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2008 Travel Documentary Scholarship - The winner!

Wed, 10 Sep 2008 | By scholarships | Views [5625] | Comments [3]

Thank you to everyone who submitted a video for consideration, we appreciate the time and effort that went into creating your documentaries. The judging panel experienced the full gammet of emotions whilst viewing - they were moved, shocked, delighted ... Read more >

How to Take a Road Trip

Thu, 12 Jun 2014 | By travel-tips | Views [4498] | Comments [1]

The open road, changing scenery, a loaded up car, loose plans and unpredictable adventure - there are some travel cravings that only a road trip can satisfy. Who wouldn't want to spend a week (or months) in a tin box with unshowered friends and servo ... Read more >

Tags: a nomad knows, driving, how to, road trip, roadtripping, travel

WorldNomads.com Travel Tip - Backpacks

Fri, 19 Dec 2008 | By travel-tips | Views [1636]

I have travelled with everything from climbing rucsacks on a long haul trip across India to just a tiny day pack for 4 weeks in Cambodia. My advice, like many before me is to travel light ! Now of course, this might mean either of the above, so you ... Read more >

Tags: backpack, travel tips, world nomads, worldnomads.com

July and August postcards

Thu, 6 Sep 2007 | By postcards | Views [1087]

Here they are! Thanks and Grazie to Gianfranco, Fiona, Mark and Caroline! Your free T-shirt is on its way!

Tags: free t-shirt, postcards

Journeys equal Endless passion

Thu, 28 May 2015 | By andreac | Views [439] | Scholarship Entry

Traveling, for me is part of every single day in my mind. It is an idea that is always inside my head by the simple fact that I am a citizen of the world, therefore, I should know it and he should know me. Endeavor its and important value to have extra ... Read more >

Tags: 2015 Writing Scholarship

Your Backyard - Jeepney Joy Ride

Wed, 6 Nov 2013 | By juvien | Views [370] | Video | Scholarship Entry

I'm sure that most of travel videos/show ocuses on destination and the culture and adventures they can find therein. In our case, we want to highlight the culture and adventure along the way, specifically inside the most popular vehicle in the Philippines, ... Read more >

Tags: travel film scholarships 2013

A Baseball Legend

Tue, 16 Sep 2014 | By rubydoobyx | Views [253] | Video | Scholarship Entry

My name is Ruby Kite, and I am an eighteen year old female from NSW, Australia. I guess you could say I'm one of those 'free spirited' types of people. Like most recent school leavers, I applied for universities. I got in. I have a casual job this year ... Read more >

Tags: 2014 Travel Film Scholarship to Mexico

My Travel Writing Scholarship 2011 entry - My Big Adventure

Tue, 22 Feb 2011 | By shaunbek | Views [203] | Scholarship Entry

The use of two languages presented several opportunities for misunderstanding. One of those situations occurred on a cold winter morning in the middle of nowhere. One icy February weekend, I decided to visit a fellow volunteer. His site was the last ... Read more >

Tags: #2011Writing, Travel Writing Scholarship 2011

And that's the beauty of it.

Mon, 5 May 2014 | By whereshouldigofromhere | Views [202] | Scholarship Entry

When I was younger I used to think about the rest of the world as something dangerous, and something that was way too big and scary. Sometimes I still do to be fair. Sometimes just getting out of bed in the morning seems like a scary thing to do. The ... Read more >

Tags: 2014 Travel Writing Scholarship - Euro Roadtrip

My Scholarship entry - Understanding a Culture through Food

Tue, 17 Apr 2012 | By panickydolphin | Views [143] | Scholarship Entry

It befudles your senses in a way that no rambutan or mango can. Touching its spikes send shivers down my arms. My local friend smiles wryly at me, knowing that I will be having the time of my life. He took the lead and made it ooze with his bare hands.... Read more >

Tags: Travel Writing Scholarship 2012

Gallery: August 2006

Wed, 6 Sep 2006 | By postcards | Photo Gallery

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Photos: My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Mon, 14 Jan 2013 | By kriman0428 | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

My name is Christopher Woo, an ameture photographer that was born in Hong Kong and was grown up in Toronto, Canada. I started to develop my interest in photography since 2008, after receiving my first prosumer camera from my dad. In 2010, I purchased ... Read more >
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Tags: travel photography scholarship 2012

Photos: My Scholarship entry - A 'place' I have visited

Fri, 5 Jul 2013 | By photoexperiencing | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

I’m a very adventurous person, with a zest for living experiences, travelling around the world and being able to communicate, through image, the wonders that I find on my way.Photography is one of my biggest passions; I patiently enjoy capturing the particular ... Read more >
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A Collection Of Adventures

Thu, 13 Nov 2014 | By dakeneyfox | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

My name is Dakeney Fox, I'm 19 years old living in the South East of Wales in the UK. After enjoying photography since the age of 12 and completing my A Level in Photography (receiving an A*) in 2013 I have decided this is a career I not only want to ... Read more >
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Tags: 2014 Travel Photography Scholarship

Photos: Movie Settings

Thu, 21 Mar 2019 | By carltonpeters | Photo Gallery

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