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The EuroMast

NIGERIA | Fri, 29 Sep 2017 | By erikowatuoyo | Views [395]

The EuroMast was a dream i never had. I did not know about it until my trip to the Netherlands. Originally, the location city of the mast is not a common place like Amsterdam.  The EuroMast is a spectacle but the most interesting thing is ... Read more >

Tags: amsterdam, city, dutch, euromast, high structure, holland, netherlands, parks, rotterdam, sight seeing

berlin wall and amsterdam canals

GERMANY | Fri, 9 Dec 2016 | By julijalivewell | Views [426]

The highlight of the last summer summer was visiting both Berlin and Amsterdam in five days! My friend Dovile and I have been planning this trip for a few months as it was supposed to be 'a journey of the first times', which all of them were completed ... Read more >

Tags: amsterdam, berlin, berlinwall, canals, germany, hitchhiking, holland, netherlands, travelling

Unforgettable Amsterdam

NETHERLANDS | Wed, 20 May 2015 | By mareikestravel | Views [1233]

Famous for the Max Bygraves hit song “ Tulips from Amsterdam ,” the capital of the Netherlands may well be, but there are so many more reasons why it is an ideal place to take a holiday in Holland. You are spoiled for choice when ... Read more >

Tags: amsterdam, beer, coffeeshops, festivals, holland, museums, netherlands, sail

Photos: Netherlands Holiday '10

NETHERLANDS | Fri, 1 Mar 2013 | By jahleelmilalai | Photo Gallery

Celebrated holiday '10 with family from the Netherlands. It was white and cold, but the moments made were all colorful, they truly warmed my heart. Till my next visit. :)
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Tags: cold, family, food, fun, holland, netherlands, snow, travel

The Drugs Are Out: Surviving The Netherlands (Without Getting High)

NETHERLANDS | Wed, 20 Jun 2012 | By nomads-survival-kit | Views [5162] | Comments [2]

Much of the recent talk surrounding Dutch tourism, both inside and outside the Netherlands, has revolved around the issue of drug legislation. Whether you’re for or against, the inevitable fact is that, from the start of 2013, tighter legislation ... Read more >

Tags: amsterdam, coffee shops, drugs, holland, netherlands, travel

A day trip to Holland

NETHERLANDS | Sat, 15 May 2010 | By jonnohowell | Views [431]

 After settling in to the Student littered city of Aachen in Germany's N.E, we took a short drive across the border into the Netherlands. As we arrived in the small town of Maastricht, i was stoked to see so many clothing stores and cafes! There was ... Read more >

Tags: aachen, crossing borders, holland, maastricht, netherlands

Belgium/Holland itinerary

BELGIUM | Mon, 28 Sep 2009 | By cisoux | Views [2905] | Comments [2]

This is our itinerary for the trip: Fri 16th Oct : Depart from Singapore to Amsterdam on Malaysian Airlines, with a 1-hour stopover in Kuala Lumpur. Sat 17th Oct : Arrival in Schiphol, Amsterdam. We'll immediately take an InterCity train to ... Read more >

Tags: belgium, holland, itinerary

Pointless paranoia

SINGAPORE | Mon, 28 Sep 2009 | By cisoux | Views [931]

Rereading all the travelogues I've uploaded here is making me even more excited about my upcoming trip. I've been planning for it since June, quite obsessively actually, so I really hope all goes well and nobody almost dies. Or dies.  It'll be my ... Read more >

Tags: belgium, holland


CANADA | Wed, 26 Aug 2009 | By jensen12 | Views [389]

We are now in Holland and we have managed to find three of Hans's relatives in his home town of Amersfoort We had Rice table which is are indonesian dishes served with you guessed it rice. It was super terrific food and a very pleasant evening was had ... Read more >

Tags: holland


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