camp because we weren't satisfied with the location ... Read more >
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Tags: #2011wnphoto, arizona, monument valley, slide film, utah

Best Ways to Work, Stay and Play in Utah

USA | Sun, 28 Aug 2011 | By doshin | Views [451]

I'm assuming that you are not already a professional outdoor guide of some kind, that canyoneering is not your profession, neither is mountain biking nor white water travel. I'm assuming you are not a winter sports professional of some kind. If you ... Read more >

Tags: #blogyourbackyard, salt lake city, usa, utah

In My Backyard: Five Things to do in Salt Lake City

USA | Sat, 27 Aug 2011 | By doshin | Views [719]

Welcome to Salt Lake City. I understand that you only have a short time here in the city on your way up to the mountains or down to the national parks. I plan to show you a few places in the city that are interesting, maybe unknown to you, and that ... Read more >

Tags: #blogyourbackyard, salt lake city, usa, utah

Do's and Don't's in Utah

USA | Thu, 18 Aug 2011 | By doshin | Views [1544]

Contrary to some people's opinion, Utah IS a part of the United States, so most of any do's and don't I might write would be the same ones as anyone would write about travel in the US. There are a few things that I thought about which perhaps might ... Read more >

Tags: #blogyourbackyard, salt lake city, usa, utah

When you are on the way, it is not near it is not far

USA | Thu, 18 Aug 2011 | By doshin | Views [571]

I would love to have the opportunity to travel around the world, but right now I prefer to stay home for awhile. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah which is not exactly my home, or maybe it is. "Home" is, of course, that elusive concept that ... Read more >

Tags: salt lake city, utah, western usa, zen

Roadtrippin’ USA

USA | Sat, 12 Mar 2011 | By ryanandjo | Views [3417] | Comments [2]

We arrived in Los Angeles in time for Oscar night, and even though I was incredibly excited to be there, I had forgotten my award-winning frock, so we decided to pick up a rental car and head out of town. After taking a few wrong turns out of the ... Read more >

Tags: arizona, california, death valley, grand canyon, hoover dam, las vegas, los angeles, nevada, utah, zion

Monument Valley, Utah

USA | Tue, 29 Apr 2008 | By jomel | Views [605]

The next destination on our road trip was Monument Valley, Utah. There was plenty more desert to look at on this drive and we were getting pretty bored of the sandy desolate scenery, but almost instantly as we turned a corner all the sand and rocks turned ... Read more >

Tags: monument valley, navajo, utah

Zion National Park, Utah

USA | Tue, 15 May 2007 | By line_henrik | Views [937]

30. april ... Det sydlige af staten Utah ligger lige nord for Grand Canyon i Arizona. Og dette område er spækket med national parker som alle indeholder fantastiske farver og ikke mindst natur, som man kan komme i nærheden af. Vi har valgt at tage ... Read more >

Tags: Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

USA | Mon, 30 Apr 2007 | By line_henrik | Views [1717]

27. april ... Vi har efter nogle dages overvejelser valgt at drage mod sydøst. Vejret i Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, er simpelhen er for koldt på nuværende tidspunkt. Det betyder, at vi nu får mulighed for at se nationalparkerne, Zion og Bryce, ... Read more >

Tags: Utah


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