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I'm packed!

USA | Tue, 1 Nov 2016 | By meweisma | Views [177]

I am packed.  Actually, I am pretty sure that I am overpacked and could stand to leave a few things behind.  But everything fits into my 40L travel pack and day pack (shout out to Osprey, they make awesome travel backpacks).  My emotions ... Read more >

Tags: backpack

What We Seek We Don't Find

INDONESIA | Wed, 27 May 2015 | By makara | Views [160]

It was a 3-day holiday before exam week starts. We don’t have much time, but as it was our luck, we arrived 10 hours late, shivering all night in the too-cold air-conditioned executive class bus. It was still a long way to go, a public transportation ... Read more >

Tags: backpack, hidden beach, trekking

London Natural History and Science Museum

AUSTRALIA | Wed, 13 May 2015 | By eryn_with_a_y | Views [437]

I have a lot of content hanging around from my 2007 trip to Europe, and after finding the World Nomads site I got travel nostalgia and want to share my musing with you. We start in London, with 24 year old me and my (now) husband Tim. First, a note ... Read more >

Tags: backpack, dinosaur, history, london, museum, natural, science, travel, uk


USA | Thu, 24 Apr 2014 | By uyenangel | Views [2062]

  My tips to choose underwear for a long backpack trip: 1. No push-up bra 2. Comfortable and easy to hand-wash material 3. No frame for bra 4. Soft and easy to dry 5. Bikini style underwear makes you feel comfy and fresh 6. Soft and body fit ... Read more >

Tags: backpack, on the road, packing, trips, underwear, worldtravel


USA | Thu, 24 Apr 2014 | By uyenangel | Views [347]

  Today I started to pack for my world trip. Too many thoughts came out my mind. 1. Such a long time to wait for Brazilian visa (20 business days of processing due to world cup 2014); I have to wait 15 days more. 2. My first flight will ... Read more >

Tags: backpack, on the road, packing, plan, travel, trips, worldtravel

Letters home from india

INDIA | Sun, 24 Jun 2012 | By sambonz | Views [801]

Wow. This last week has flown by. But at the same time it feels as if we have been here for weeks. It’s fitting that I start this email with a contradiction, as everything about this country seems to continuously contradict ... Read more >

Tags: backpack, india, nepal, volunteer

Learning Backpacking

PHILIPPINES | Sat, 21 Jan 2012 | By paolosdala | Views [301]

  I travel like a chick before. I bring a small luggage for a two day-trip just for clothes! Now, I'm like a soldier. I have mastered the art of traveling light. I only need a regular-size backpack for a three-day trip. The pack ... Read more >

Tags: backpack

I'm Glad I Brought ______ With Me Because...

INDONESIA | Fri, 23 Jul 2010 | By adventurers | Views [907] | Comments [5]

MY SMILE because everyone want to take photos of us ("Hello Mister.  Can i make picture?") HEADLAMP coz in our jungle guesthouse there is only electricity from 8pm-11pm. TORCH to stop insects the size of birds slamming in into our faces coz ... Read more >

Tags: backpack, belongings, bring, indonesia, packing, sumatra, tangkahan

WorldNomads.com Travel Tip - Backpacks

WORLDWIDE | Fri, 19 Dec 2008 | By travel-tips | Views [1636]

I have travelled with everything from climbing rucsacks on a long haul trip across India to just a tiny day pack for 4 weeks in Cambodia. My advice, like many before me is to travel light ! Now of course, this might mean either of the above, so you ... Read more >

Tags: backpack, travel tips, world nomads, worldnomads.com

Hong Kong

UNITED KINGDOM | Wed, 19 Mar 2008 | By magic_johnson | Views [518]

Cold?... I cant remember who said it now, but a few people were worried that we weren't packing enough winter clothing. Upon arriving in Hong Kong, and ever since, we found it to be very hummid the heat was particularly obvious when we carried our 20kg ... Read more >

Tags: backpack, british rule, cantonesse, china, culture, hong kong, shenzen, travel, western


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