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Do you want a ride on my roller coaster?

SAMOA | Sun, 31 May 2015 | By ephemeral | Views [504]

      It takes me to unbelievable places, goes up and down till it's pleasurably spinning in my head, forces me to scream and sigh with relief, causes my heart to beat fast and rhytmically like salsa.   It is extreme, ... Read more >

Tags: about traveling, adventerous, adventure, dybzynska, lifestyle, like a hobo, roller coaster, travel writing

Confessions of fire

JORDAN | Sat, 23 May 2015 | By ephemeral | Views [368]

If you ever felt like not belonging, this is for you: She was faster than anyone she ever knew. She was multiplying herself to be in as many parallel universes at the same time as possible. She was breathing such a huge bites of air that she was nearly ... Read more >

Tags: confessions of fire, dybzynska, katrina dybzynska, not belongin, poetic, poetry, travel writing


BELGIUM | Mon, 24 Jun 2013 | By effyau | Views [352]

I order my Lambic Blanche from the red faced waiter who shakes off the waves of lazy customers. My hands are chilled as I cup my pint, a white foamy mustache lays on my upper lip, freshness follows. I’m staring down the hall of Mort-Subite ... Read more >

Tags: brussels, travel writing

Inside the mind of Matt Kepnes (NomadicMatt.com)

WORLDWIDE | Thu, 30 May 2013 | By travel-tips | Views [5734] | Comments [2]

Matt Kepnes (otherwise know as Nomadic Matt ) has been travelling the world and writing about his escapades since 2005. Although a self professed Japanophile, he's travelled to over 40 countries and has ammassed a wealth of knowledge about not just ... Read more >

Tags: blogger, japan, new york, nomads, thailand, travel, travel blogging, travel writing, world travel, writing

My Scholarship entry - A local encounter that changed my life

VIETNAM | Thu, 19 Apr 2012 | By kaitlynfaebarrett | Views [609] | Scholarship Entry

It’s possible Jack and I have stumbled into a gentlemen’s club. I don’t see a single female customer amidst the tables full of men and the impassive little man blocking our entry certainly wants another look at me. I wish I spoke Vietnamese so I could ... Read more >

Tags: food writing, ho chi minh city, menu roulette, saigon, taking a risk, travel writing, travel writing scholarship 2012, vietnam

VIDEO BLOG: On Assignment for Rough Guides in Galata, Istanbul

TURKEY | Tue, 28 Jun 2011 | By zoe_smith | Views [2032] | Video

Tags: galata, istanbul, rough guides, scholarship, travel writing, turkey, video

A Real City Break - Cycling the Prince’s Islands.

TURKEY | Sun, 26 Jun 2011 | By zoe_smith | Views [2669] | Comments [2]

A mere hour by sea-bus from the city swell lie the Prince’s Islands, a collection of nine small islands offering welcome relief from the city chaos. We spent our second day on the largest island, Büyükada, aboard rented bicycles, cruising up and down ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, cycling, istanbul, princes islands, travel writing, travel writing scholarship, trekking, turkey

Assignment Day 1: Writing for the Rough Guides

TURKEY | Sat, 25 Jun 2011 | By zoe_smith | Views [2071]

The Land Walls, Istanbul . After meeting with my mentor Terry at the decidedly non-Turkish (but conveniently easy to find) Starbucks and discussing my upcoming assignments over chai latte, we headed out to a lesser-trodden area of town for ... Read more >

Tags: istanbul, land of walls, rough guides, travel writing, travel writing scholarship, trekking, turkey

A local's guide to Turkey: an interview with Turan Kirac

TURKEY | Fri, 24 Jun 2011 | By zoe_smith | Views [3309] | Video

What better way to get an inside view on Turkey, than to ask someone who makes a living guiding people through the country? Meet our BikeHike tour guide, Turan, a professional tour guide born and bred in the Aladaglar range of the Taurus Mountains.... Read more >

Tags: cappadocia, guide, istanbul, tour, travel writing, travel writing scholarship, trekking, turkey

Touring vs. Independent Travel: a few lessons I learnt along the way

TURKEY | Thu, 23 Jun 2011 | By zoe_smith | Views [5556]

Before winning this competition I admit that I’d never been on a tour in my life. Sure, I’ve done the occasional two-day camping tour or hired a local guide to take me around, but I’d never even considered booking on an all-inclusive package tour, ... Read more >

Tags: backpacker, bikehike adventures, tour, travel, travel writing, travel writing scholarship, trekking, turkey

Back to Istanbul

TURKEY | Wed, 22 Jun 2011 | By zoe_smith | Views [1573]

Returning to Istanbul, I feel that odd sense of transition as if it is the end of a long trip. In reality I’ve been away from the city little more than 10 days, but it feels like so long since I have left that I felt sure life must have moved ... Read more >

Tags: bazaar, istanbul, travel writing, travel writing scholarship, turkey

Gay Pride in Istanbul – The LGBTT Parade Hits Taksim Square!

