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The Great Indian Rural Wedding

INDIA | Thu, 15 Dec 2016 | By amitkagra | Views [480]

Multi-billion dollar wedding industry, attracts huge spending, no wonder we all call it as big fat Indian wedding. According to an estimate (www.businessinsider.in), the industry is over INR 100,000 crores. This is a staggering number. No wonder Indian ... Read more >

Tags: festivals, india, indianwedding, rural, ruralindia, traditions, travel, travelling, wedding, weddings

The Taste of a World Nomads Christmas

WORLDWIDE | Fri, 20 Dec 2013 | By connectlocally | Views [4491] | Comments [1]

Mangos, turkey with stuffing, fresh prawns and yorkshire puddings floating in rich homemade gravy. How can all of these flavours represent the same tradition world wide? We've asked the staff here at World Nomads "What does Christmas Taste like to ... Read more >

Tags: christmas, culture, family, food, traditions, travel

Getting Hugged by Strangers A Hawaiian Ceremony

USA | Thu, 3 Oct 2013 | By travel-tips | Views [6533] | Comments [2]

"Look how tall you've gotten!" family members would squeal as I was growing up, patting me on the head. "My gosh, isn't she just the cutest?" a family friend would exclaim at a cookout reaching for my face to pinch my cheeks. There's a certain ... Read more >

Tags: ceremony, hawaiian, solo travel, traditions, travel, usa

Photos: Stillness of Time

USA | Sat, 29 Jun 2013 | By gcmfoto | Photo Gallery

The world appears to evolve at different speeds. Caught in the mire of smartphones, 30 mbs internet, the latest flic, the coolest gadgets, and the newest thingamajig that marketers will convince us to buy, we often forget to see that some people simply ... Read more >
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Tags: chiapas, maya, mexico, san cristobal, traditions

Jamu cekok kerkop, an old traditions of health

INDONESIA | Wed, 9 Jan 2013 | By sharingandinspiring | Views [1304]

For some people in the Javanese society who lives in Yogyakarta, traditional medication is still favored and considered better than modern treatment. One of the most common is by drinking a herbal medicine so called Jamu, like the ones known in a local ... Read more >

Tags: culture, health, people, traditions

Photos: My Scholarship entry - India: Traditional vs. Modern Lifestyle

INDIA | Sun, 6 Jan 2013 | By nomad_at_heart | Photo Gallery | Scholarship Entry

Why do I take pictures? Well, somehow gradually and naturally it has become a part of my habitual routine while I am away on my consecutive assignment as a volunteer or just visiting a place as a tourist. It has become a part of my "job", but I'm not ... Read more >
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Tags: celebrations, city life, culture, customs, india, rajasthan, traditions, travel photography scholarship 2012, varanasi, village life

A Taste of Germany - Local Brews

GERMANY | Wed, 28 Sep 2011 | By connectlocally | Views [10480] | Comments [3]

As the country that has given the world words such as ‘schnapps’, ‘stein’, and ‘Oktoberfest’, it’s no secret that Germany loves a drink.    Whether you’re on a foodie tour or simply ready to party, the breadth of locally produced liquor and places ... Read more >

Tags: beer, berlin, connect locally, drinking, food, germany, partying, schnapps, traditions, travel

Off the Beaten Path: South Korea

SOUTH KOREA | Tue, 2 Aug 2011 | By OffTheBeatenPath | Views [6691] | Comments [1]

Since the Korean War, South Korea has remarkably built itself up to become a leading world-class country.   It is a large exporter of cars and electronics, produces talented filmmakers and athletes, and serves as a major hub for travelers coming ... Read more >

Tags: adventure, asia, food, hiking, off the beaten path, south korea, traditions, travel


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