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Trying to throw your arms around the world.

INDIA | Mon, 11 Jul 2016 | By tjrossi | Views [841]

I haven’t written for a while, probably too long, but I recently felt the need to commit some thoughts to paper, or electronic file at least. With all of the upheaval and division we hear about these days it seems easy to see ... Read more >

Tags: eastern europe, friends, india, middle east, nepal, solo, solo travel

Never Again: Dachau Concentration Camp

GERMANY | Sun, 19 Jun 2016 | By wanderlustgail | Views [842]

Something reminiscent of ashes brushed across my face and landed in my hair as I approached the entrance to Dachau Concentration Camp. They were floating around everywhere, creating a disorienting haze in the unseasonably brilliant early spring sun. ... Read more >

Tags: concentration camp, dachau, germany, khalil gibran, kz dachau, sabbatical, solo, travel

Final Days in Frankfurt and the Numbers from Germany

GERMANY | Sun, 5 Jun 2016 | By wanderlustgail | Views [598]

My last days in Germany found me in Frankfurt am Main, a city I had never visited despite having passed through so many times before, both by plane and train. I am not the only traveler who has been skipping it. Out of the millions of people who transit ... Read more >

Tags: asparagus, budget, craving, frankfurt, germany, main, sabbatical, solo, spargel, travel

Looking for Croatia and Seeing Myself, and the Numbers

CROATIA | Thu, 19 May 2016 | By wanderlustgail | Views [478] | Comments [2]

Why Croatia? Trundling through the Austrian Alps, I was excited to finally see Croatia, a country that had been calling to me for some time, even before the sabbatical began to take shape. The pleasure of solo travel had worn thin in the preceding ... Read more >

Tags: balance, budget, croatia, enough, red rooftops, sabbatical, solo, travel, zagreb

Accepting a Truth in Munich

GERMANY | Sat, 7 May 2016 | By wanderlustgail | Views [586]

Munich’s lesson for me was this: I need people. I know it’s obvious, and everybody says it, and I have even said it. I have known it to be one of those universal truths, but I haven’t really always believed it, not deep down on a ... Read more >

Tags: germany, maugham, munich, people, sabbatical, solo, travel, truth

On My Own Again in Leipzig

GERMANY | Sun, 1 May 2016 | By wanderlustgail | Views [708] | Comments [1]

Leipzig was planned as a time for me to rest and reacquaint myself with Germany, but it had more in store for me than just that.   Reacquaintance My first ever solo flight was when I went to Germany for my exchange student year more than ... Read more >

Tags: completion, germany, leipzig, reacquaint, readjust, realize, rest, sabbatical, solo, travel

Confronting Privilege in Prague and the Numbers

CZECH REPUBLIC | Tue, 26 Apr 2016 | By wanderlustgail | Views [553]

I wish I had more to say about Prague, but I just don't. After Bulgaria and the Baltics, Prague did not have very much of an Eastern European feel to it. It just felt like a big, modern, Western European capital. It was beautiful and it lived up to its ... Read more >

Tags: budget, czech republic, guilt, prague, privilege, sabbatical, solo, travel

Riga Reflections and the Numbers from the Baltics

LATVIA | Tue, 12 Apr 2016 | By wanderlustgail | Views [476]

I usually have an impression of a place before arrival, and that often predetermines whether I will like it. The impression may or may not be based on anything very substantial. Perhaps I have tucked away a vague memory of a news report or a photograph, ... Read more >

Tags: budget, latvia, riga, sabbatical, solo, travel

Confession: My Dread of Tallinn and Other New Places

ESTONIA | Sat, 9 Apr 2016 | By wanderlustgail | Views [428]

It's time for a confession: I usually dread going to new places. How is that possible in a person with wanderlust , in a person whose driving force is to experience the unknown? I've been honest about the fears I've had traveling solo, but this is ... Read more >

Tags: dread, estonia, kalev chocolate, sabbatical, solo, tallinn, travel, wanderlust

Aurora, Helsinki, and the Numbers

FINLAND | Fri, 1 Apr 2016 | By wanderlustgail | Views [517]

Leaving Norway on an Aurora High My goal in going to Norway was realized in the end - I saw the northern lights!!! Going on guided light chases will certainly wreck your budget (see below), but it was totally worth it. You have to be able to get ... Read more >

Tags: aurora borealis, budget, finland, helsinki, northern lights, norway, sabbatical, solo, travel, tromsø

Arctic Norway: What Am I Doing Here?