TURKEY | Tue, 21 Jun 2011 | By zoe_smith | Views [9039] | Video

. Despite its increasingly liberal-minded youth and rapid adoption of western ways, issues of sexuality and gender still remain somewhat taboo within Turkey. That said, being the only Muslim country where homosexuality is not illegal, Turkey plays ... Read more >

Tags: gay pride, istanbul, march, politics, protests, travel writing, travel writing scholarship, turkey

Dawn to Dusk on the Mediterranean

TURKEY | Mon, 20 Jun 2011 | By zoe_smith | Views [1609]

After spending the previous evening with Jodi enjoying a delicious dinner of fresh fish and shrimp at the highly recommended Bahce Balik restaurant and downing possibly a little too much wine, we were keen to keep the morning laid-back. Wisely opting ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, istanbul, kalkan, mediterranean, sea, travel writing, travel writing scholarship, turkey

How I Learnt Not to Kayak – A Sojourn on the Mediterranean

TURKEY | Sat, 18 Jun 2011 | By zoe_smith | Views [1779]

. After a long drive from the Taurus Mountains and a short but sweet stopover at the Dogan Hotel in Antalya, we finally reached the bobbing turquoise waves of the Mediterranean, coupled with, thankfully, a sticky shot of sunshine. We spent the afternoon ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, boat, istanbul, kayak, mediterranean, sea, travel writing, travel writing scholarship, turkey

The Beginning of a BikeHike Adventure

TURKEY | Wed, 8 Jun 2011 | By zoe_smith | Views [2157] | Comments [2]

Istanbul street life Dodging carpet salesmen has become my number 1 past time in Istanbul. Sadly, I’m not very good at it and now find myself on a first-name basis with half of the carpet salesmen in the area. That and the waiters, ... Read more >

Tags: bikehike, blue mosque, cappadocia, istanbul, scholarship, travel writing, turkey

Countdown to Turkey... 2 days to go!

AUSTRALIA | Sat, 4 Jun 2011 | By zoe_smith | Views [1241]

Selam! Welcome to my new blog where I’ll be blogging about my upcoming travels in Turkey, including my assignment for the Rough Guides. As the winner of the 2011 World Nomads/Rough Guides Travel Writing Scholarship , the last month ... Read more >

Tags: 2011 scholarship winner, bikehike, istanbul, rough guides, travel, travel writing, turkey

My Travel Writing Scholarship 2011 entry - Journey in an Unknown Culture

VIETNAM | Sat, 12 Mar 2011 | By saigon | Views [401] | Scholarship Entry

Ho Chi Minh city or Saigon was really a place to explore the Vietnamese heritage when I was there in November 2010. There was no hassle when I arrived in the evening at Tan Son Nhat airport. No need to fill in an immigration card to enter Vietnam.... Read more >

Tags: #scholarship 2011, saigon, travel writing, vietnam

Final Call to Become a Published Travel Writer

INDIA | Thu, 4 Dec 2008 | By nomads-news | Views [1529]

WorldNomads.com Travel Writing Scholarship closing in one month The 2009 Travel Writing Scholarship closes on January 9, 2009 so please spread the good word if you feel the following scholarship is relevant to your community, friends, family ... Read more >

Tags: blue yonder, footprint guides, india, travel scholarship, travel writing, world nomads travel writing scholarship

Guangzhous and The Five Goats

UNITED KINGDOM | Wed, 19 Mar 2008 | By magic_johnson | Views [882]

Arrivivng in Guangzhous (pop 3.2million) it quickly became clear that perhaps we weren't going to like this place. The smog combined with the haze of hummidty makes this place seem very clostrophobic, suphocating in fact. The people of Guangzhous are ... Read more >

Tags: backpacking, budget, five goats statue, football, gunagzhous, haze, sleeper bus, smog, travel writing, travelling


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