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Epic colonial architecture, libidinous young salsa dancers, Che Guevara murals, white-powder sandy beaches, swaying fields of sugar cane - the images of Cuba are as transfixing as they are timeless. This is an island of unique historical heritage floating amid a sea of encroaching globalisation. Travel in Cuba can involve anything from sipping mojittos at an all-inclusive resort in Varadero to scraping the spit and sawdust off your shoes outside the Casa de las Tradiciones in Santiago. The burgeoning tourist sector rubs up against the Cuba of communist myth.

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Cienfuegos and Trinidad

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 | By vagabonds3 | Views [297]

THERE WERE NO FIRES BURNING IN CIENFUEGOS.  Not a one.  Originally named Fernandina by French émigrés 200 years ago, it became a UNESCO World Heritage City because of its elegant classical French architecture.  The name ... Read more >

The Owl and the Hummingbird

Fri, 9 Feb 2018 | By vagabonds3 | Views [265]

ONE OF THE ADVANTAGES OF HAVING A GUIDE is their knowledge, not only of the birds in general, but of specific individuals.  This is especially true of owls, those feathered denizens of the night.  Rockjumper guides would often inquire, “... Read more >

Birding Cuba: In Search of Endemics

Tue, 6 Feb 2018 | By vagabonds3 | Views [283]

THIS WAS A VERY "UN-ROCKJUMPER" TRIP.  There were only five other birders and only two of them were serious.  Which is OK since Cuba, with only 26 endemic species, doesn’t draw the more serious “listers.”  Arturo Jr.... Read more >


Sun, 4 Feb 2018 | By vagabonds3 | Views [301]

CUBA, THE NEAREST NON-CONTIGUOUS COUNTRY TO the USA, is one of the most difficult to visit.  Readily accessible to Canadians and Europeans for years, American passport holders are nearly encouraged to fib on their tourist card.  For example, ... Read more >

Photos: Cuba

Sun, 4 Feb 2018 | By vagabonds3 | Photo Gallery

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Cuba: Into the ancient Valley of Tobacco

Sun, 7 Jan 2018 | By rodeime | Views [566]

  Benito Camejo Nodarse is a local legend in Cuba's western Pinar del Rio province, the UNESCO World Heritage region renowned as the supposed birthplace of modern tobacco cultivation.  "Date un toque," says Benito in typically ... Read more >

Tags: cigars, cuba, pinar del rio, tobacco

Four Days in Havana

Mon, 9 Oct 2017 | By william1 | Views [349]

I was talked into sharing a taxi to Havana with two Russians. The drive, from the beach town of Varadero, took two hours; the Afro-Cuban driver never spoke, except to sing softly along with the booming reggaeton on the stereo, or to exchange a shouted ... Read more >

Tags: cuba, graham greene, havana

La Cuba orgánica

Tue, 1 Aug 2017 | By loloberlin | Views [669]

Como les comenté en la columna de hace dos domingos, pasé el pasado mes de junio en Cuba. Es un país que más allá de sus bellezas naturales, vale la pena conocer como modelo económico, político y social.... Read more >

Tags: agro ecológico, campo, cuba, huertas, orgánico, revolución alimentaria, slow food, sustentabilidad

Photos: Cuba

Fri, 7 Jul 2017 | By loloberlin | Photo Gallery

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La nueva revolución en Cuba será alimentaria

Fri, 7 Jul 2017 | By loloberlin | Views [954]

Después de haber pasado un mes en este país único estoy cada vez más convencida de que, con el acceso a internet poco a poco cada vez más común, los ciudadanos captarán rápidamente los cambios acelerados ... Read more >

Tags: agro ecológico, alimentos, autonomía, cuba, eco consciente, huertas, orgánico, revolución, slow food, soberanía

Photos: Che it Ain't So: Travels in Changing Cuba

Sun, 9 Apr 2017 | By william1 | Photo Gallery

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Second World Problems

Sun, 9 Apr 2017 | By william1 | Views [600]

Departures from airports are almost always inauspicious. In my case, the trip I had been longing to make began with a bad-tempered New Zealander at the check-in desk at Gatwick, who asked gruffly for my passport and visa; an unpleasant cup of stryrofoam ... Read more >

Tags: communist countries, cuba, straits of florida, varadero

Day 12 (1/1): Havana

Mon, 2 Jan 2017 | By cee_402 | Views [344]

  Wakes up at 8 am; Had breakfast at neighborhood joint; Walked along Malecon and took local bus (R11) to the Fort (Castillo de los Tres Santos Reyes Magnos del Morro) and back; Checked out / Walked around Old Havana and ... Read more >

Day 11 (31/12): Vinales --> Havana

Sun, 1 Jan 2017 | By cee_402 | Views [352]

  Had breakfast at Hostel at 7:30 am. Nice view at the courtyard. Cambio opens at 8:30 am, so headed over to stand in line for money cambio. Rented bikes (9:45 am) and rode to Cueva del Indio. Visited Cueva del Indio, ... Read more >

Day 10 (30/12): Vinales

Sat, 31 Dec 2016 | By cee_402 | Views [351]

  Had breakfast at Don Camelo at 9:30 am (had 2 ham and cheese sandwiches, because other items quite expensive ^_^). A lot of restaurants are not opened for breakfast yet. Took a taxi to Pinar del Rio. Ended up the famous Fabrica ... Read more >

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