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Volume I: Children, Food, + Work

HAITI | Thu, 30 Jul 2015 | By travelingturney | Views [256]

This is a compilation of four short ethnographic documentaries about different aspects within Haitian culture. Filmed in Les Cayes, Haiti (2013). 

Tags: business, coconut, culture, documentary, ethnography, filmmaking, haiti, kids, mother, youth

Your City is my Playground

CANADA | Mon, 17 Nov 2014 | By stuartdavis | Views [265]

  Your City is my Playground is a story of brotherhood and camaraderie covering the recent fad in crane hoping. The story covers the adventure of two friends in their search of the perfect city vantage point. Bound by no rules or laws these two ... Read more >

Tags: brotherhood, end of the world, experience, free, learn, nature, raw, tribe, wild, youth

Spin Rocinha: How a DJ School is Empowering a Rio Favela

BRAZIL | Mon, 6 Jan 2014 | By connectlocally | Views [6450] | Comments [1] | Video

Rocinha is the largest favela in Brazil with over 250,000 inhabitants and is located in Rio de Janeiro's South Zone between the districts of São Conrado and Gávea. Unlike its wealthy neighbouring districts, Rocinha has experienced decades ... Read more >

Tags: brazil, dj, education, favela, music, rio, rocinha, travel, youth

Photos: Photo Scholarship 2013

INDIA | Wed, 3 Jul 2013 | By bpatra | Photo Gallery

To me, my passion has been travel photography through which I want to convey the "sense of place". It is by the virtue of expressing sense of place one can smell the essence of that place and primarily the objective to visit the place. Travel photography ... Read more >
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Tags: gongoni, gorge, merriment, shallow, silabati, sports, tribal, youth

Photos: My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

ZAMBIA | Thu, 3 Nov 2011 | By louiseleth | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Teenage life in Zambia My name is Louise Leth, I am 24 years old and from Denmark. I’m studying photojournalism in the city of Aarhus and my passion is to tell stories about people - and meet them with an open mind. Therefore I have chosen to send ... Read more >
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Tags: teenage life in zambia my name is louise leth, teenage life in zambia my name is louise leth, teenager, youth, zambia

You Don't Know What You Haven't Been Exposed To

ITALY | Sun, 20 Jul 2008 | By happyfeet123 | Views [308]

During the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, I participated in a study abroad program called the People to People Ambassadors Program (I loved it and recommend it as a safe and educational option for young people!). It was the ... Read more >

Tags: exploring, italy, navigating, pantheon, people to people, rome, spanish steps, students, trevi, youth

ジョージタウン マレーシア

MALAYSIA | Tue, 1 Oct 1991 | By little-bird | Views [2426]

1991年1月10日     バスはネオンの中を走る、まるで時間と競争しているかのように。大切な競争なんだろう、『夜行エキスプレスVIP』の名をかけて、シンガポールの効率の良さを証明しなくては。     バスの車体は第二次大戦中の軍艦のようにスチールがむき出しで、その上に誰かが『VIP』とペンキでかいた。戦時中、トタン屋根の上にかかれた『POW』のようなもので、これから始まる危機への免罪符になるのかもしれない。     それにしても VIPとは何をさすのか。ビニルのシートはビットリ肌に密着、リクライニングのボタンは恐ろしいくらい固く、押すと親指が痛くなる。風量調整ができないエアコンは容赦なく冷凍庫のような冷気を乗客の頭に吹っかける。ジャケットを着てもブランケットで脚をぐるぐる巻きにしても、凍るように寒い。朝までには冷凍マグロ。80頭のマグロの不安をよそに、VIP冷凍庫は熱帯の夜を駆け抜ける。 ... Read more >

Tags: asia, memories, travel, youth


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