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27 hours in Edinburgh

UNITED KINGDOM | Thu, 17 Sep 2020 | By swathi | Views [367]

Day 1   The Avanti West Coast zoomed from Euston to Edinburgh Waverly, every tilt synonymous with a turn in my stomach. Sydney, my friend from UEA and I were going on our second trip; the first being Budapest in 2017. The 5.5 hour-long train ... Read more >

Tags: edinburgh, haggis, hike, scotland, volcano, whiskey

Photos: The hermit kingdom cont'd

NEPAL | Tue, 17 Nov 2015 | By finally | Photo Gallery

This week we were in Pokhara, the "base camp" town 8 hours west of Kathmandu in the heart of the Annapurna range of the Himalayas. "CHRISTMAS" IN NEPAL We arrived just in time to get see Diwali celebrations - oversimplified, it's Hindu Christmas ... Read more >
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Tags: annapurna range, hike, himalayas, pokhara, poon hill

Days of rain in the surf/beach town of Florianopolis

BRAZIL | Mon, 21 Sep 2015 | By sheree | Views [1553]

I don't think it's matters how long the bus ride is for if its a good ride or not, I think it matters if its comfy or not. It was a shorter ride from Iguazu to Florianopolis than BA to Iguazu but so much worse because our seats didn't recline all the ... Read more >

Tags: beach, brazil, bush walk, florianopolis, hike, japanese, rain, shack, street performers, surf

Antigua and hiking Volcano Acatanango

GUATEMALA | Wed, 15 Jul 2015 | By sheree | Views [833]

Even though it was only 4 hours from Lake Atitlan to Antigua the shuttle ride made it feel worse than a 15 hour bus ride. It was a little shuttle and I was on a small, hard fold out seat at the very front in between the driver and passenger seat. Extremely ... Read more >

Tags: antigua, camping, eruption, hike, lava, mountain, volcano

Lake Atitlan - kayaking the lake and climbing Indian's Nose

GUATEMALA | Sun, 12 Jul 2015 | By sheree | Views [790] | Comments [1]

Finished my first book - Wild (new movie starring Reese Witherspoon) about a girl hiking the PCT in America and 'finding herself' after her mum dIt's. Really good read and quite fitting to the travels I am on. Quite a profound ending and the message ... Read more >

Tags: hike, indians nose, kayaking, lake, mountain, sunrise, volcano

Iceland: Let's party til it gets dark!

ICELAND | Sun, 21 Jun 2015 | By dohnster | Views [1038] | Comments [2]

Welcome back! I'm sipping a Pilsner in a famous establishment in Prague right now called Mlejnice about to indulge in a beer goulash with cranberries, followed up with a beef stew soaked in plum sauce. So exciting! It's also costing me about $11 USD, ... Read more >

Tags: daylight, geyser, glacier, hike, hot springs, iceland, snorkel, waterfall

How to Spend a Day in Paradise

ITALY | Sat, 7 Jun 2014 | By elena_valeriote | Views [872]

I’d been gazing at the beautiful terraced vineyards across from my hotel balcony all week, so when I woke up this morning to a wonderfully wide open blank on the schedule, I took my opportunity to go for a hike. After climbing the countless, ... Read more >

Tags: cook, hike, swim

ANZAC Day in Tinui, NZ

NEW ZEALAND | Tue, 6 May 2014 | By fireflo1 | Views [2387]

Going to a Dawn Parade on ANZAC day is a yearly tradition in our household. This year my Dad decided he was going to Tinui for Anzac day for a change with Sarah and Aunty Bev. (Historical fact: Tinui is where Anzac day and the dawn parade first happened.... Read more >

Tags: anzac, crossmountain, hike, tinui

Photos: Between Borders

MACEDONIA | Thu, 18 Apr 2013 | By elenanikolovska | Photo Gallery

Hiking up Korab is magical...
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Tags: adventure, forest, hike, korab, macedonia, mountain, peak, travel

Back to Toronto

CANADA | Wed, 15 Jun 2011 | By michelefacciotto | Views [667]

At first my plan is to hike in the Parc National du Mont Tremblau, not far away from Montreal. But looking at the forecast I decide to change destination and drive back on Monday because the weather is rainy: he last park will be the Algonquin Provincial ... Read more >

Tags: drive, hike, prince edward county, toronto

Jungle Trek

INDONESIA | Sun, 18 Jul 2010 | By adventurers | Views [2133] | Comments [3]

We had a day in Bukit Lawang looking around before we signed up for a 2day jungle trek.  We paid $4 each to go to the feeding platform where rehabilitated orangutans can go for supplementary feeding if they need it.  We travelled by canoe across the ... Read more >

Tags: bohorok river, bukit lawang, hike, jungle, jungle trek, orangutan, rafting, sumatra, trek, white water rafting

Bush Fish Anyone?

GHANA | Tue, 29 Sep 2009 | By chasing_ithaca | Views [692]

“Mr Sam! Mr Sam! Would you like to buy some bush fish?” said our guide Richard, taking my husband by the hand and leading him to a small mud and bamboo hut from which a plume of delicious smelling smoke billowed. “Bush fish?” asked Sam, throwing ... Read more >

Tags: cape coast, hike, river, rodent

Leaving Brisbane

AUSTRALIA | Mon, 31 Aug 2009 | By jillafogle | Views [1003] | Comments [3]

I've been in Australia for a month now.  And while the first week was pretty hard, things have dramatically improved.  And I'm thoroughly enjoying myself here. From Guam, I flew into Brisbane and spent a couple days there before spending a weekend ... Read more >

Tags: hike, sunrise, work

My Eagle Flys Tomorrow

UNITED KINGDOM | Thu, 11 Jun 2009 | By patchdog50 | Views [585] | Video

So here I sit in the wet, windy, dreary, dismal, west midlands.  I have just purchased my travel insurance and set up my first ever travel blog, I am tired form long hours saving money for the next trip.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, when I am not so tired I may ... Read more >

Tags: hike, olympic, seattle, vancouver

The Mystic Blue Mountains

AUSTRALIA | Sun, 22 Mar 2009 | By liam_omalley | Views [1193]

Today we took to the road again and headed inland to the imposing Blue Mountains, so called because the blue gum evaporating from the Eucalyptus forests creates a blue mist giving the mountains a blue tint. When the colonies first started in Sydney, ... Read more >

Tags: blue mountains, hike, trekking, walking

14km Hike: Nomads gather for first bushwalk

AUSTRALIA | Mon, 16 Jun 2008 | By skitobe | Views [1152]

Despite the grey and slightly soggy weather, The World Nomads' Oxfam Trailwalker team got together on Sunday for our first group walk. The theory was - why not try everyone out on the hardest part of the trail just to see what happens? ... Read more >

Tags: hike, oxfam, sanchez, trailwalker, world nomads


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