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UNITED KINGDOM | Fri, 24 Jun 2016 | By rxchelmason | Views [372]

So… first ever post is here!! After waiting a long ten months, I have finally defeated all obstacles in my path, and am ready for my new adventure. Exams are done, uni decided upon, and money raised through part-time work (big up Sainsbury’... Read more >

Tags: cusco, goodbye england, on my way, peru, travel, volunteering

Bolivia hop via Lake Titicaca

PERU | Mon, 31 Aug 2015 | By sheree | Views [574]

A bus picked us up from Ollyantambo and we arrived back in Cusco around 10 or11pm. We said our goodbyes and raced back to our hostel in the cold, I was in desperate need of some sleep. It felt like home when we checked back in to Milhouse and even though ... Read more >

Tags: bolivia, copacabana, cusco, glaziers, isla del sol, lake titicaca, milhouse, peru, reed islands, scenery

The Incan capital of Cusco

PERU | Mon, 31 Aug 2015 | By sheree | Views [421]

Friday Another incredible flight over the Andes. Your pretty much just flying over this massive mountain range the whole flight and the plane isn't flying that much higher above them. You look down and you can spot road to small villages in the middle ... Read more >

Tags: cusco, green point, high altitude, incans, machu picchu, north face, peru, wild rover

Stop #2 - Peru (Inca Jungle Trek)

PERU | Sat, 2 Aug 2014 | By rachelstewart2 | Views [578]

  The Inca Jungle Trek – Our Route to Machu Pichu Day 1 – The whole tour started with yet another very early morning with a pick up from our hostel. We then headed to Lorenzo HQ to meet the rest of the group and have a breakfast/briefing.... Read more >

Tags: andes, biking, cusco, machupichu, mountains, peru, southamerica, trekking, worldwonder

A child's mind is everything (volunteering, Cusco)

AUSTRALIA | Sun, 20 Apr 2014 | By rubyanntravel | Views [589]

A child’s mind is everything. Volunteering in Aldea Yanapay, Cusco was an experience of joy. Each day despite sickness (usually food poisoning from the day before), or lack of energy (staying up all night on the toilet can be draining…... Read more >

Tags: children, cusco, travel, volunteering

Cusco Day 2

PERU | Fri, 4 Oct 2013 | By ericayu | Views [446]

After a restless night of sleep, I pulled myself up into the 40 degree weather to catch the end of breakfast. We went on Cusco's free walking tour such as what they have in many big cities. As we were waiting for others to arrive, I had my first entirely ... Read more >

Tags: alpaca steak, city tour, cusco


PERU | Thu, 3 Oct 2013 | By ericayu | Views [376]

After an extremely long 25 hours of multi connections flying and sleeping on airport floors, we finished our journey with a beautiful sunrise flight to Cusco. At this point, I was so tired I kept hitting my face on the plane window but managed some decent ... Read more >

Tags: altitude, cusco

Photos: Trekking Southern Peru

PERU | Sat, 22 Jun 2013 | By flashfury | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Prepare: I purchased my first camera in 2008, ahead of my adventure to Europe. Looking back it’s where my love for travel and photography sprouted. In 2009 I added to my collection with a DSLR in time for my trip to Central America. Frame: Shortly ... Read more >
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Tags: adventure, arequipa, colca canyon, cusco, lama, lama, machu picchu, peru, south america, the hidden city

Peru, part 2. Artisans and history in the Andes

PERU | Thu, 20 Jun 2013 | By flyingpiglet | Views [5933] | Comments [1]

After our coffee adventures, the Trade Aid group embarked on the second part of our trip. This was organised by Minka, Peru’s fair trade organisation which supports artisans in the area around Cusco and on the altiplano. We were all ... Read more >

Tags: alpaca, ceramics, crafts, cusco, machu picchu, ocarina, pisac, puno, taquile, uros

Peru in a nutshell!

