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Peace Out Chiang Mai and Rai, Good Afternoon Lao.

THAILAND | Tue, 7 May 2013 | By gsewake | Views [960]

From Ban Krut to Chiang Mai the train takes all of 24hrs or so. Moving across most of Thailand north to south the landscape changes from lush flat rice paddy fields to mountainous jungle and small valleys.  Arrival, Chiang Mai, the former royal ... Read more >

Tags: bamboo nest, bus, chiang mai, chiang rai, golden triangle, houayxai, laos, luang prabang, thailand, wat

Dia 18: ANGKOR, la perla no defrauda, QUINA MERAVELLA!! ( i 2)

CAMBODIA | Tue, 11 Aug 2009 | By dayangchi | Views [952]

A les 5 menys quart m'ha sonat el despertador.. si.. no sabia on estava, qui era, que pasava... no reconeixia la meua habitacio ni res de res... he tardat un parell de minuts en col.locar-me.. pero finalment he recordat que estava de viatgei que ANAVA ... Read more >

Tags: angkor, bayon, cambodia, camboia, selva, tuktuk, wat

Dia 13-14: Dia en bici per Ayutthaya... i rodetjat per cents de monos a Lopburi!!

THAILAND | Thu, 6 Aug 2009 | By dayangchi | Views [750]

En Bangkok no vaig arribar a estar ni 24 hores... busqui hostal, un en un carrer al voltant de Khao Shan street i vaig quedar en Laura que estava a la capi des d'uns dies abans. Donarem una volta pel carrer, ple de puestos de menjar, souvenirs i roba, ... Read more >

Tags: ayutthaya, bici, bycicle, dayangchi, lopburi, monkey, monos, tailandia, thailand, wat

Welcome to Siam, the land of Smiles

THAILAND | Thu, 5 Jun 2008 | By happywanderer | Views [553]

Day one of my adventure! Despite being ridiculously tired, I couldn't sleep. I ended up getting up around 8 I believe. I unpacked part of my backpack and put things in my locker and locked up my backpack with other stuff in it, which took a bit of ... Read more >

Tags: bangkok, khao san, massage, thailand, wat

Starting out

THAILAND | Wed, 4 Jun 2008 | By happywanderer | Views [466]

First, a preface for anyone that will be reading this. This is going to be the longer version of my emails, where I am cliche and write about what's been going on and my thoughts. And if you know me, or have been on my email lists before, I can write ... Read more >

Tags: bangkok, khao san rd, thailand, travel, wat

Cambodia: Communal update

CAMBODIA | Sun, 9 Sep 2001 | By stowaway | Views [2787] | Comments [3]

Hi All, I'm in Siem Reap in Cambodia at the moment and have another day here before moving on towards Thailand. I went to Angkor Wat and other temples yesterday, the day before yesterday and yet again today. They are absolutely amazing, especially ... Read more >

Tags: angkor wat, bayon, cambodge, cambodia, monsoon, preah kahn, siem reap, ta prohm, tonle sap, wat

Photos: Angkor & Cambodia

CAMBODIA | Fri, 7 Sep 2001 | By stowaway | Photo Gallery

Angkor Wat & other temples around Cambodia
See all 25 photos >>

Tags: angkor wat, cambodia, fast boat, preah kahn, siem reap, tonle sap, wat


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