NORWAY | Sun, 27 Mar 2016 | By wanderlustgail | Views [644] | Comments [2]

March’s full moon accompanied me on the last leg of my arrival in Norway, hovering just over the wing of the plane from Oslo to Tromsø and giving me my first view of the country. In the south, there was only patchy snow on the watery land, ... Read more >

Tags: aurora borealis, easter, northern lights, norway, population density, sabbatical, snow, solo, travel, tromsø

What, Where, Why, How?

UNITED KINGDOM | Sun, 17 Jan 2016 | By wanderlustgail | Views [628] | Comments [3]

I wanted to write earlier, but this week has been an emotional roller coaster, and I could not bring myself to put much into words. Who knew that following a dream could make one so sad, afraid, anxious, guilty, and full of self-doubt? I did not expect ... Read more >

Tags: sabbatical, solo, travel

Surviving Naples, Part 3: The Art of Eating Alone

ITALY | Tue, 14 Jul 2015 | By chloebruce | Views [592]

So it was finally day 30. The last full day before we headed home. The trip had seemed to last an age, but also, now it seemed to be over too soon. I was so relieved to finally be getting away from my friend. The tense silences, the loneliness, the passive ... Read more >

Tags: da pallone, eating alone, naples, pizza, sola, solo

Solo Adventures

USA | Fri, 12 Jun 2015 | By gingerninja | Views [334]

I’m an introvert. I love time alone with my thoughts; in fact I need time alone to recharge myself. I know people who dread the idea of an evening or weekend in their own company. I seek it out.      Don’t get me ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, solo

Alone in Amsterdam

NETHERLANDS | Sun, 31 May 2015 | By emptynester | Views [1174] | Comments [1]

I realise this is stating the obvious, but Holland is flat. Very. There is also rather a lot of water. Flying from Birmingham to Schiphol is the only time I have ever really listened to the stewardess' advice about life jackets because I could see that ... Read more >

Tags: alone, amsterdam, cycling, photography, solo, water

The Complex Love of Lone Travel

CANADA | Mon, 29 Dec 2014 | By goingsolo | Views [419]

I love lone traveling because you can be anyone and no one at the same time. Anonymity is a beautiful but lonely state of being. Your past is irrelevant, your future is tenuous. You live on the edge, not knowing what the future holds, feeling anxious ... Read more >

Tags: alone, anonymity, future, lone travel, love, solo, wanderlusting


MOROCCO | Tue, 8 Jul 2014 | By kakimono | Views [313]

 Whereas Friday was full of Americans, Saturday was not. I was running out shampoo and conditioner, so I decided that I should go get some more. Since shopping by myself in the Mdina was still a frightening prospect (so much noise and so many ... Read more >

Tags: catcalls, males, russian, solo

Getting into Cars with Strangers

WORLDWIDE | Mon, 23 Sep 2013 | By travel-tips | Views [4862]

“What did you do last night?”, mom asks me as I'm skyping her from Medellin, Colombia. “Wellllll”, I reply, “Last night I went to meet some dude from Facebook, that some girl who came into the hostel said I should meet.... Read more >

Tags: cars, dangers, female, solo, travel

My Indian Birthday Gift

PHILIPPINES | Fri, 19 Oct 2012 | By keeponwalking | Views [787]

I have always been interested in everything Indian. Indian accessories, sculptures, patterns, mandala, gods, Indian eyes, Indian food, etc. I've always been wanting to see Taj Mahal. I met someone in Vietnam who has been in and out of India for lots ... Read more >

Tags: backpacking, colorful, india, portraits, solo, taj mahal

From Bali to Java with Enthusiasm

INDONESIA | Sun, 27 Mar 2011 | By mpreece7 | Views [560]

ou know that place in movies where a car of friends breaks down and half of them are saying things like "Guy's we can't stay here." "It's weird we need to get out ASAP." And a couple others are saying, "Oh come on it's ... Read more >

Tags: bali, indonesia, java, solo, travel

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