PERU | Mon, 27 May 2013 | By a_johnson | Views [1550]

Seeing as I've travelled through the Andean countries quite quickly, I thought it would be better to write one blog for Peru and sum it up in a nutshell but a big enough nutshell so you can all still share my experiences with envy! My journey to Peru ... Read more >

Tags: arequipa, ballestas isla, colca canyon, cusco, huacachina, incas, machu picchu, sacred valley, santa catalina monastery

A Nomad Knows: Peru

PERU | Mon, 13 May 2013 | By travel-tips | Views [4177]

Alicia Smith is the Programs Marketing Manager at World Nomads and recently travelled to Peru. She is a nomad who knows, so check out her Peruvian advice before you go! A nomad knows to never  skip on purchasing passes to Wayna Picchu.... Read more >

Tags: cusco, food, machu picchu, nomads, peru, south america, transport, travel

Saqsayhuman Day Out

PERU | Fri, 16 Nov 2012 | By bookman | Views [727]

After talking to the guys at the hotel I learnt that I could easily take a walk up to Saqsayhuman, a large Inca archaeological site located just outside of Cusco. Saqsayhuman (not sexy woman) was about a 30 minute hike up hill from the historical centre ... Read more >

Tags: cusco, inca, peru, saqsayhuman, tour

Arrived in Cusco

PERU | Wed, 14 Nov 2012 | By bookman | Views [577]

I have arrived in Cusco and all is well. This is the first entry in my blog and all being well I shall be writing a few more blogs about my trip. In short the plan is to do spend a few months in Peru taking in all of the best attractions and cities, ... Read more >

Tags: cusco, peru, peru travel

Peru on Your Own Terms

PERU | Tue, 16 Oct 2012 | By craignrich | Views [875]

My wife and I decided to go to Peru this summer to see Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. It’s been a bucket list item for me for the last 20 years, although at 40, I hopefully still have a long way to go before kicking it. And unlike Western ... Read more >

Tags: cusco, diy, lima, machu picchu, ollantaytambo, peru, pisac, sacred valley, trekking

What you should know before a trip to Cusco

PERU | Thu, 11 Oct 2012 | By travel-tips | Views [24065] | Comments [2]

For any traveller exploring South America, Cusco is almost definitely on the itinerary. There is one reason for this – Machu Picchu. The iconic, historic landmark is one of the ‘must-sees’ on the continent and, as Cusco is the gateway ... Read more >

Tags: a nomad knows, before you go, cusco, peru, south america, travel

Machu Picchu

PERU | Thu, 9 Dec 2010 | By sobrea | Views [1417] | Comments [3] | Video

Brett left off at Trujillo, so I’m going to start with the next city on our path, Lima. It sits right on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean making it feel like we were back in California. There is a path built all along the side of the cliff surrounded ... Read more >

Tags: aguas calientes, alpaca, cusco, cuyo, inca bridge, lima, macchu picchu, piccola locanda, sun gate, wayna picchu


PERU | Wed, 14 Jul 2010 | By hpmoon | Views [641] | Video

A little while ago, I set my thirteen-year-old nephew up with some modest facilities for composing electronic music, in a redux of my sullen childhood.  He came back with a "debut album," so:  for the occasion of his fourteenth birthday (and ... Read more >

Tags: cusco, cuy, cuzco, guinea pig, inca, peru, perú, tipon, tipón

Cusco, Peru

PERU | Sun, 16 May 2010 | By shanewl | Views [638]

Cusco was our first stop in Peru. It was always going to be on the list of places to go in South America and it does not disappoint. This is one of those cities that the tourists pour in to and the tourism operators and hotel owners know this. We ... Read more >

Tags: ancient city of the incans., cusco

I know... Ive been lazy!

PERU | Thu, 11 Feb 2010 | By coogie86 | Views [637]

I know, I know... It´s been a while since I last posted something and that´s due to a couple of things. Mainly my laziness but also a few other bits and bobs... i.e Being on the road and having a lack of internet. But yes, laziness was the over-riding ... Read more >

Tags: cusco, lima, loki lying bastards, peru

Wichtige Nachricht an alle! Bitte lesen!

PERU | Sun, 8 Nov 2009 | By steffen_graz | Views [2181] | Comments [17]

Hola liebe Leser, nach einer sehr langen Abstinenz, hier mal wieder Neues vom Weltenbummler. Nach dem spektakulären Trip auf den San Blas Islands bin ich wieder zurück nach Panama Stadt gefahren, um dort noch ein paar Tage auszuspannen, da es auf den ... Read more >

Tags: cusco, lima, machu picchu, peru

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