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The ground is trembling, and so am I

NEPAL | Mon, 28 Nov 2016 | By ginger_droog | Views [361]

It happened again. I knew the possibility was real, and that the chances were high, but you never expect it to actually happen TO YOU, until one second it just does. In a country such as Nepal this experience is all too common. This time is was early ... Read more >

Tags: aide, beauty, danger, earthquake, fear, nepal, non-profit, pokhora, travel, truth

Mombasa World Cup

KENYA | Fri, 28 Feb 2014 | By paddyboy | Views [339]

I will try to type quickly, as the computer at the hotel here in Mombasa charges by the minute.  That is one thing that has surprised me about this place, which was extremely inexpensive, is that the extras are so pricey.  A snickers bar will ... Read more >

Tags: danger, football, mombasa, taxicab

Where some have tried, some have failed, but some have made it, and some have bailed.

UNITED KINGDOM | Sun, 9 Jun 2013 | By josephuck | Views [619]

So, I'll try not to make a habit of making a post every day, but bare with me, there are a few good stories hidden within this one!   The day started with a planned cycle to Shkoder and back, which is about 15km. I had the intention of buying ... Read more >

Tags: albania, cafe, danger, lake, market, scutari, shkoder, stallone, sun

Travel Alert - Govt official’s warning to travellers in trouble - we can’t always help

WORLDWIDE | Wed, 31 Aug 2011 | By safetyhub | Views [659]

The head of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a stern warning to travellers that embassy officials won’t always be there to get you out of trouble. In a speech given to the Lowy institute yesterday, Mr. Richardson said governments ... Read more >

Tags: danger, egypt, government, safety, travel-alert

London Riots - Staying Safe Amid The Chaos

UNITED KINGDOM | Tue, 9 Aug 2011 | By safetyhub | Views [1781] | Comments [1] | Video

For travellers (and their friends) in London, it's a pretty horrendous time. Rioting, looting and civil unrest have plagued the city. Police are struggling to contain the problem, which seems to be spiralling out of control as it spreads out to ... Read more >

Tags: danger, london, looting, riots, travel-safety

My Day of Living Dangerously: Part 1 - I Fell Off a Horse

CHILE | Sat, 6 Aug 2011 | By rachelina | Views [1281]

On my third day in Easter Island, I manged to fall off a galloping horse, go caving on the spur of the moment and ride a motorcyle with no helmet. It was an action packed day. Thanks to my inability so summarise, I´ve decided to split up the entries ... Read more >

Tags: danger, easter island, falling off horse, horse riding, isla de pascua, rapa nui

Kosovo - (Trigger) Happy Locals

KOSOVO | Fri, 29 Jul 2011 | By safetyhub | Views [350]

As a place that saw plenty of armed conflict, Kosovo was once littered with landmines and unexploded bombs. Most of them were cleared, especially along major routes and population centres, thanks to one of the largest de-mining projects ever undertaken.... Read more >

Tags: danger, europe, kosovo, travel-safety-tips

True Travel Tales - Careful What you Watch for

TANZANIA | Fri, 15 Jul 2011 | By true-claims-stories | Views [3294]

Did you know that the mortality rate from the bite of a black mamba is nearly one hundred percent? Or that it only takes twenty minutes for a bitten person to die from the neurotoxins delivered in the venom? Three years ago neither did I. Yet somehow ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, africa, danger, motorbikes, tanzania, transport, travel, true travel tales, wildlife

Blood Feuds and Border Disputes - Albania

ALBANIA | Sat, 5 Mar 2011 | By safetyhub | Views [1003]

Albania is an increasingly popular country to visit with very hospitable people. But one area in particular is off limits to tourist. The hospitality can evaporate pretty quickly in the North East of Albania because of political tension over Kosovo.... Read more >

Tags: albania, danger, europe, travel-safety


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