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Below the Elbe

GERMANY | Sun, 12 Oct 2014 | By schmodude | Views [456]

I woke up in the morning to find out that Simon and Sarah were still out at the club. Steffen was around, so I hung out with him and talked about a few good electronic dj’s while he used his impressive dj setup to spin some tunes. I sent a text ... Read more >

Tags: biking, elbe tunnel, germany, hamburg, park fiction, party all night, sarah, simon, steffen

Delayed Travels

SWITZERLAND | Fri, 26 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [467]

I enjoyed the nice breakfast again and then I caught a bus to the airport. My flight to Zurich bounced my through Hamburg on the way. My first flight was delayed. Also my second flight was delayed. It wasn’t enjoyable. I finally arrived in Zurich ... Read more >

Tags: airport, czech republic, delayed flight, germanwings, germany, hamburg, prague, switzerland, zurich

To Berlin!

GERMANY | Sat, 13 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [325]

I woke up and caught a S-bahn to the train station this morning.  My ICE train to bring me from Hamburg to Berlin was running a little behind, but it was not much of a problem. To be more precise, only half of the train was late. Since it is a more ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, germany, hamburg, kites, old friend, the bird, trains

Exploring Hamburg

GERMANY | Fri, 12 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [341]

Today I explored the city. I think I walked almost a complete circle around downtown Hamburg. I started near the harbor and worked my way towards the city. There is a retired submarine in the Hamburg harbor that is now a historical museum piece. I only ... Read more >

Tags: germany, hamburg, reeperbahn, the bird


GERMANY | Thu, 11 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [479]

I had breakfast at the hostel with the German guys from my room. Then I went around town and found a Vodafone store to buy a new SIM card (3 charges a lot in Germany). The guys at the store were helpful. The only thing that was a little confusing was ... Read more >

Tags: currywurst, friends, germany, hamburg, simon, the highway

To Hamburg!

GERMANY | Wed, 10 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [320]

I bummed around in the hostel for a lot of the morning. My flight was in the afternoon and checkout of the hostel was 10:00am. I did not have quite enough time to explore the city anymore. I finished one of my books and then took the bullet train to ... Read more >

Tags: airport, currywurst, germany, hamburg, stockholm, sweden

HAMBURG, Germany

GERMANY | Tue, 12 Jul 2011 | By seek-it-out_let-it-in | Views [420]

Germany. Easily the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The moment the train passed over the border from France the landscape almost immediately changed. Not meaning to use a cliche but, the grass was greener and the air was crisper... on the other ... Read more >

Tags: germany, hamburg, hostel

North to the Vikings! Aaarrr! (or whatever vikings say)

DENMARK | Tue, 27 Apr 2010 | By neil_loewen | Views [656] | Comments [1]

Inside Berlin's beautiful new train station, I boarded a train to Hamburg, where I would change to another train headed to Copenhagen, Denmark.  I checked the board and found the platform my train would arrive at.  I was sitting on the platform waiting ... Read more >

Tags: copenhagen, denmark, hamburg, little mermaid, neil loewen, vikings


GERMANY | Wed, 14 Apr 2010 | By whippin_picadilly | Views [1364]

With a blood alcohol concentration of between 0.08 - 0.15%, the body is scientifically in a "risky state." Speech is slurred, balance and coordination impaired, reflexes slowed, emotions are unstable and there's a good chance you'll be ... Read more >

Tags: germany, hamburg

Heading East

GERMANY | Fri, 4 Jul 2008 | By katiekimberling | Views [717] | Comments [1]

I woke up to the rocking back and forth of the ferry. We were headed to Kiel, Germany, and we were both feeling a little sea sick. Yuck. I grabbed a cup of hot tea and walked the decks of the boat, watching the sun rise before anyone else was up for ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, germany, hamburg, kiel, krakow, poland

Apparently everybody liked HP5 except me?

GERMANY | Fri, 13 Jul 2007 | By christina_wallace | Views [323]

I added a post script to my last blog on MySpace (same as the entries I post on here) about my disappointment with HP5 and I got two comments on how I was sooo wrong. So I responded with the following blog, which I am now going to share with my readers ... Read more >

Tags: germany, hamburg, harry potter

Modern dance and other fun in Hamburg

GERMANY | Thu, 12 Jul 2007 | By christina_wallace | Views [374]

So my long day in Hamburg is winding down and I thought I'd check in with a brief report. As per David's suggestions I took a tour of the Rathaus (city hall) this morning and seriously, this building is *gorgeous*. Also hit up an exhibition on Otto Dix ... Read more >

Tags: dance, germany, hamburg

Hamburg is so much better than Amsterdam

GERMANY | Wed, 11 Jul 2007 | By christina_wallace | Views [440]

Sorry, but I had to say it. Amsterdam was cool. Yes, indeed, Amsterdam was fun. But in the hour I've been in Hamburg I am so much happier and nothing *really* has even happened. Maybe it's that Germany is that much better than Holland? Who knows; I'm ... Read more >

Tags: germany, hamburg, more rain


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