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Munich, Germany

USA | Sat, 14 Oct 2017 | By bombardo-family | Views [553]

Ahh, OKTOBERFEST!  We finally made it and little did we know actually how big it was.  It is not just a beer fest, it is an entire carnival with all kinds of rides for the kids.  It is by far the largest carnival either Chris or I have ... Read more >

Tags: europe, germany, munich, oktoberfest

5 Tips for Aussies to Survive and Thrive at Oktoberfest

AUSTRALIA | Fri, 16 Sep 2016 | By jrs31490 | Views [1142]

At this year’s Oktoberfest, 6 million people are expected to celebrate the largest beer festival in the world between 17 September and 3 October, 2016. 20,000 of those revelers are Australians that will be descending upon Munich, Germany; and even ... Read more >

Tags: australians, australians in europe, beer, europe, europe travel, germany, oktoberfest, tips, travel, travel tips


PERU | Fri, 22 May 2015 | By fiona_la | Views [410]

Here I was, 2 years ago I decided to do an exchange programme. The chosen place: Munich. Yes, the capital of: Oktoberfest, Bayer Munich football team, BMW and Bavaria. How is it to a latin american student flying more than 15 hours, crossing the Atlantic ... Read more >

Tags: exchange semester, germany, munich, oktoberfest

Last day in Munich

GERMANY | Sun, 21 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [421]

We woke up and checked out of our accommodations this morning. Then we went off to the train station to rent a luggage locker. Our ride did not leave until 6:00 so we wanted to enjoy more of the festival. It was much easier to get a spot inside one of ... Read more >

Tags: autobahn, berlin, germany, mitfahrgelegenheit, munich, oktoberfest, stick fish


GERMANY | Sat, 20 Sep 2014 | By schmodude | Views [513]

We woke up for some breakfast and headed off towards the festival grounds. At the train station we meet a few more people staying at our campsite and went with them around the festival. It was a little late by the time we arrived (10:00) to get a spot ... Read more >

Tags: beer, beer tents, germans, germany, munich, oktoberfest, polka, stick fish

First day!!! Munich...

GERMANY | Fri, 4 Oct 2013 | By miaroliveri | Views [386] | Comments [2]

New York City --> Reykjavik --> Munich! We landed on time at around 1:05 pm. Picked up checked luggage (only my backpack) and got our first meal at a food place near the gate. Half a roast chicken with  a side of potato cucumber salad. ... Read more >

Tags: german unity day, munich, oktoberfest, strange fruit

Off the Beaten Path: Germany

GERMANY | Wed, 28 Sep 2011 | By OffTheBeatenPath | Views [5602] | Comments [2]

On your bike German cities are extremely bike friendly and for the tourist this is a godsend.   It’s easy to pack in lots of sights when traveling by bike, and getting out of the subway system and above ground will give you a whole different perspective ... Read more >

Tags: baltic sea, beaches, biking, german language, germany, munich, off the beaten path, oktoberfest

5 Things you Need to Know about the Germans

GERMANY | Mon, 26 Sep 2011 | By connectlocally | Views [25932] | Comments [6]

There are a lot of prejudices and clichés about Germany. Some of them are true and some of them aren’t. We’re not drinking beer all the time and we’re not wearing Lederhosn and Dirndl all the year round. Most of us don’t even owe one of those. ... Read more >

Tags: connect locally, drinking, entertainment, europe, festivals, germans, germany, oktoberfest, travel, weather

Inside World Festivals: Oktoberfest

GERMANY | Tue, 4 May 2010 | By worldfestivals | Views [4628]

Oktoberfest: The World's Largest Fair There is perhaps nothing that epitomizes the perception of German and Bavarian cultures as that of Oktoberfest.   Officially the world’s largest fair, Oktoberfest is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, ... Read more >

Tags: bavarian culture, beer, europe, germany, munich, octoberfest, oktoberfest, party, safety, world festivals

Bavaria, Germany

GERMANY | Tue, 13 Oct 2009 | By bec-simon | Views [1049]

Wow, wow, wow! Simon and I have fallen in love with Munich! It's a beautiful city, with lovely people, delicious beer, tasty food, and a million and one things to do and see. We have met some great people, made some really good friends, and done a ... Read more >

Tags: bavaria, beer, munich, neuschwanstein, oktoberfest

October - Oktoberfest, Germany

GERMANY | Fri, 11 Sep 2009 | By worldfestivals | Views [14417]

Oktoberfest. Photo by [46137], Flickr.com Location: Theresienwiese, Munich, Germany Dates: 16 days from late September to early October Level of Participation: 5 - messier than a stag night Description: In 1810, a horse race was held ... Read more >

Tags: germany, oktoberfest, world festivals

Japanese Oktoberfest

JAPAN | Thu, 9 Oct 2008 | By bundynbeaches | Views [2244]

Four of us finished work and got into Fukuoka for the night. We did the usual walk around to see what there was to see, found a pub, another good restaurant, found another pub, and called it a night. Next day there were only two. The two Japanese guys ... Read more >

Tags: oktoberfest


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