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The Art of the Sale

INDIA | Wed, 15 Apr 2015 | By lucitravels | Views [444]

There is a dance in India that is done in shops every single day. It’s the perpetual dance between the seller and the buyer, otherwise known as the ever-frustrating barter. India, I’m on to you. Being a white, American shopper in this ... Read more >

Tags: barter, clothing, india, leather goods, money, rajasthan, rupees, shopkeeper, shopping, udaipur

INDIA: I'll Never Do It Again

USA | Thu, 31 Mar 2011 | By chrisaknight | Views [6335]

Hey guys, a pink goat!   Sadly, after a couple of weeks here sights like this barely even register.  This was probably the fifth pink goat we'd seen that morning so he was completely justified by looking at me like I'm pretty strange - or the paparazzi ... Read more >

Tags: india, jaipur, taj mahal, udaipur

Udaipur Wedding

INDIA | Tue, 29 Mar 2011 | By chrisaknight | Views [1804] | Comments [2]

After the 14-hour trip by car and 17-hour trip by train to Southern India, it was nice to join the industrialized world again, however briefly, and catch a plane north to the old city of Udaipur.  This is the state of Rajasthan, home of the oldest ... Read more >

Tags: india, rajastan, udaipur, wedding

Dia 12: India toca la fibra...un dia muy pesado camino a Bundi

SPAIN | Wed, 11 Aug 2010 | By dayangchi | Views [658]

El siguiente destino es Bundi. Para ir desde Udaipur podía pillar un bus de no se cuantas horas… o ir a Chittor, una ciudad a mitad camino, y después coger el tren. Así que como los autobuses no es que me emocionen mucho, ... Read more >

Tags: bundi, bus, cansado, enferma, india, udaipur

Dia 8-9-10: Llego a Udaipur, dicen que la ciudad mas romantica de India...

SPAIN | Mon, 9 Aug 2010 | By dayangchi | Views [629]

Me levante  tranquilamente para desayunar con buenas vistas al lago. Despues no hubo mas historia... de Pushkar a Ajmer en taxi compartido para coger el tren. Por cierto... que viajecito en taxi!!!! Gane tiempo,  eso si... pero mi corazon tuvo que ejercitarse ... Read more >

Tags: asia, india, isla, lago, palacio, princesa, udaipur, vistas

Rajasthan - Udaipur

INDIA | Sun, 9 Nov 2008 | By pshah13 | Views [900]

Udaipur is a really beautiful city - so green and with appx 30 lakes in and around the city. We stayed at the Amet Haveli Hotel which has the best view of the city, lakes and palaces. City Palace was fantastic and so beautiful. It is huge and still in ... Read more >

Tags: udaipur

Udaipur. On my way back to Bombay

INDIA | Mon, 19 May 2008 | By lillylilla | Views [1267]

In transit in Udaipur. Coming from Delhi on my way back to Mumbai. Actually there was no ticket train to Mumbai available within two days. First option : find a ticket bus instead. None of it or too expensive... Second option : find a ticket ... Read more >

Tags: bikaner, bombay, bus, delhi, india, jaisalmer, local travel agency, rajhastan, travel agency, udaipur

Udaipur. Back to India

INDIA | Sat, 10 May 2008 | By lillylilla | Views [1094]

Arrivee ce matin vers 10:00am a Udaipur apres un voyage en bus with no AC (air conditionner) de 18h00. They say it would be hot, they say it would be a very difficult journey. You know what? I just love it! Nous aurions du partir depuis la station ... Read more >

Tags: bombay, bus, india, udaipur

Jaipur. Stay cool if you want to get your ticket train

INDIA | Thu, 27 Dec 2007 | By lillylilla | Views [1041]

Je vous ecris de Jaipur cette fois-ci ou je suis arrivee hier en fin d`apres-midi. Le voyage en bus a ete plus tranquille aue je ne l`aurais cru. Six heures de trajet en compagnie d`indiens qui pour la plupart venaient en famille voir leurs proches.... Read more >

Tags: ahmedabad, india, jaipur, udaipur


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